DIESEL Presents The DIESEL 2020 Serendipity Trainers

The DIESEL 2020 SERENDIPITY Pre fall trainer series exhibits a distinctive look of leisure. The singular design overcomes the limitations of timelessness, enhances indulgence and dismisses excessive solemn attitudes.

The sneakers’ vibrant colors enhance overall visual aesthetics and exudes a contemporary street look. Featuring a unisex design which supersedes the conventional gender confinement in fashion, the streamlined vision of the shoe highlights its contours and layering. Using wrinkled nylon with suede and rubber on the sides, doubled layered with EVA eyestays and framed with Lycra heels, the trainers look particularly lithely. The striking “1978” logo is complemented with an extendable rope buckle and contrasts with a monotone body to give further depth to the trainers.

SERENDIPITY sneakers comprise physical aesthetics and functional features. Designed in monotone, the sneakers come in shocking yellow, pink, green, electric blue, black and white. The color variety redefines “chic” and liberates the perception from bondage and heritage.

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