A Hero can be created especially in a movie. Liam Neeson's previous blockbuster <Taken> action thriller made a successful entry and made him become one of many other's favorite dads and also husband to marry. A heroic father and a tough husband will do anything to protest his family. <Taken 2> obviously  made a triumphant come back to thirst his fans' quencher by continuing the revenge for what had happen from the previous one. The intelligent and almost undefeatable Neeson were being after and taken his heartfelt fans to a more exotic location Istanbul to begin with the kill and chase. Typical and classic Luc Besson's dark and dirty chase and race action pack being a producer for this film, if Neeson's role were to replace by his fellow French actor Daniel Auteuil, the kidnapping may go on. Of course, we don't wish to see "Taken 3" as a number of action scenes was deliberately angled to suit the fights and still can't avoid to see Neeson's age is catching up for not being able to perform such a heavy duty non stop action. Just like one of the lines from the movie, " I am tired of this!!" Said Bryant (Neeson's role), be it tired of the chase of physically he can't cope with this anymore.


The Assassins 銅雀台

Fans of Chow Yun Fat may get disappointment on his latest epic portraying the General who tried to control the emperor and the entire kingdom. It is indeed a very average film despite the props and costume may be credited, vaguely. The Legendary 3 Kingdoms epic have been made too commonly until almost no knows would believe which one is the most truthful one. Put the legend and the history aside, the story development of this film was rather dull and not surprising. Changing the characters by using more elite actors doesn't really helps but a waste of some real good resource with mostly pretentious acting evolved. Repetition and predicted endings doesn't really help for winning more fans for their support but just another not so much to talk about film after watching it.


6 Minutes @ Metro Vocal Group

Metro Vocal Group, a renown American Acapella group singing and performing live in Chinese and other langagues who is now set foot in Hong Kong for their career. With their new Chinese album  <No Borders> soon to be launched, expected to be performing live and touring around Asia and beyond. mylifestylenews meet up with the group over a couple of The Nake Grouse Whisky in The Green Room on one fine afternoon to find out more singing in naked......

The collaboration with The Naked Grouse started from the brand image which uses the purest possible ingredients. Singing in acapella is the purest thing for voice. It is out there, it is pure and it is completely naked in voice performance. 

It takes 100 years of whisky making to create The Naked Grouse and it may also takes many years to discover some real good voices and group together in acapella singing in harmony, when this happen, it is simply a pure indulgence.

Acapella means "in the chapel" in Latin, there is no musical instruments in acapella music, although voices are often used to mimie the sounds of musical instrument. The style of music originated in churches and has since spread to other genres.

There are many different styles of acapella music. It can be produced by single voice or several voices singing in harmony. Acapella music is performed by church choirs, barbershop quartets, doo wop groups and some contemporary musicians. Acapella music is not about the particular genre of songs being sing. Instead it refer to the use of voices to produce the music without the accompaniment of musical instruments.

You don't need to have too many distortion, quality is the key ingredient when comes to singing, a pure human voice transcend less is more. This singing comes from the heart and soul and this is spirit how we translate and apply "Naked" in singing. But mind you, this is not what we meant singing naked in the shower, it is complete a different things.
We are originally hailing from the United States. We perform and embrace such genres as Pop, Doo-Wop, Classic Rock, Barbershop, R&B, Broadway and Jazz and now we decided to set based in Hong Kong and tour around Asia since we do performed in Chinese beside English and other languages.

Music is a universal language and with no border, since we started the acapella rendition of the Hong Kong band Beyond’s "Under a Vast Sky," 《海濶天空》, we received over 13 million views from the Internet and social media within Chinese communities around the world and that led us more confident in performing more Chinese pop songs and others genre especially from a Western face.
In fact, 95% of our audiences are very much Asian base. That shows that what we did and chosen this track was quite right. We are thankful for the fans support and with that, our coming first complete Chinese album "No Borders" is released. 

Our first album "Music for a Metropolis" in 2009 covered songs such as "Stand By Me" and Joey Yung’s "My Pride," echoing the similar popularity. This success was then overshadowed by the tremendous response.

With more than 14 years of being together as a group, it is like a fine marriage, it takes time to build the good relationship with each other and understand each other and complimenting each other from the lacking.

We really wish to have a duet or on stage performance one day with Beyond and Joey Yeung and also Eason Chan since we are performing one of their most well received songs. This is somewhat we wish to achieve at this point.

Singing in Karaoke is not really where we have our singing practice or rehearsal. Usually we group together and go to our studio to have our singing practices.
There will not be a new member coming in to the group as 4 makes a good team in our group, less is more and this is just perfect for now.
If we are not where we are at right now, we will be possibly doing voice training, coaching, teaching and perhaps having our own bar serving cosmopolitan and other cocktails.
Our ideal way of a living lifestyle varies from a couple of things, one of which is to appreciate the finest thing in life and enjoy at your age while we still can. Off to the beach while we can and live a simple life. 
                     Sean Oliver                                                  Kevin Thornton
                     Eric Monson                                                Michael Lance
mylifestylenews @ Metro Vocal Group
 Metro Vocal Group @ Under the Vast Sky 海闊天空
Metro Voca Group @ My Pride 我的驕傲
Metro Group @ Love is Suspected  愛是懷疑

MCM AW2012 @ STARK Collection

MCM AW2012 STARK collection is the representative of dynamism and diversification. The series has attracted wide attention by its studs attached on the bag and new designs have been launched again and again. This season, new colors, oversized bags, clutches, iPhone cases and other accessories have become new members to this series. Have your stark ready?!

Montblanc 4810 @ Best-Selling Jewellery Collection

Montblanc built on the enduring success of its Montblanc 4810 Collection of ladies' fine jewellery with the launch of an array of enticing new designs.The leitmotif of Montblanc 4810 is the celebrated Montblanc star, its six points representing the six snow-covered glaciers on the summit of the Mont Blanc. Montblanc's distinctive rounded interpretation of the six-point star naturally lent itself to the sensuously curved rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in the existing collection, which is now enriched with 24 new designs, including dazzlingly modern pieces such as hoop earrings, pendants and amulet bracelets – the quintessence of luxury for every day.
A new light, contemporary spirit pervades the Montblanc 4810 Collection with designs as delicate as snowflakes in pure white or romantic pink gold. Among the highlights: star-shaped rings more slender than any so far, intricately paved with diamonds by Montblanc's master craftsmen; pendants, large and small, with the diamond-paved Montblanc star dangling - instantly recognizable - from a feminine chain that caresses the skin; fine chain bracelets on which the star, pure in pink gold or with diamonds pavé, becomes an amulet, a lucky charm never to be left behind; spectacular hoop earrings with the Montblanc star, diamond-paved or plain, describing a graceful arc to flatter a woman's neck.
In each and every piece, the art of Montblanc is at work: flawless craftsmanship in the shaping and polishing of the gold, in the selection and setting of the diamonds, attaining the summit of perfection that is the birthright of Montblanc 4810.
Alongside these new designs, Montblanc proudly presents an entirely new variation on the emblematic theme of the star: the Montblanc 4810 Star Pavé Collection. In one respect, this new capsule takes the opposite direction to the original collection: whereas Montblanc 4810 plays mainly on the outline of the star, leaving the centre empty, Star Pavé fills the void in the most glamorous way possible – with diamonds pavé in different carat sizes to dazzle and delight the eye. Like precious snowflakes, the sparkling gems seem suspended, weightless, within the silhouette of the Montblanc star, which is delicately defined in white or pink gold.
In another respect, however, Star Pavé is unmistakeably affiliated to Montblanc 4810: each of its six pieces reflects the desire of modern women for striking designs that are, at the same time, easy to wear. Thus, dainty ear studs in diamond-paved white or pink gold subtly illuminate the face with their sparkle; the diamond-filled star on a delicate chain necklace irresistibly draws the eye; an amulet bracelet sensuously encircles the wrist, its tiny diamond-paved star constantly reminding the wearer of a special occasion or a treasured memory. Effortlessly glamorous, discreetly luxurious, the Montblanc 4810 Star Pavé Collection is a dazzling way to celebrate every day.

Crème Fraîche® de Beauté by NUXE @ The Secrets of Its Irresistible Addiction

Since Crème Fraîche® de Beauté by NUXE was created in 1999, it became a favorite among active women, their daughter and even their men. Thirteen years and several developments later, the little cream that seemed so simple and boldly took its place on pharmacists' shelves, metamorphosed into a cult range, the very incarnation of the brand, the third of the moisturizing dermocosmetics market.
 In 2012, Crème Fraîche® de Beauté has risen to a new challenge : to cocoon skin that is thirsty for water and soothing relief. The NEW Crème Fraîche® de Beauté 2012  is the  secrets of its irresistible addiction, it is an unique and totally innovative concept for pharmacies, which combines plant performance and the pleasure of beautiful skin. It is a name which conjures up gourmet delight, like a temptation to commit a delicious sin. A daring  whipped cream texture to arouse the senses. A fresh and delicate  fragrance with deliciously nostalgic scents. A 24-hour Moisturizing  effectiveness confirmed by the most rigorous scientific tests. A 24-hour soothing formula that cherishes the skin sensitivity.
Crème Fraîche® de Beauté 2012 is suitable for all dehydrated sensitive skin types. NUXE has designed its recipe by adapting it to each skin type, à la carte on an average, over 90% ingredients of natural origin, Paraben-free and non comedogenic.

PCCW @ Unlimited Voice Calls 傾KING Apps

PCCW mobile leads the industry again by offering customers in Hong Kong or abroad unlimited voice calls to any Hong Kong phone number by subscribing to PCCW mobile’s “Ultimate Mobility” service plans, including free-to-go Nano SIM subscription and handset subscription, can enjoy this privilege.  “Ultimate Mobility” service plans of 5GB, 10GB and the newly introduced 20GB of local mobile data usage with top up options are available at a monthly rate of as low as HK$174*.  In addition with unlimited access to PCCW Wi-Fi. In order to make unlimited overseas calls back home while traveling abroad, PCCW mobile has introduced a new VoIP app “King” for making unlimited voice calls to any Hong Kong phone number# or receiving calls from anywhere around the world.  iOS^ and Android users can just use the app to make/receive calls via Wi-Fi network, irrespective of whether or not the called/calling party is a PCCW mobile subscriber or a user of the app.PCCW mobile is committed to providing its customers with the best possible mobile broadband experience.  By continuous expansion of the 1800MHz/2600MHz dual-band LTE network, PCCW mobile is delivering LTE services more effectively, which enables customers to enjoy stable and faster LTE services.  Further details, visit any PCCW shop or www.pccwmobile.com.


Joy & Peace FW2012 @ Fly Me High With Charlene Collection

Joy & Peace celebrates modern ladiespassion for life, travel, dream and independenceby joining hands with pop star and fashion icon Charlene Choi to create the FW2012 Collection themed <Fly me high with Charlene>. Thedesigns lead to the new generation to fly high and explore the world. The fourdistinctive ranges interpret modern ladies boldness and creativity, and inspire them to reveal their charm with a full range of versatile looks. 

The new collection aims to indulge modern ladies with multi-faceted trendy looks and introduce exceptional pieces to add a refreshing touch to the season. The four dramatically different ranges that are going to steal the hearts of ladiesinclude “Culture Bazaar”that merges the flavors of different cultures,“Wilderness” that reflects the unconstrained charm of nature, “Planet Ice” that manifests an edgy and avant-garde style, and “Fame and Glory” that embodiesglamorous elegance.