Bruno Mars wore a suit in tweed Lurex by SAINT LAURENT by Anthony Vaccrcello in his <Wake Up in the Sky> official video.


RADO Presents RADO Designer Watches

 RADO Presents the RADO Designer Watches and held a pop-up exhibition at Dubai Design District during 2018 Dubai Design Week recently.

The Rado DiaMaster Ceramos collection
Simplicity is the key to brilliance. With the DiaMaster Ceramos collection, Rado has found the key and brilliance is present in every sense of the word: bright, ingenious and impressive. The classic DiaMaster good looks and clean design are present in both metallic looking models. But here, minimalism is taken to extremes with both the case and pared-down movement lending a streamlined look to a Rado favourite. Simple enough if you’re the master of materials. In place of the high-tech ceramic usually used to create DiaMaster cases, Rado has used its innovative wonder material, CeramosTM. A mix of 90% high-tech ceramic and 10% metal alloy, CeramosTM is injected at high pressure into a precision mould before being sintered to achieve its final hardness.

The combination of the high-tech ceramic and the metal alloy is putty in Rado’s hands and has allowed the brand, with its superior knowledge of high-tech materials, to create a steel colour and a new rose gold colour. With both finishes, the colourful sheen is a part of the material and will never fade or lose its shine. The steel colour may be cool and calm, but it’s an alternative to real steel that will retain its good looks for years to come. The rose gold colour is flattering to all skin tones and can be combined with other metals and jewellery without looking out of place. Simply brilliant, the slim new Rado DiaMaster Ceramos models are as minimalist as it gets.

The Rado True Face
Exclusive watch created in collaboration with Polish designer Oskar Zieta. The Rado True Face, co-created with innovative Polish architect Oskar Zieta, is a limited edition timepiece that combines Zieta’s signature reflective surfaces with the classic design and high-tech construction of the Rado True family. The Rado True Face is housed in matt grey high-tech ceramic, lending the timepiece versatile beauty and impressive scratch resistance in a lightweight package. The satinfinish neutral tone of the case and bracelet form a harmonious contrast with the centrepiece of the watch: the high-gloss metallic dial. Gently concave in structure, the dial consists of a disc of stainless steel that has been polished to achieve a mesmerizing reflective finish. The reflective properties of the dial are further maximized by the addition of an unexpected detail: The underside of the matt grey hands has been given a rose gold-coloured finish, allowing them to be reflected in a different hue.

The True Face is a natural continuation of Zieta’s other work with polished stainless steel: a series of perfectly polished mirrors and furniture entitled Plopp which, thanks to his experimental design approach, appear to have been blown up like a balloon. "I am working in many parallel spheres: science, architecture, furniture design and art," explains Zieta. “I’m always experiencing a lack of time, yet still needing it to create, aiming for something unique and timeless.” Zieta's passion for materials research made him a natural partner for Rado, a brand known for pioneering the use of materials such as hardmetal and high-tech ceramic in the watchmaking industry. "Since I use a bottom-up design approach that starts with materials, my objects can fully show off their material character," says Zieta. "The True Face has been made to be noticed and to exude respect for precious materials. These values create a positive connotation on the wrist."

The Rado DiaMaster Petite Seconde Automatic COSC 
The ‘Master of Materials’ label is one of which Rado is incredibly proud, and the quest for innovative combinations of materials continues as it strives to constantly chart new territory. Plasma high-tech ceramic is one such material whose use Rado pioneered and is a form of modern alchemy. The plasma carburising process allows the brand to create scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic with a metallic look without using metal. The colour won’t fade over time. Since it first appeared in 1998, it has become both a mainstay of the collection and inextricably linked with the Rado story - as well as playing a starring role on the case of the new 2018 DiaMaster Petite Seconde Automatic COSC. Only Rado has thought to combine scratch-resistant and durable plasma high-tech ceramic with a material known for its elasticity: silicon. It is this natural, light and hardwearing material placed at the heart of the new DiaMaster Petite Seconde in the form of the hairspring that has helped this new model achieve its enviable COSC certification for precision.

Obtaining COSC certification requires a movement to deviate less than -4/+6 seconds over a 24-hour period, a feat so rare it is only awarded to around 6% of Swiss-made timepieces. The silicon hairspring means the Petite Seconde automatic movement is more impervious to shocks and capable of greater accuracy over time, features essential for maintaining the utmost precision in a world where everyday interference can affect the performance of a watch. Not only is this watch in the top 6% of Swiss timepieces, it is also a watch that is guaranteed to stand out for its classic good looks. Featuring the typical clean, rounded 43 mm DiaMaster case and the open, clear and readable dial the line is know for, this is pure Rado. Topped off with gold coloured detailing and a soft leather crocodile print strap, in 2018 the DiaMaster Petite Seconde Automatic COSC is precisely what watch fans have been waiting for.

The Rado True Blaze
RADO also joined forces with in-demand American interior designer Sam Amoia – with glittering results. The new True Blaze features Amoia’s signature style housed in one of Rado’s most sought-after watch designs. Limited to 1001 pieces, the Rado True Blaze is a celebration of glitz and glamour. Housed in a 40 mm plasma high-tech ceramic case, the watch evokes a disco ball feeling on the wrist. The dial looks as though it were completely covered in a layer of silvery metallic slivers, giving the appearance of a glittery explosion. Despite this ostentatious element, the watch maintains a minimalist feel thanks to the unique placement of the gold-coloured logo and indexes: They are metallized directly on the underside of the glass, allowing them to float above the dial and creating an airy, spacious aesthetic.

The Rado True Blaze is an expression of Amoia's distinctive approach to design. His work draws heavily upon nature and materials, resulting in sculptural, highly tactile pieces that are layered with plaster and cement or encrusted with semiprecious stones. The latter approach is strongly reflected in the dial of the True Blaze. The dial’s textured metallic structure is created using a galvanic process that replicates the crystalline structure of diamond powder. "I wanted to create a simple but innovative piece. Something that reflects my aesthetic and personal design philosophy,” states Amoia, speaking about the inspiration behind the watch. “The result is an understated and innovative piece. Not of the traditional canon of watches but something more interesting and special, yet simple and timeless."

The Rado True Stratum
The Rado True Stratum, jointly developed with leading Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch. This exclusive timepiece sees Mutsch's trademark style housed inside Rado's popular True watch family. The black dial features delicate, asymmetrically arranged descending steps that emphasize the three dimensionality of the concave surface. Together with a slightly raised, oblong logo plate, these elements impart texture to what would otherwise be a plain monochrome dial. Matt rhodium hour and minute hands and a yellow second hand provide a pop of colour as well as easy readability. Further depth is added to the design with a perfectly centered black dot metallized on the underside of the sapphire crystal, which hovers over and casts its shadow on the dial. The True Stratum features matt black surfaces that are crafted in high-tech ceramic – Rado's signature material, and one that is favoured among high-end
watchmakers for its exceptional properties.

"From an industrial design point of view, I believe the tactile experience in terms of touching and feeling is very important," says Mutsch. "So for the True Stratum I have chosen hightech ceramic for the case and bracelet since I really like the feel, the scratch resistance and the temperature of this material." To emphasize that a watch is a wearable piece of technology, Mutsch introduced a small sapphire glass window on the back of the case, which gives the wearer a glimpse of the automatic movement within. The engraved surface of the dial is repeated on the back, creating a pleasant and comfortable feeling on the wrist.

Much of Mutsch's design practice centers around explorations of new materials and production techniques. While his work does not commit to any particular style or shape, his approach is informed by elegance, precision and simplicity. “In the case of the True Stratum I was playing with materiality, manufacturing processes and the idea of ambient light,” comments Mutsch. “I was trying to re-question, in a subtle way, how time is displayed by introducing an element of three-dimensionality on the dial. The appearance of the dial changes constantly depending on the light, always creating new reflections and gradients.”

Hermès Presents The Tale of Petit h In Hong Kong

 Hermès presents a workshop of metamorphosis for materials and the invention of forms themed <The take of petit h> from now on till 9th December. From a giant elephant pouffe to a target mirror, the Landmark Price's store is transformed with scenography designed by Hong Kong artist Kevin Cheung.

Once upon a time, there was a meeting of materials, their inimitable mix, their singular hybridisation. Petit h shares with upcycling product designer Kevin Cheung a passion for slumbering materials, from bamboo to silk, cashmere and many more.

The staging is inspired by daily life and everyday objects. A tree and its bubble-like buds unfurl across the three levels of the store where new petit h inventions appear, paying homage to the diversity of Hermès materials and know-how, and to the dreams that take shape during our daily lives.

Petit h was founded in 2010 by Pascal Mussard, who had the idea of bringing leftover materials from all over the house under one roof and giving them new life through Hermès craftsmanship and know-how.

Godfroy de Virieu, creative director since January 2018, is now leading the dialouge vetween artisans (saddler-leatherworkers, gold and silversmiths, glassmakers, couturiers, etc.) and designers and artists from all backgrounds.

Together, they create dreamlike, palyful, poetic and surprising objects from noble materials as either unique pieces or limited editions. Peti h travels across the world pop-up sales events. Nevertheless, Paris remains its permanant home, in the Hermès store at 17 rue de Sèvres, as well as


Master Yum Cha Weekend Dim Sum Brunch At Shang Palace Dubai

Finding a typical Chinese restaurant in Dubai that serves a full menu of Chinese cuisines from various regions of China is easy, but to get it right, it would be a great challenge especially when Cantonese Dim Sum is offered at the same time on the already full on menu. The Shang Palace in the Shangri-la Dubai may possibly suffice for your homesick cravings for its home-styled cooking. mylifestylenews writes.

Nestled at the corner on level one, Shang Palace has a semi-opened concept setting which half of the restaurant is exposed to the soaring high ceiling and with a deliberate intention of an indoor alfresco balcony overlooking the extended lobby along the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road with a possible view of the Burj Khalifa. The other part of the restaurant is more of a classic Oriental Chinese restaurant setting that more adequately fits the name Shang Palace with a curved panel of Chinese art silk wall and the dome alike roof shows the elegance of a Palace interior motif yet with a cozy and modern lounge waiting area by the entrance against a wood carving wall screen in ancient Chinese windows motif.

Lanterns are hung at the entrance of this elevated domed dining section giving a clear reflection on the well-polished parquette flooring. The cubicle floor to ceiling cabinet displays several Chinese vases and antique like statues and ornaments highlighting a sense of a Palace’s chamber. High back cushioned chairs in red and yellow provides additional privacy that allows you to keep your secretive conversation low among your own table.

Rather than a Cantonese restaurant per se, Shang Palace Dubai is more like a culinary combination from various parts of China, with Cantonese gastronomy taking the lead, followed by Sizhuan, Shanghainese as well as a hint of other Chinese provincial delicacies influences. The Master Yum Cha menu on the weekend allows you to get a taste of each region with selected  specialties from the “Eat as Much as you can” concept dining menu for AED180 per person inclusive of soft drinks, water and jasmine tea or AED285 per person with house beverages (beers & wines). The menu is such a steal with a wide variety from steamed & fried dim sum selection to Chef’s recommendation dishes, noodles and rice as well as dessert. We started off with some classic steam and fried dim sum:

<Homemade “Cheong Fun” with BBQ chicken>
The thin and smooth steamed dough rolled with marinated chicken paste and sweet corn as its fillings does well with a bed of light soy sauce. This dish is best to enjoy at once for its smooth texture of the dough before it turns hard when it cools down. 

 <Cantonese-style Roasted Duck> 
Tough duck meat that was not being roasted to the light and greasy skin and yet lacking in flavor and juiciness in the meat.

<Crystal Prawns Dumpling>
A huge disappointment. The prawn filling was dried and bland, almost tasteless and the casing of the skin was tough. For a classic must order dim sum dish, this needs to be improved. 

<Scallop Dumpling with XO sauce> 
It is quite delectable with medium size scallops wrap around in the shape of ingot and garnished with tiny fish roe.

<Chicken Dumplings with Shrimps>
A delightful dish - meaty, juicy and comes in the right size.

We then moved on to a light change of palate for having the <Homemade Wanton Soup with Mixed Seafood> as well as <Seafood and vegetable Congee>. Both dishes were not as satisfying as it should have been prepared. The Wanton Soup tasted rather from a can of chicken stock with relatively thick Wanton paste where the watery congee is more like a cost saving dish that was really not meeting the Cantonese version of culinary standard. We moved on by trying the <Pan-fried Radish Cake with Spicy Sichuan Sauce> that was buried with a thick starchy gravy and losing the charm or the lightly burnt pan-fried palate. <Fried Crispy Squid with Hoisin Sauce> & <Deep-fried Chicken Fillet with Honey Wasabi> were rather soggy and lacking of the crispy deep-fried texture they should have and yet both combination of sauces doesn’t really stand out from this somewhat Asian fusion creation. We passed.

We thought of moving to a different culinary region by ordering something more stimulating dishes would help to change a little of our taste bud but <Handmade Beef Dumplings with Spicy Sichuan Sauce> only leads to another disappointment. The taste was mild despite we requested it to be as spicy as its original taste and with mashy minced beef filling that is not so not inviting. The <Stir-fried Shredded Duck Breast with Peppers In Oyster Sauce> was reasonably well prepared even the duck meat was a little on the tough side.

After a 15 minutes break by enjoying our strong Pu-Er tea, we decided to sample the Chef recommendation by ordering the <Wok-fried Chicken in Sweet & Sour Sauce> that is quite tasty despite the chicken was over-coated with flour.

<Deep-fried prawn Spring Rolls> 
A nice light bite. Thin rolled spring roll deep fried into very crispy bite and needing no other dipping but to enjoy on its own.

<Home Style Stir-Fried Tofu> 
A classic comfort food and it was quite well prepared in Shang Palace for its delectable bean curd texture and taste.

<Deep-Fried Dough Sticks> 
A surprise winner, light and almost oil free from the surface, fluffy, airy and a crispy light bite.

<Wok-fried Beef Tenderloin in Black Pepper Sauce>
Strong black pepper sauce in flavour accompanied by wok-fried onions and capsicum despite beef being coated and tenderized.

We loved the <Steamed Sole Fillet with Ginger Spring Onion> that was steamed to perfection and the ginger and spring onion were the right combination in a good Cantonese way of steaming a fresh fish.

<Sauteed Honey Beans with Dried Chili> is the star dish in Shang Palace. High speed fired wok fried gives the light burnt texture of the bean and brings out the best flavours of the pungent dried chili as well as the bean paste sauce. You have to encore this dish and goes best with some steamed rice or fried rice. We order the <Yang Zhou Fried Rice with Mixed Vegetables & Seafood> which seems to us that the rice was pre-prepared and lacking of the instant a-la-minute wok flavor where the rice was moist and not in separation.

As for desert we had the soggy mini <Egg Tart> that was garnished with blueberry jam which is out of the norm from its original version  but <Red Bean Paste Soup> was something that would enlighten you to end the meal.

Overall, the quality of food was quite satisfying with a few hits and misses. As for having a Chinese meal that is prepared more than 60% close to what you can get at home to satisfy the craving of some home cooked meals and from a halal perspective, this is more than satisfying.  Service is worth mentioning as the entire wait staff and their team were attentive and non-stop moving around from table to table to ensure everyone has an enjoyable dining experience to discover.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 3/5
Food & Beverage: 3.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Sauteed Honey Beans with Dried Chili

Sheikh Zayed Road,
P.O.Box 75880
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 405 2703

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.

KIEHL'S Introduces Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser & Cica-Cream

 Kiehl’s chemists introduces the new daily dynamic duo for sensitive skin: a mild, mom-stripping facial conditioning cleanser and an ultimate moisture-barrier repairing cica-cream. Both new products, formulated with extract from the gentle, yet powerful Centella Asiatica plant, are clinically tested on a 100% sensitive skin panel.

Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser 
Cleanse away impurities while soothing skin with our mildest facial cleanser for sensitive skin. This ultra-gentle pH-balanced cleanser removes dirt, oil and irritating impurities without causing discomfort or clogging pores. Apply to dry skin and rinse off or use our dual-use formula as a no-rinse cleanser and remove with a cotton pad. Formulated with Centella Asiatica, known for its skin-soothing properties, this gentle facial cleanser leaves skin cleansed, soothed and comforted.

Centella Sensitive Cica Cream
Protect and repair skin with our cica-cream for sensitive skin. Formulated with D-Panthenol and sustainably-sourced Madecassoside, this hypoallergenic facial moisturizer protects skin’s barrier while helping restore skin’s healthy appearance. With 48-hour hydration, this skin barrier cream also helps repair the moisture barrier of compromised skin. Relieve, strengthen and intensively moisturize your skin with our daily cica repair cream.


InterContinental Abu Dhabi - Luxury Urban Seafront Resort Indulgence

Set against a breathtaking backdrop of the Abu Dhabi city skyline, a private beach access and its own marina, InterContinental Abu Dhabi is still going strong and among one of the pioneers in the 5 star international class hotels by offering the facilities and hospitality after 37 years running, especially because of its vibrant food and beverage scene. mylifestylenews writes.

Many expats and locals commute daily from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi for work and some even moved to Abu Dhabi perhaps for a lower rent perspective as well as a slower and quieter living lifestyle with various islands style living, world class theme parks, museums and so forth.

Just when you have enough of the bustling lifestyle from Dubai, a weekend getaway to Abu Dhabi for a less busy routine is totally agreeable especially for those who live in the neighboring Emirates, checking into a hotel in Abu Dhabi is another highlight, be it for business or a leisurely looking forward weekend staycation with their family. A good 60 minutes drive will take you to the next Emirate for a well deserved seafront staycation indulgence.

Located at capital of the UAE city’s dynamic heart, the legendary InterContinental Abu Dhabi is within moments of the traditional souks, the well famed Corniche, parks, cultural district, and wellspring of shopping malls with a spectacular view over the Arabian Gulf.

By entering the hotel premises on a narrow one way traffic slope, do expect a congestion of traffic with cars and taxis queuing and ferrying passengers and guests at the entrance despite plentiful of parking available, yet the traffic control can be a nightmare when you arrive during a busy check-out time.

Entering the hotel foyer immediately gives you the vivid and resplendent mood by its hanging chandeliers contrasting the white marble floors and seemingly endless amber marble pillars softened by the orchids arrangements scatted around. The lobby was busy with the check-out and we passed through the gigantic lobby piano bar with the view of looking out to the waterfront and went straight up to the Club floor for our check-in.

The Arabic Majlis waiting and resting area

As Club InterContinental offers an even higher level of luxury and exclusivity, the private Club InterContinental Lounge not only overlooks the city and but also the coastline with its outdoor terrace 360 degree views.

Breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails with canapés are served with a daily rotating menu from their restaurants. The see-through glass framed round “Fish Tank” meeting room right behind the reception area is eye catching juxtaposing the modern and contemporary lounge area with colors of plush cushions on the aligned sofas. Super high ceilings draw plentiful of natural sunlight with uninterrupted views from the city skyline.

Our arrival was expected, with a flash of the eyes, our check-in was completed and an upgraded Emirates Suite was offered with a contemporary design with a neutral-tone décor private living and dining area looking out at the superb gulf and city view from the other side of the room. The room and furnishing may look a little tired yet was still pretty well maintained despite there is nothing strikingly high-end or tech-savvy about the amenities. The spacious white marble bathroom was an additional delight to move around and lay out your toiletries.

Room with a view of Abu Dhabi Skyline

The Marina and Gulf view

The outdoor swimming pool on the 3rd level

Indoor wellness center

Modern Fitness center

Room with a view

We returned to the Club InterContinental Lounge to sample the afternoon tea set, from savory to sweet and we highly recommend the freshly baked scones with their home made jam to go with the fresh whipped cream. It was a truly cozy and relaxing short tea break, particularly when the lounge is less busy.

We needed a little bit of the aqua exercise after the tea indulgence by going down to the private beach through the marina. The hotel has two different main outdoor swimming pools with one located on the 3rd floor of the building when it is more adult-like leisure and the other infinity pool by the private white sandy beach facing the Gulf  with plentiful comfortable loungers that were set in pairs under reed umbrellas. Swim-up bar, hot tub and a waterslide in a separate splash pool were adding more leisure facilities surrounded by a very well crafted natural tropical landscaping to create an urban oasis.

The InterContinental Abu Dhabi is also known for its mini complex of dining concepts and entertainment. Each restaurant bids a unique experience and has weaved its way into the very heart of the capital’s social fabric. With six diverse restaurants to choose from, we went to Byblos Sur Mer BYBLOS SUR MER on the first night and the Seafood FISHMARKET on the following night. Both were equally enthralling on a different gastronomy offered from different parts of the world.

To experience another level of luxury with the aim to go beyond the obvious, it is the thoughtful touches that delight, with signature moments from an icon of heritage and culture coming from the Arabian hospitality.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Room Amenities: 3.5/5
Housekeeping: 4/5
Food  Beverage: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Private Beach
Executive Club Lounge

King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Street, 
PO Box 4171, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: +971 2 666 6888

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.