Adding Dimension @ A collaboration by Yusuke Kaneko (VIWA) & Tomoaki Tarutani

Both Artists VIWA & Tomoaki Tarutani show their cares towards the Japan earthquake and tsunami. The root values of politeness and services to the greater good of society in their culture and national identity that helped them face such adversity with such resolve and order.
Tarutani deals with the individual experience and focusing on what lies in his own, ever-renewing consciousness. This includes ordinary scenes encountered in daily life, people he meets, experiences that move him as well as the subconscious.
Tomoaki Tarutani 垂谷知明
Yusuke Kaneko or better known as VIWA draws from the past, conceiving his art from the nation's point of view, by building on objects and patterns deeply ingrained in the culture and milieu of Japan. He believes traditional decorative objects and patterns that existed since ancient times in Japan deeply reflected the culture.
Yusuke Kaneko (VIWA)

We had a 6 minutes face to face chat with both artists.
T=Tomoaki Tarutani
Y=Yusuke Kaneko

M: What are you working on lately?
T:  Not much but busy for this current exhibition.
Y:  Will still be influenced by my EDO period style inspiration and have my next exhibition in Korea.

M: Is there anyone that you would like to work with? Why?
T:  Hiroe Saeki who has a soft and delicate side from his work, Korin Ogata & Kristin Baker who  are just dynamic, I like to work with them to find the balance in between their work and apply them to mine. 

Y: No one special but also can be anyone I would meet along the way in my life who could inspired me.

M: What was the biggest challenge or downfall you had faced in you past or present career and how did you overcome it?
T: Dateline is always the issue and I can't perform the best in me if I am tight up with deadline but I guess I have to work around it to get things done. 

Y: Changing the value of my perspective in which it may not be what my actual intention, I guess I can overcome it by drinking some good sake.

M: What were the things that you had done in your career that you think you have not done well enough and there is room for improvement?
T: I have been always satisfy in my work, sometimes I may have doubts in 2 days but I believe in myself as my confident will guide me through and make things work.

Y: The EDO period philosophy, the identity of Japan in the past 100 years, the value of its history and culture that I need to adapt, I still believe in that kind of thinking and philosophy and there is always new things I encounter.

M: What would be your ultimate goal for your career achievement?
T: For now, my work only have the exposure around Asia and I would love to see my work to be seen in Europe and USA, either for auction or for charity.

Y: Pretty much now and I always do my best in whatever it take, I beleive in my own faith.

M: What is your ideal living lifestyle?
T: To get married someday, have my own kids, doesn't need to be rich but have a content life, if my wife and my kids develop the interest in painting as well, it would be a plus.

Y: Keep the right faith in whatever I do and excel in the best performance as ever.

About the artists

VIWA was born in Saitama, Japan in 1976 and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at Tokyo Zokei University in 2001. His works have been shown in Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as Japan.

Tomoaki Tarutani was born in Kyoto in 1984 and attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Osaka University of Arts in 2007. In 2009 Tarutani was awarded the KONICA MINOLTA Eco & Art Award, and won honorable mention at The 9th International Illustration Competition.

**During the exhibition period 10% of sales will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross to help with relief efforts still underway in Japan.

Karin Weber Gallery
Address: G/F, 20 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2544 5004
Exhibition Ends @ 14th Jun 2011

*Special Thanks to Karin Weber @ the arrangement.

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《Hong Kong International Art Fair 2011》

The global art world gathers in Hong Kong for the city's fourth, and biggest ever International Art Fair opened last week with 260 galleries from 38 countries is set to top all previous attendance records.
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One of the highlights is the ART HK 11's Galleries section featured 168 leading galleries showing world class artists including a variety of solo artist presentations from around the globe. These include a series of specially created new works by Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson, which will be exhibited by Tanya Bonakdar Gallery from New York. Goodman Gallery from Johannesburg will present South African artist William Kentridge's acclaimed anamorphic projection, what will come, and New York based Marianne Boesky Gallery will showcase new works by cutting-edge artist, Barnaby Furnas. Rossi & Rossi London will present a series of politically-charged resin busts by Kazakhstani artist Erbossyn Meldibekov.
A new gallery section entitled ASIA ONE, dedicated to solo presentations by Asian artists brought by galleries in Turkey, the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent, Australia and New Zealand, plus North, East and Southeast Asia.