Brioni SS2019 Collection

Brioni SS2019 collection continues to explore the contemporary value of the sartorial tradition. Core looks of the winter season are translated into lighter versions for warmer weather. By adding archetypal summer pieces, a wardrobe for the whole year is composed. First of all, the 2019 summer collection is a window into the Brioni Bespoke service. With Bespoke, the customer enters an altogether different experience. Wardrobe pieces are crafted by Brioni’s staff of master tailors according to the customer’s exact measurements.

In the pursuit of clothes of relevance, evolution takes precedence over revolution. Nonchalance defines the summer version of the Brioni Suit with a lighter shoulder structure. In general, the collection concentrates on vernacular classics such as the Tweed Look, the Harrington jacket, the Carcoat and the Windbreaker. Since summer is the high season for social activities, the accent of the Brioni wardrobe lies on versatility and a plethora of different needs from the weekend and festivities to general outerwear and travel.

Innovations concentrate on possibilities of the material and the three-dimensional perfection of a masculine silhouette. Garment archetypes are often linked to specific textiles which, in turn, associate with specific requirements in a man’s daily life.

The Brioni SS2019 wardrobe rethinks these necessities in the interest of a more fluid use. Unexpected high quality materials introduce new purposes and social contexts to iconic pieces. Yet, when it comes to classic cloth like seersucker, and solaro, orthodoxy reigns.

From early on, Brioni specialised on versatile tailoring. By breaking down the art of the suit into 220 steps, modulations become an integral part of the overall construction.

Every season, each element passes the test of a contemporary feel, while the vision stays the same: back to the roots. In the quest for reassuring elements of timeless masculine attire, Brioni relies on anatomic structures, sharp cutting, practicality and ergonomics, wedded to the finest sustainable materials, light horsehair techniques, iconic weaves, colours, and styling combinations. As an Italian company based in Rome, Brioni established its reputation by refining a man’s wardrobe for fair climate conditions and weather-independent contemporary surroundings.

The Summer 2019 wardrobe leaves ample space for quirky choices. The subtle play with sartorial codes extends to trompe l’oeil knits and mismatched patterns. As a wink to Brioni’s travel expertise, the collection includes a new take on the Hawaiian shirt, as well as scarves with hand-painted Italian themes, featuring the Brijuni Islands and landmarks of Rome, from the Spanish Steps to the Colosseum.

Befitting the festive summer season, eveningwear takes up more space. The winter season established the classic black tie look. For summer, the collection diversifies wardrobe possibilities in the interest of bridging daytime and evening with The White Linen Tuxedo, The Pyjamas Tuxedo, the Daytime Tuxedo and the Long Jacket Suit, as well as non-conformist developments of the elegant peak lapel and daytime button cover jewelry.

In the interest of exclusive choices, Brioni continues to transform unique antique tapestries into tailored pieces. They are the non plus ultra of the Bespoke service: hand embroidered tapestry, exclusively tailored into one of a kind. Furthermore, Brioni continues to build up its Jewelry Collection adding vintage porcelain vial stoppers for a more playful lapel, as well as a silver Ginko biloba leaf for good luck.

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