KENZO SS2019 Men's & Women's Collection

KENZO SS2019 Men's & Women's Collection

Throughout our time at Kenzo, it’s always been their prerogative to bring together the varying tribes and subcultures they come across throughout our every day. Today this is no exception.

Kenzo  SS2019 collections for men and women, they invite you to celebrate summer ceremonies, gatherings of all sorts and the jubilation of rituals. 

Occasions where new-romantic hedonists meet British wedding goers and all the in-betweens.

The men’s collection focuses on the blending of tailoring with sportswear and the admiring of proportions.

Collarless double breasted jackets with exaggerated reveres come in cotton/linen with a light resin finish or in a rubberized cotton jacquard.

Coats are lightweight with deconstructed and soft shoulders or kimono inspired in a slub cotton or in our nylon medallion print.

Pants and shorts are generous and bright or straight and chopped. Rose prints take on acid checks and vivid blues take on neutral beige.

For women’s they go high summer with aplomb.

They adore effortless deconstruction and the delicately disordered, matching classic fine fabrics such as a flocked twill with georgette or create an effort in contrasts by matching saturated colors of acid yellow, cobalt or fuchsia with vivid prints of roses or checks.

Their archive dot prints on layered twill offers extra scope to a traditional summer dress. Coats are embossed with python prints or in pink vinyl. Cocoon bombers play against strict tailored jackets. Voluminous technical nylon dresses with covered buttons in lilac or orange offer ample opportunity for fluid movement.

Guipure embroideries appear in Victorian tops or overlaid dresses. for women accessories, they are happy to introduce two new styles: the dot and the goody. inspired by different shaped carrier bags, they appear color blocked, embossed or in the prints of the season.

Footwear of rubberized chunky platforms in checks or delicate summer sandals with a contrast kitten heel round off the proportioned silhouettes. Geometric earrings compliment the more ornate embroidered jewelry. For men’s footwear, rubber jelly sandals walk alongside suede slipper moccasins and our revisited Kenzo sonic sneaker.


EMPORIO ARMANI SS2019 Men's & Women's Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10 Pick

In transit, seizing the moment. Emporio Armani reasserts and actualises the codes of its DNA, a container of ideas to freely draw inspiration from, following one's instinct.

The independent, transversal spirit of the brand is emphasised by the joint presence of men and women, free from conventions but sharing the same aesthetics principles.

The masculine and the feminine move on parallel tracks. Style takes shape in the airy yet motionless consistency of silky, matte fabrics in deconstructed women's blazers, whilst in their masculine version, fluid suits define the body.

Full-length trench coats trace straight lines.The urban code takes on an active and performing dimension through a variety of fabric weights and combinations.

Sports cross-contaminations feature in men's vinyl Bermuda shorts and matching jacket, in leather and tulle sneakers and in compact rucksacks worn with long dresses.

The chromatic journey moves from the neutral, dusty tones of sand, chalk, beige, pastel pink, earth and stone grey to a range of blues, from navy to denim, illuminated by lurex accents for women.

An ironic, vibrant dash of acid green leaves room to electric blue encrusted with crystals in gowns with logoed bodice and midnight blue of women's eveningwear. The men's version takes on the eccentric touch of embroidered raindrops and, why not, also the blue sequined shorts.

Versatile, functional maxi bags team up with solid shoes with clear-cut lines and raised texture for the masculine version; contrasting materials for ankle boots, sculptured-heel shoes and compact bags displaying the brand name provide the feminine counterpart.

The accessories complement a dynamic offering that captures the spirit of the times, reinterpreted through Emporio Armani aesthetic code.


Roberto Cavalli Menswear SS2019 Collection

 Roberto Cavalli Menswear SS2019 Collection shapes the now of Roberto Cavalli in a tension to the future embedded with the awareness of the past. The jungle spirit hits the concrete jungle to be reset in synch with the clock of time.

The energy of immediacy pervades the collection. Function and proportion are main preoccupations. A reduced language of shapes is the playground for intense surface tension.

The vocabulary is compact and effective: decisive outerwear, pragmatic double-face blousons, athletic tailoring in rethought proportions, tactile knitwear, tailored chinos, slouchy bermudas, shorts.

Ease as the ultimate swagger, with eye-shielding visors and polymath running shoes - made of python and metallic leather or animal print technical jersey wrapping a mesh base, with rubber soles embossed in reptile patterns - speeding at a futurist pace. Chains at the neck underline the assertive cockiness.

A journey through the abstractions of animalier begins in white, moves through a collision of pop hues and ends in black.

Animal motifs are sliced, clashed, hybridized into new species; they are perforated onto leather, turned into devorè, sun-bleached and put out of focus; they morph into monochromatic jacquard textures or are overprinted on classic checks.

The spirit is airy, relaxed and confident. Artisan touches bring craft onto the details: blanket stitches, hand-embroidered good luck motifs, an embroidered pocket.

Embellishment is reset, too: it is functional rather than decorative. Macramé stitches and intarsia give a warm, artisanal feel to knitted pieces which offset the metropolitan conciseness of the looks.

Immediate and connected, the reloaded Roberto Cavalli ethos heralds time as the ultimate luxury. Time of catching the moment and living it.


Camp: Notes on Fashion - 《紐約直擊報道》

Camp: Notes on Fashion - 《紐約直擊報道》

每隔一段時間都會偶爾聽見身邊友人會說那個他很camp,這個他camp camp地等等帶有有色眼鏡去指指點點他人不是的聲音。無可否認,每個人對於camp的定義和看法都有著不同的見解,答案也沒有對或錯。活在camp的後現代,火箭已經成功登陸月球的世紀,可惜仍然還有一些人的思維,對階級和性別的偏見仍然存在,似乎離地球的核心越來越遠,不進還退。在現今言論過於偏激的社會,指責多於包容,未能學懂互相尊重,不去嘲諷。和平共處。

根據維基百科的解作camp當然不是叫你去露營那樣膚淺,camp一詞來自法文的術語《se camper》,意思是“以誇張的方式作態”。 後來,它演變為對工人階級及男同性戀男的審美表態和行為的一般描述。camp在時尚界的解作卻是一種對審美風格和感性的演繹,因為它的審美角度和諷刺價值都有著無窮的吸引力。camp的美學通過對不同類型的注視,看待和消耗;從而顛覆美學,價值和品味等美學屬性,瓦解了許多現代主義關於對藝術是什麼以及什麼可歸類為高級藝術的另類觀念。同時,camp也是一種社交慣常,特別是在時尚、影視、娛樂界。 對於許多人來說,它更被公認為是幾種娛樂類型的風格以及表演形象的一種表現,包括電影、歌舞表演、默劇及時尚表演。camp的美學以唯妙唯肖的方式去取悅為出發點,camp不安於現狀,勇於尋求新的挑戰,為高級藝術融入美感和必然的價值觀。如若要camp, camp就必然要camp得活潑、引人注目、有時甚至是以不協調的方式與camp交流,大膽,充滿活力和具娛樂性和幽默。

Camp正直時令,每年一度舉世觸目的MET GALA在紐約剛過去的五月上演,今年更以《Camp: Notes on Fashion》為主題 。受邀出席的荷里活巨星,名媛,嘉賓無一不嘩眾取寵,以最出衆的造型見報,貼題和離題都應有盡有,數之不盡;但並沒有找到camp 的私語,同時缺乏了那種興奮與莫名,沒有為camp的定義去發揮的淋漓盡致,最後得到的回響好壞參差。設計師們可能“走得太遠”或離題,只是一線之差,與整體藝術的承諾和對作品精神的忠誠取不到相當的平衡,有人令可為出風頭而出醜而不低調地受大衆仰望,過度奇異,得到的負評,已為歷史添上新的一頁。

不過,在MET Museum大都會藝術博物館同場上映爲期四個月的時裝展覽卻必看無疑。展覽由該館的服裝學院負責人Andrew Bolton 和Wendy Yu所策劃,通過可追溯到17世紀至今的250多件物品,去探索camp的美學起源,成為對主流文化的重要影響。展覽和當代時裝設計師聯手,以一種挑戰現狀的複雜美學和難以捉摸的概念,從而透過時尚的方式去表達,為camp的經典去探討更諷刺,幽默,戲仿,模仿,技巧,戲劇性和誇張的元素,重新演繹注入新的理論和概念的見解。當中展出的設計師作品和品牌包括有Thom Browne,John Galliano,Jean Paul Gaultier,Marc Jacobs,Karl Lagerfeld,Alessandro Michele,Franco Moschino,Yves Saint Laurent,Jeremy Scott,Anna Sui,Gianni Versace,Gimbatistta Valli 和Vivienne Westwood,Salvatore Ferragamo,Chanel,Marie Katrantzou,Lanvin,Viktor & Rolf,Cristobal Balenciaga,Thierry Mugler,Manish Arora 等傑出時裝的作品,令人目不暇給。

Camp不帶任何政治信息,若是只會違反對審美的優先定義。無論是穿著羽毛,軟毛還是帶有光澤的綢緞,亮片,浮誇的飾物等統統都對號入座。Camp 是屬於個人的,要 camp就要camp的華麗, 有美感和不失時尚觸覺,才不負對camp 的作出最大致敬,好讓Camp的那份純真和刻意的型態美和態度在無性別、膚色、階級、宗教信仰、文化的約束下得以自由綻放。如日後身邊再有朋友對camp認爲只是娘娘腔的一般見識,今天就來為camp一詞來個平反。你大可大方直接微笑地回應:“我可以原諒你的無知,但不可寬恕你的愚蠢”。句號。

FERRARI Presents The Maximum Brut

FERRARI Presents the Maximum Brut - a strict selection of 100 Chardonnay grapes, picked by hand in the first half of September. Over 36 months of the yeast, selected from among their own strains from various communes in the Val d'Adige, Val di Cembra and Valle dei Laghi, in vineyards on the slopes of the mountains of Trentino, at 300-700 metres above sea level, with south-eastern and south-western exposures. This deep straw yellow appearance has a harmonious nose, intense and persistent, with ripe fruit notes accompanied by hints of crusty bread, hazzlenuts and multi-faceted floral bouquet. A pleasant rounded palate, elegant and harmonious. It has great personailty and intense fruity notes typical of Chardonnay, which combine with fragrances of yeast. A particular feature: a lower pressure of carbin dioxide compared to the other Trentodoc wines from Ferrari. A Trentodoc for the restaurant sector. It is delicate and rounded and provokes highly dependable quality throughout the meal.

EMILIO PUCCI SS2019 Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10 Pick

EMILIO PUCCI SS2019 Collection  takes you to a Caribbean trip, the Pucci way.

Joy, freedom and ease, in a villa lined with palms, suffused with a breezy balm, luminous under the glistening sun.

The jolt of energy means a leap forward, as Pucci embraces the moment with awareness, not nostalgia, of the roots. New silhouettes, new shapes, new prints and new fabrics convey a nonchalant take on the Pucci code, looking ahead. 

A sense of lightness and movement pervades a wardrobe made of easy, asymmetrical pieces meant to be mixed and matched: foulard shirts, liquid shirt-dresses, pleated skirts, gauzy knits, pleated trousers.

Shrunken fits give tailored peacoats and collarless jackets spontaneity. Nylon trench coats have welcoming volumes.

Graphic lines cross jersey dresses, Gingham checks on tailored shorts provide dynamism, hand dyed raffia fringes and macramé beading add a zing of feisty hedonism.

New prints - Villa, Shell, Riviera and unexpected ways to deal with them: reducing colors to get an almost monochromatic effect; printing motifs on pleated garments to get graphic ruptures; black backgrounds.

The juicy palette of summery brights - yellows, reds, greens, light blues - has a feisty vibe. Silk, viscose, technical wool, wool bouclé update the world of leisure with a dynamic touch.

A villa mood with a cosmopolitan mindset defines the accessories: patent multicolor intrecciato hiheel sandals; beaded purses, printed shoppers and carry-alls. To get a perfect get-together feel, a concise line up of printed shirts and tanks for men, worn with brightly colored slacks, completes the Caribbean scene.


Millennium Hilton Bangkok - Rise To The Occasion

Rising up from the bank, the Millennium Hilton Bangkok strives to show a different shade of Bangkok with breathtaking views from an alternative vantage point and easy boat access to the city’s most desired historical attractions. mylifestylenews writes.

Packed to the brim with many delightful sights, alluring charms and a deep-rooted historical connection to the city’s colourful past, the riverside area, also named Thonburi, is indisputably Bangkok’s most prestigious areas.

Perfectly located on the bustling Chao Phraya River bank where water transport is still an essential commute system then and now, Millennium Hilton Bangkok operates its own shuttle boats ferrying guests to and from the hotel to Saphan Taksin pier with a direct access to the city’s BTS SkyTrain that connects you to most of the major sights in Bangkok.

Historical sites and cultural attractions such as Grand Palace, the Temple of Dawn, China Town, Asiatique The Riverfront night market as well as the latest giant shopping mall, ICONSIAM is just minutes walk away from the hotel. The 32-floor high hotel uniquely stands out along the river and can be easily identified by its space-ship-like-control-tower round glass windows offering a magnificent 360 degree view of the Bangkok skyline.

If you choose to arrive by road, passing through a private long stone tiled driveway up on a small slope, you will be welcomed by a massive water fountain that also serves as the round about to ease traffic congestion together with the numerous copper bowls water feature aligned outside the foyer before entering to the lobby. Alternatively, you can also be picked up by the hotel scheduled shuttle boat from the Saphan Taksin public pier and passing through a serene elevated walkway to the hotel.

The soaring high ceiling in the lobby enticed the supremacy of a grand hotel, adorned by a vertical panel of metal lotus leafs wall with a shade of green harmonized by the hollow foyer. Giant pillars separate a section from the lobby and offers plentiful sofa and lounges chairs to relax with floor to ceiling high windows attracting good natural light. We were escorted to the Executive Lounge on 31st floor to do the check in, with an elevated view from above, and it is simply stunning especially on a bright and clear day. The club lounge design and furniture was a little tired and cushions seemingly come from the 90s and losing their spring and makes you sink while you lean all the way back.

More than five front line staff gathered behind the same desk where only one staff was offering the check-in service and the others stood behind continuing with their leisurely conversation. There were no greetings, eye contact and what-so-ever where a prompt and courteous arrival experience shall be expected, even from any hotel. The first question being asked was credit card instead of passport to check on the reservation with quite an aggressive tone, seemingly having her worries of playing that “catch me if you can” in a disorderly manner. There was a total of three times stressing on providing the credit card in between the conservation. Quite a negative impression made instead of offering a pleasing guest experience.

Our newly refurbished 34sqm King Executive room was designed with comfort and convenience in mind with sweeping river and city views. Compact, simple and neatly designed with modern contemporary touches and quality bath amenities as well as a comfortable bed that aids a restful night’s sleep. The high pressure shower was also a joy with a separate bath tub and a thoughtful mounted ladder designed towel rack.

The half-shaded swimming pool located on the 4th floor is another good spot to watch the sunset, weather permitting. A huge amount of sun lounges looking out to the city and the river were placed in the water on an elevated area to create a floating effect while enjoying your sunbathing.

Taking a stroll at the sacred San Phra Phum (Thai Spirit House) right next to the lobby is calming as this spirit house is a shrine to animist spirits found in the Southeast Asian countries of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Most houses and business have a spirit house placed in an auspicious spot, most often in a corner of the property. The location is often chosen after consultation with a Brahmin priest. The spirit house is normally in the form of a miniature temple and is mounted on a pillar or on a Dias. Thai families believe that if they take care of the spirits, the spirit will be their guardian and bestow good luck generously in their daily life. This leads to building spirit houses in order to provide shelter for these celestial beings to respect the spirits and the living. Every morning Thai people will light up incense and pray at the spirit house. Inside the San Phra Phum, you will usually see an image of Phra Chai Mongkol, an angel like figurine, often gilded, and holding a sword in one hand, a money bag in the other hand. Phra Chai Mongkol’s origin lies in Hindusim. Suffice it to say, that she is there to protect the land and its inhabitants. As this is a sacred area, you are requested to show some respect for not smoking, bringing any food & beverages to consume around the area as well as a smart casual attire should be worn and keep quiet.

Evening cocktails can be enjoyed back in the Executive Club floor with a very good spread of cold and warm canapés together with a few daily changing local Thai delicacies for sampling. Wine selection was limited but cocktail mixing seemingly is more popular among the guests.

It is one of the ideal spots in the hotel gazing out on the panoramic views of the Bangkok skyline and to enjoy a light breeze at the outdoor area.

Breakfast is served in FLOW restaurant at the lobby level, with a massive set up and a good wide spread of international variety. It may be slightly over congested during peak hours but it was reasonably controlled by a good floor and stationed kitchen team. Otherwise, breakfast back in the Executive floor for a more peaceful experience would be a good alternative. For a short escape or weekend staycation with a different perspective of the city which you may have thought you might already have known, crossing to the other side of the river may well widen your horizon and vision. A good change does no harm!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Room Amenities: 4/5
Housekeeping: 3/5
Food & Beverages: 4/5
Service: 2.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 3.5/5

The River View

123 Charoennakhon Road,
Klongsan, Bangkok 
Tel: +66 2 442 2000

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