HKT @ Smart Living in First Flagship Store

HKT launched the Smart Living by opening its first new PCCW-HKT flagship store in Mongkok recently. Smart Living is a brand new service that helps customers build a modern, comfortable home. This completely new Smart Living lifestyle can control multiple home settings such as lighting, curtains, air-conditioning, home entertainment and home surveillance systems through a customized remote control or HKT’s eye Tab at home – or even via a smartphone or a tablet when they are on the move.
In addition to Smart Living, the Mongkok shop offers a wide range of HKT services and trendy products including the latest mobile handsets. There is a glass-top touch-screen table which can process multiple commands from several customers at the same time and display the latest information of our products and services. HKT’s Smart Living can be incorporated into various types of residential premises, from a small public housing unit to multi-storey deluxe houses. Our consultants will provide on-site professional advice on layout and equipment setting, one-stop set-up service and, also importantly, after-sales consultancy about on-going maintenance and future upgrades.
Mr. Ringo Ng, HKT's Managing Director of Consumer Group, said, “Smart Living is a technology-based service that combines home automation, entertainment, real fiber broadband capability and mobile service offerings. It redefines quality of living by offering customers versatile and hassle-free control of home appliances.” A number of service packages or request a tailor-made package to suit the specific needs.
Mr. Alex Arena, Group Managing Director of HKT, said, “Our design philosophy has been to put up-to-date information at your fingertips in a high-class, high-quality and paperless environment – and yet to make you feel at home. We will open new flagship shops in prime locations, we will reposition many of our shops and renovate our remaining shops. This new Mongkok flagship shop is just the tip of the iceberg – when completed our new retail presence will give us an enhanced ability to build on our leadership position."
Smart Living is the ultimate answer to customers who wish to enjoy the ultimate convenience of home automation. HKT can design and install a fiber broadband network connecting every corner of a customer’s home. Taking advantage of this connectivity, HKT can develop a comprehensive system for one-touch control of various home appliances, with preset scenarios such as relaxation or partying by using the home theatre systems or consider HKT’s recommendations on AV equipment and smart TVs to optimize this experience. For further details, visit www.smartliving.hkt.com.

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