EMPORIO ARMANI SS2019 Men's & Women's Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10 Pick

In transit, seizing the moment. Emporio Armani reasserts and actualises the codes of its DNA, a container of ideas to freely draw inspiration from, following one's instinct.

The independent, transversal spirit of the brand is emphasised by the joint presence of men and women, free from conventions but sharing the same aesthetics principles.

The masculine and the feminine move on parallel tracks. Style takes shape in the airy yet motionless consistency of silky, matte fabrics in deconstructed women's blazers, whilst in their masculine version, fluid suits define the body.

Full-length trench coats trace straight lines.The urban code takes on an active and performing dimension through a variety of fabric weights and combinations.

Sports cross-contaminations feature in men's vinyl Bermuda shorts and matching jacket, in leather and tulle sneakers and in compact rucksacks worn with long dresses.

The chromatic journey moves from the neutral, dusty tones of sand, chalk, beige, pastel pink, earth and stone grey to a range of blues, from navy to denim, illuminated by lurex accents for women.

An ironic, vibrant dash of acid green leaves room to electric blue encrusted with crystals in gowns with logoed bodice and midnight blue of women's eveningwear. The men's version takes on the eccentric touch of embroidered raindrops and, why not, also the blue sequined shorts.

Versatile, functional maxi bags team up with solid shoes with clear-cut lines and raised texture for the masculine version; contrasting materials for ankle boots, sculptured-heel shoes and compact bags displaying the brand name provide the feminine counterpart.

The accessories complement a dynamic offering that captures the spirit of the times, reinterpreted through Emporio Armani aesthetic code.

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