Kangol x H&M Feat Mabel: A Fresh New Streetwear Collaboration

H&M collaborate with BRIT Awards Best British Female Solo Artist and international music artist, Mabel with a new collection with streetwear icon Kangol. The 31-piece collection is inspired by Mabel’s style, featuring both classic and new Kangol pieces including two co-designed by Mabel herself. Mabel and her crew also feature in the campaign, and the collection will preview in an Instagram Stories music video by Mabel, where exclusive Kangol x H&M Instagram filters will let everyone be the self-made star. Kangol x H&M feat Mabel will be available at selected stores worldwide as well as hm.com from October 1.

Kangol is a legendary label of streetwear, instantly recognised for its kangaroo logo. An English brand founded in the 1920s, Kangol’s hats became an essential part of the look that evolved from 80s and 90s hip-hop culture. It’s the same authenticity that today makes Kangol a streetwear wardrobe staple for fans all over the world. Mabel is one of the most in-demand stars in the world right now, with over half-a-billion streams of her tracks like Don’t Call Me Up, Mad Love and Boyfriend. Mabel writes her own songs and defines her own style, a headstrong attitude of creativity and self-respect that touches everything she does.

The collection captures the perfect Kangol wardrobe for members of the self-made generation like Mabel: fresh, authentic, fun. This is a complete wardrobe with everything for autumn, from hooded puffer jackets and long puffers, to slouchy cardigans and sweaters knitted with the Kangol branding and logo. It’s about the essential pieces, like cropped rollneck sweaters in either cream or colour stripes, oversized logo T’s and a logo long-sleeve stretch midi-dress. Mabel herself co-created two pieces: a streetwear take on the slip dress, complete with Kangol logos, and a Kangol-branded pair of joggers. "Kangol are excited to work with H&M and Mabel on this collaboration. The collection perfectly captures the essence of Kangol today, full of fresh updates on streetwear style. We look forward to seeing our global Kangol community wearing Kangol x H&M.” says Hamish Morjaria, Kangol’s Head of Brand Partnerships and Licensing. 

“I am so excited about this collaboration with Kangol and H&M! Streetwear is in my blood and Kangol is such a legendary brand. It’s amazing to collaborate with Kangol and H&M, and to share my creativity and my style with a new generation,” says Mabel.There’s a full set of accessories, like a boxy cross-body bag with a Kangol branded strap, a shopper and a bum-bag, as well as bag charms. Kangol-branded socks are made to be seen, and the look is finished with Kangol scrunchies. A week before the collection drops, Mabel will reveal a new interactive video for her track Bad Behaviour on Instagram Stories. Fans and followers can use six Kangol x H&M exclusively made filters to star in their own totally unique self-produced version of the music video, and to share it with other members of the self-made generation around the world. “Kangol x H&M feat Mabel is a dream collaboration for us at H&M, uniting an iconic streetwear brand with one of the most authentic and genuine young music artists around. It’s about that 90s streetwear attitude updated for today, a style that Mabel has made her own. There are so many hits, from the famous bucket hat, to the slim midi dress and autumn’s hero piece, the puffer jacket,” says Emily Björkeheim, H&M’s Head of Design Divided.


Blancpain Presents A Blue Bathyscaphe In Sedna® Gold

The Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe model, renowned for its dual function as a diving instrument and civilian timepiece, now comes in a version combining a blue dial and bezel with a Sedna® gold case. The history of the Fifty Fathoms goes back to 1953, when Blancpain unveiled a timepiece that was to become the first professional diver's watch. A few years later, Blancpain complemented this time measuring instrument with the Bathyscaphe model, thereby aiming to offer a diver's watch in a size suited to everyday wear. Reissued in 2013 in a contemporary version to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Fifty Fathoms, the Bathyscaphe has since been enriched with a wide choice of models, both in terms of complications and materials. For the first time combining a blue dial and bezel with a Sedna® gold case, the new Bathyscaphe by Blancpain is an elegant addition designed to delight lovers of water sports and beautiful watches as well as experienced divers. Blue symbolizes Blancpain's passion and commitment to the underwater world. This deep color exalts its shimmering reflections and plays with light thanks to the sunburst finish of the dial. Rectangular hour-markers and the chapter ring composed of gold and Super-LumiNova® dots further make their contribution to endowing the dial with an elegant and perfectly legible appearance in any situation. Complemented by a slim seconds hand and a date window, the hour and minute hands are also rectangular and coated with Super-LumiNova®, evoking the Bathyscaphe watches of the 1950s.

Crafted from Sedna® gold – a gold, copper and palladium alloy guaranteeing the exceptional durability of red gold –, the 43 mm case features a sharp outline and satin finish that gives the Bathyscaphe a sporty yet refined look. The Sedna® gold unidirectional rotating bezel is fitted with a ceramic insert including a Ceragold® time scale and hour-markers. Water-resistant to 300 meters, the new Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe beats to the rhythm of the 1315 caliber. Stemming from a longstanding quest for precision and performance, this self-winding movement was specially developed and produced by Blancpain to equip its sports watches. Its three series-coupled barrels provide it with a five-day power reserve while maintaining constant energy. Its balance features a silicon balance-spring that ensures remarkable regularity of the oscillation frequency as well as impermeability to magnetic fields. A sapphire case-back provides visual access to the movement, revealing all the beauty of a sandblasted, satin-finished and snailed Sedna® gold oscillating weight engraved with the Blancpain logo, along with snailed and beveled bridges.


Versace Presents Jungle Animalier Collection

The latest fine porcelain collection fuses the iconic Jungle print with animalier patterns and heritage Medusa accents.  Drawing inspiration from the legendary design famously reprised on the Versace Spring-Summer 2020 runway and the book “South Beach Stories”, an iconic photographic book by the Versace family, the Jungle Animalier line refreshes tableware in a vivid color palette. Crafted in exceptional quality porcelain, the collection encompasses a range of plates, coffee and tea sets, an array of a vases and decorative home accents.


Salvatore Ferragamo AW2020 Perspectives Advertising Campaign

Salvatore Ferragamo presents a visual curation of its AW2020 collection that is designed to stimulate the eye, fire the mind and stir the soul. Working in a London studio, Creative Director Paul Andrew shaped a multi-faceted portfolio that reflects the depth and richness of the season’s shoes, ready-to-wear, and accessories. Still lives of key accessory pieces - shoes, bags, eyewear and belts - are shot through defocused symmetrical impositions in the foreground, challenging the eye to search out its subject. These are placed across from full length portraits of three models - Mariacarla Boscono, Malick Bodian and Luca Lemaire - wearing full looks from the collection of which those accessories are a part. Here too there is crafted play of foreground against background - both shadow and defocused coloured shape impose themselves upon the image. The human dynamic between the three protagonists - amplified by the expression in their dress - adds another layer to the visual tapestry of the season.

This series of images presented in tandem, and within which the conventions of foreground and background are played against, presents both the precision and breadth of this collection. From close-up to full length, the full spectrum of Andrew’s chic and elevated wearable works of art are delivered in intensely rendered visual snapshots. The result is a gallery of arresting imagery that fully showcases the know-how and aesthetic verve of Salvatore Ferragamo - a visual narrative that is testament to the house’s compelling lexicon of beautiful, useful and timeless designs.

Paul Andrew said: “I wanted to create an elevated and colorful campaign that invites the viewer to appreciate the craft and beauty in individual pieces and simultaneously appreciate the impact when the collection is coordinated into toe-to-head looks. It’s a campaign about the relationship between depth and surface, that plays foreground against background in a way that provokes the eye to focus - to seek out beauty. There was also an additional interplay between the personalities of Mariacarla, Malick and Luca that contributed an extra depth and dimension to the final photographs. This is a time to question our ways of seeing to enable us to see the world afresh, and in some small way I hope this collection helps to provoke that.”


ANDREW GN 與你夢裏共醉 – 巴黎現場直擊

ANDREW GN 與你夢裏共醉 

– 巴黎現場直擊

 一首David Byrne末代皇帝The Last Emperor 主題曲掀開了ANDREW GN 2020/21秋冬季時尚的序幕。音樂一起,場内由原本的喧鬧氣氛立即切換成爲靜態模式,耳熟能詳的醉人音韻頓時彌漫著Université Paris Descartes 大學院内,手機和攝影機的閃光燈和卡嚓聲悠然響起,聚焦和照亮在天橋的模特兒身上,婀娜多姿的貓步輕盈柔美,優雅的霓裳設計充滿時代感,仿佛帶著一種使命,為時尚呼喚在場無人不為之而期盼和雀躍。


 請分享本季的設計靈感爲何來自George CukorThe Blue Bird和中世紀主題?

我想從兒時讀過的童話故事和民間傳說中攝取靈感,除了故事本身令人著迷,書中的插畫讓我更迷戀。我在視覺上的審美和見解,每每讓我内心的星星閃得通透,得到釋懷,去激發無限的想象並而得到啟發。我幾年前看過《The Blue Bird》電影,故事改編自19世紀後期的象徵主義作家Maurice Maeterlinck創作的《 L'Oiseau Bleu》,電影中有Elizabeth Taylor飾演的Queen of LightJane Fonda飾演Night以及Ava Gardner飾演的Luxury,三位女主角所穿的服裝絕對華麗,異想天開,充斥著中世紀情懷,完全讓我著迷。這正是完全適合我為今季選擇童話主題的原因。










Andrew GN的招牌式設計signature look 該是怎樣的?



 怎樣才稱得上是典型的Andrew GN穿著打扮和類別識辨?

堅強,前衛,充滿自信和的獨特個性,散發出獨有的個人魅力。這些特質能吸引著別人的眼球,在Andrew GN的設計和穿著都可看見和體會。








如何定義Andrew GN的美學?







Coco Chanel和家父。


透過Andrew 的慧眼棱鏡過濾,以不同的中世紀故事和神話以及電影中超浮誇華麗的場景設計而開啓了一條通往神秘和具時代感的時尚通道,同時運用了更智能的方式和熟練精細的工藝技巧引發今季的設計主題,設計亮點處處,令人目不暇給,愛不釋手。謝幕時那掌聲如雷的攝人氣氛,聲勢淩厲,Andrew 快步地繞場一週去答謝所有賓客對他的愛戴和支持,台上一分鐘,台下十年功而累積的功績。在此一一印證。故此,Andrew的忠粉一定會在這個極美的系列設計找到她們喜歡的衣裳和單品,流連於中世紀的浪漫,去穿出現代古典美,與你抛開掛累,穿越未來,相對一起於時尚夢鄉尋求大醉。

FURLA AW2020 Advertising Campaign

Furla AW2020 advertising campaign features Greta Ferro, a young Italian actress and model, chosen for her fresh and timeless elegance. Visuals are characterised by skillful color contrasts and signed by the photographer Giampaolo Sgura, under the creative direction of Magnus Berger.

The campaign’s theme is about a love story told through the exchange of postcards, in the context of a city bar. The correspondence leads back to the old courtship, which soon turns out to be a game full of sensuality and humor. Each image evokes that peaceful moment of sipping a good cup of coffee, at the mercy of beautiful thoughts. It’s a special instant, which over time allows an appreciation of an all-Italian ritual gesture, built of balance and taste. The shots have a strong suggestive power that refers to tradition, a detail of life which even for an object like the bag becomes an integral part of the scene.

The AW2020 collection is represented by some of the iconic Furla creations, which for the occasion are presented in a renewed look. Objects with clean lines that express a modernity provided by the value of tradition and high craftsmanship. Not a simple accessory, but an extension of the wearer’s character. Postcards illustrated by the artist Cecilia Carlstedt, who chose the Furla Metropolis and Furla 1927 bags as subjects, depicted under the historic arches of Milan and Bologna, underline the narrative of the story. A clear reference to the two cities closely links with the history of the brand. Photography and fashion illustration therefore come together in a neo-romantic tale celebrating Italian design. Through creativity and craftsmanship, the story almost creates a real arch, capable of connecting the past to the future - which has always been Furla's leitmotif.




Art Direction:
Anthony Vaccarello

David Sims

John Waters



DIESEL Presents The DIESEL 2020 Serendipity Trainers

The DIESEL 2020 SERENDIPITY Pre fall trainer series exhibits a distinctive look of leisure. The singular design overcomes the limitations of timelessness, enhances indulgence and dismisses excessive solemn attitudes.

The sneakers’ vibrant colors enhance overall visual aesthetics and exudes a contemporary street look. Featuring a unisex design which supersedes the conventional gender confinement in fashion, the streamlined vision of the shoe highlights its contours and layering. Using wrinkled nylon with suede and rubber on the sides, doubled layered with EVA eyestays and framed with Lycra heels, the trainers look particularly lithely. The striking “1978” logo is complemented with an extendable rope buckle and contrasts with a monotone body to give further depth to the trainers.

SERENDIPITY sneakers comprise physical aesthetics and functional features. Designed in monotone, the sneakers come in shocking yellow, pink, green, electric blue, black and white. The color variety redefines “chic” and liberates the perception from bondage and heritage.


CHAUMET Presents Bee My Love

Cultivating a sense of joie de vivre and lightness, Bee My Love reinterprets the imperial symbol of the bee through the motif of the honeycomb, in an interplay of gold and geometry. In rose, yellow or white gold, pavé or not pavé, rings, bracelets and necklaces are designed to be playfully mixed and matched to compose a unique look every day. This summer, Bee My Love is enriched with new creations, multiplying the possibilities of stylistic invention. Brooches join the collection, as a graphic row of pavé white or rose gold honeycombs that make a discreet fashion statement. The emblematic motif also adorns the links of delicate bracelets, to be paired with corresponding necklaces or elegantly mismatched.




Art Direction:
Anthony Vaccarello

David Sims




M.A.D.Gallery Presents Nixie Machine III: a third and final Nixie Machine by Frank Buchwald

The M.A.D.Gallery is thrilled to offer this final evolution of the Nixie Machine series in a collection of 18 pieces available exclusively from the M.A.D.Galleries in Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong and Taipei. Frank Buchwald’s “Machine Lights”, an impressive collection of hand-crafted lamps, were part of the initial line-up of artists showcased at the inauguration of the first M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva. They have inspired the admiration of MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser from the start, landing Buchwald’s work a permanent exhibit at the M.A.D.Galleries. The first “Nixie Machine” followed a few years later: a clock created around vintage Nixie tubes, following the same alien-like, sci-fi aesthetic.

Introduced in the 1950s, Nixie tubes – also known as cold cathode displays – became a popular way of presenting numerals using glow discharge. The name Nixie is thought to derive from the Burroughs Corporation’s “NIX I,” which in turn was believed to have stood for “Numeric Indicator eXperimental No.1.” Each glass tube is filled with a low-pressure neon-based gas and includes a wire-mesh anode and layered cathodes shaped like numerals; a separate cathode is needed for every numeral 0 to 9. A distinctive orange glow discharge surrounds each cathode when power is applied. Assembled in multi-digit arrays by connecting electronic circuitry to several tubes, Nixie tubes were often used for computers, clocks, and frequency counters, though these were eventually supplanted by more practicable, less costly – though arguably less charming – displays such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

The new Nixie Machine III represents the next stage of evolution in the work of Frank Buchwald. Each and every detail has been manually handcrafted: from design, construction, and detailed workmanship of the clock to the six Nixie tubes fabricated by Dalibor Farny (see separate paragraph). Forging onwards from the first and second editions of the Nixie Machine series, this third – and final – Nixie Machine consolidates Frank Buchwald’s design and structural principles into a futuristic work of art whose dynamic emphasis is dominated by the machine-like character of the design: the form is compact and vigorous and the proportions perfectly executed. At first glance, the succession of six Nixie tubes seem to hover above the substructure, pulling the eye instinctively inwards to the numeric information floating within the confines of each glass bulb. Closer scrutiny reveals piece by piece the intrinsic principles comprising the quintessential structure of the machine: a duo-support bracket riveted with massive steel bolts, steel and brass discs to the solid base construction and a central cylindrical tower. Extending from the duo-support bracket is the additional structural support, holding the row of tubes like arms, which ‘hand over’ time to the viewer.

Flexible metal hoses feed the Nixie tubes energy and information from the electronic core of the machine, which houses also the main central switch, illuminated like a blueish preternatural ‘eye’. The special design of this third edition of the Nixie Machine necessitated the development of a new electronic circuit board with circuit components and 66 contact pins compressed onto a small round surface corresponding to the size of the machine’s central body. This innovation was no small feat for Dalibor Farny, creator and engineer of the repurposed Nixie tubes and collaborator with Frank Buchwald on Nixie Machines II and III.

The Nixie Machine III is made of solid stainless steel. All components have been exclusively hand-sanded and polished. The electronic heart of the Nixie Machine III takes on an unprecedented approach to telling time: at the machine’s core are powerful, wi-fi enabled electronics, allowing internet connectivity and guaranteeing both ceaseless accuracy of time and emancipation from manual setup. All settings and special features (including scroll effects, day/night mode, digital-light dimming, time-zone settings and more) can be set online – obviating the need for a user manual. The clock itself is, however, autonomous: it can operate both on- and offline.


KIEHL'S Introduces The New Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing & Dark Circle-Diminishing Vitamin C Eye Serum

Kiehl’s chemists introduces the new Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing & Dark Circle-Diminishing Vitamin C Eye Serum, the latest addition to the Dermatologist Solutions™ line, which includes Kiehl’s cult favorite, Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. Kiehl’s experts on Vitamin C developed an efficacious, new formula to help visibly address under eye concerns.

Expertly formulated for the eye area, Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing & Dark Circle-Diminishing Vitamin C Eye Serum contains a powerhouse of potent ingredients: Tri-Peptide Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, + 10%  pure Vitamin C which is clinically demonstrated to reduce lines, crow’s feet, puffiness & to visibly diminish the appearance of both blue AND brown dark circles. Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate formula, increasing the concentration of Vitamin C to 12.5% and adding Hyaluronic Acid. With careful formulation trials and expertise in working with Vitamin C, Kiehl’s chemists developed a new formula with an improved, powerful, clinically-demonstrated performance. It packs a new punch and gives skin and instant boost in the appearance of radiance and smoothness. Kiehl’s chemists carefully balanced the formula to allow it to absorb quickly without feeling greasy or oily. This formula also features a pleasant, citrus scent. The Kiehl’s chemists commissioned an image analysis study on the crow’s feet region after use of Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate.


BALLY Presents New Artisanal Leather Architects Sneakers

Bally has been crafting understated luxury for modern day since 1851, with quality and care always in mind. The rich heritage in shoemaking has produced pioneering designs, including contemporary, retro-inspired sneakers that highlight the exemplary and unexpected finishes of Bally’s house signatures - from the iconic Bally Wing motif
to our engineered Grip sole technology. For the new season, classics like the Bally Galaxy and the Bally Kuba, the latter of which is named after the 1980’s Swiss tennis legend Jakob “Kuba” Hlasek, get reinterpreted with raw and woven leather details and incorporate distinct Bally leather tags. Available in crisp white and deep navy, our new artisanal sneaker styles embody artisanal excellence and poise for a striking, yet understated look.




Art Direction: 
Anthony Vaccarello

David Sims

Lenny Kravitz