Believe it on not, this got to be true and this probably one of Jack Black's best performance by far. Based on the true story and everything happens for a reason especially in the tiny, rural town of Carthage, Texas. People can chose to believe what they like to believe in. Black's usual funny character makes us see what the people of Carthage saw in Bernie, a real neighbourhood guy, a model citizen, a friend to all with caring and compassionate heart but commit in murderous criminal. A well executed role portrayed Bernie by Black is certainly outstanding with the real documented interviews with the local citizens enhance the truthfulness of the film and make everything believable in  this sensitive and sympathetic comedy out of this true story from the mid-90s. <Bernie> may not be a monumental film, but with his most friendly approached character with some nice innovations This is a killer you might enjoy meeting. Stay on while the credit rolls as you will be able to "meet" the real Bernie Tiede, on screen of course.

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