FURLA AW2018 Advertising Campaign

FURLA AW2018 Advertising Campaign
With an ever-growing digital presence and a desire to connect with a highly relatable and engaged audience, this season, Furla has collaborated with powerful international influencers to represent the collection including: Jon Kortajarena, Sonya Esman, Stefanie Giesinger, Rocky Barnes, Keisuke Asano and Vanessa Hong. Choosing to collaborate with influencers, brings The Furla Society to life, making it accessible to everyone. The Furla Society concept has seen great success for Furla over the past three seasons, and this evolution of the story, where we finally see our empowered, vibrant and exciting influencers come together for a special event. The Autumn/Winter campaign takes place in a grand Italian hotel, where they meet the new set of protagonists, each occupying their own space, each engrossed in their own activity. Each influencer receives an intriguing ‘invite’ from The Furla Society. An intriguing series of events takes place, culminating when our influencers are all being brought together in one place, with an invitation for the brand’s audience to join them. The campaign, playing out on all Furla’s core channels, was shot by film director Andrew Rothschild and campaign photographer Stas May, with creative direction from Wednesday Agency.

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