Spy films are always interesting and thrilling as long as the director didn't kill it, action more than words that is what the audience want plus endless stunts with a smart and intelligant and twist at the end. <Salt> has them all.

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《The Stool Pigeon 线人》

We are never a big fan of Nicholas Tse for his over and pretentious acting, won the best supporting role and winning again the best actor role or not still won't change our favoritism into him. The story was rather well planned out and some good stunts through out the entire movie were a plus.

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《Eat Pray Love》

Not so much of the kind of romance comdey that happens as it should be. Perhaps that was what happened in the author's real life, in order to let the love comes in, all you have to do is just eat and pray. Like it or not?! We give it a pass this time!

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