SWATCH @ Tattoo-Inspired Art Swatches

Since the mid-1980s, Swatch has worked collaboratively with some of the most exciting artists in the world, in order to create art for the wrist. The resulting collections unveiled under the Swatch & Art banner have consistently combined the most imaginative aesthetics and technical innovations, ensuring the desirability and collectability of these amazingly varied time pieces. The iconic Swiss watch and jewellery maker is proud of this artistic heritage, continually seeking to identify emerging and established talents who similarly enjoy pushing boundaries.
The latest Swatch & Art designs draw inspiration from the fascinating world of tattoo art. Five astounding watches have been produced in collaboration with the French tattoo artist Tin-Tin - who has created three time pieces for Swatch - and the Swiss visual artist, Emmanuelle Antille, who has designed two time pieces inspired by tattoos done by Filip Leu. The artists' watches are presented in specially packaged sleeves, adorned with printed extracts from their unique designs, reinforcing the desirability of each stunning time piece. Tin-Tin and Antille each have their own very different artistic styles, concerns and approaches. Both are extremely well-respected in their chosen fields enjoying much critical and commercial success for their work. Within the context of the Swatch & Art collection, these two talented individuals have inevitably explored tattooing in their own ways, arriving at unique visual conclusions which combine an incredible sense of detail with a beautiful use of colour. 

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