Hermès New Family Member @ Petit h

<Horse-shaped secretaire>
 A new member of the Hermès family, Petit h is borned. Petit h = Re-creation, Hermès' creative laboratory which brings together materials, artists and artisans. Once-noble materials - scraps of leather, fragments of porcelain, nuggets of crystal are reborn in the hands of designers and Hermès craftsmen, to find new life as treasures to be discovered by you.
Hermès is simplicity, Hermès is surprise, invisible luxury, sleight of hand. With the help of the magic hands of Hermès craftsmen gives a new life to discarded materials and to reinvent a material, a form, a usage. With this collection of unusual objects, either unique or in limited edition, a team of designers and artisans, the guardians of Hermès who preserve the subtle alchemy between each of the House's metiers through their spirit, their creativity and their savoir-faire, has taken an imaginative look.Through a process of exacting and benevolent mentoring, unceasing inventiveness, and creative fantasy, Hermès have the immense joy of being able to pay homage to their metiers, and to astonish you at the same time.
<Crystal mobile>                              <Message plate>
<"Squelette" bag>                          <Friendly mouse>
<Origami bear>                         <Press Book>

 Petit h…..the travelling caravan of treasures, will be available in Hong Kong only at The Galleria from 26 September through 18 October, 2012. Don't miss out the opportunity to meet the craftsmen & the artisans.

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