LOEWE @ An Interpretation First Ad Campaign by Jonathan Anderson

LOEWE unveils its first advertising campaign under Jonathan Anderson’s artistic direction, combining iconic fashion images from 1997 with new imagery. Coinciding with the first LOEWE presentation under creative director Jonathan Anderson on 27 June in Paris, a first look at LOEWE’s new advertising campaign, conceived by M/M (Paris). In line with Anderson’s reconfigured approach for the brand, the campaign connects and liberally interprets references from the house’s past with elements from multiple sources.

Images from ‘An Interpretation,’ a fashion story produced in 1997 by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, are the campaign’s central element. Itself based on the work of American painter Alex Katz, the seminal editorial featuring Maggie Rizer and other era-defining models is among the aesthetic cornerstones that inspired Jonathan Anderson when he first envisioned LOEWE’s next chapter.

Reactivated documents of contemporary visual culture, Meisel’s iconic images are paired with newly commissioned work by the photographer, archetypal black-and-white silhouettes styled by Benjamin Bruno and depicting a preview of LOEWE’s collections for SS2015. The campaign also features carefully composed still lifes of archival items highlighting LOEWE’s heritage, including a century-spanning collection of bronze stamps used to engrave leather, powerfully illustrating the evolution and constant modernity of the house while evoking the branding irons used to mark cattle.

These museum-like images are juxtaposed with hyper-descriptive shots of key pieces from Anderson’s new collections for the house: the new Amazona bag, taken back to the unsurpassed appeal of its original, trapezoidal silhouette; the ultra-soft, streamlined new Flamenco bag, in vivid, enticing close-up; an essential new leather Tote, its utilitarian simplicity brought to life with bold stripes and the slim curves of LOEWE’s redesigned Anagram. All the campaign elements are examples of LOEWE’s multi-faceted identity, related in spirit, singular in character. Together, they convey LOEWE’s uniquely modern stance: fashion-driven, open to different approaches and inspirations, using ideas to connect past, present and future.

Campaign credits:
Creative Direction: M/M (Paris)
Photography 1997/2015: Steven Meisel
Styling: Benjamin Bruno
Still Life Photography: Erwan Frotin
Products Photography: Damien Ropero

TERRY de GUNZBURG @ Second Haute Perfumery Collection

TERRY de GUNZBURG second Haute Perfumery Collection creates a a new world of colours and scents surprises us, mischievous, floral, fruity, smoky and passionate! Both joyful and luxurious, where detail is everything, this new fragrance duo is captivating with shades of fresh green and sky blue.A new olfactory symphony composed by the master Perfumer Michel Almairac orchestrated by the famous queen of taste, Terry de Gunzburg, whose fi rst fragrances are still bewitching us. With their collective talent, they bring you a rose for all seasons… the fantasy of the creators. Fruity or musky, frivolous or silky, this queen of perfumery is at the heart of each composition. Elusive, enigmatic, she is restrained, never totally revealing her secret. Between Michel and Terry, there is absolute harmony, the talent of one brings out the audacity in the other.

The blue rose that stirs the emotion and settles like kiss on the neck for him, for her comes from the Far East… Stylish, captivating, fresh and light, reinventing itself with a touch of exotic litchi from Mauritius, both rosy and yet aquatic. An invitation to paradise, with a heart of transparent rose and smoky cedar which leaves traces of warm blend of amber and musk. A journey for two, with a promise of elegance. An irresistible blend of bergamot from Italy with sparkling exotic notes of pineapple and mango. Turkish rose, the key note, elegant, fresh, almost green, with pink peppercorns and accords of rosewood and white musk in the base. A gourmand, flamboyant, fragrance with a colourful, tempting scent.

"My passion for the rose is very simple. Everything extracted from a rose, be it the essence, the absolute or the water, is magnifi cent. It can be used in large quantities and it is always good. Personally, I prefer to create rosy fragrances than rose perfumes. To compose fragrances for such an exceptional creator as Terry de Gunzburg was an inspirational journey for me! Her intuition and style are remarkable." Says Michel Almairac.

M.A.C @ The Waterproof Brow

M.A.C Waterproof Brow  is a new collection of products elevates the brow in waterproof formulas that are sweat-proof, smudge-free and humidity-resistant. Waterproof Brow Set grooms, defines and strokes brows into shape, naturally shading to create subtle or dramatic looks in seven new hues.

The long-wearing, waterproof Fluidline Brow Gelcreme fills, lengthens and shapes in rich brunette, soft taupe and golden brown. Finish the look with Zoom Waterfast Lash, Splashproof Lash or False Lashes Waterproof.

Heidi Klum Carries Roberto Cavalli Regina Bag

 Heidi Klum carried a Roberto Cavalli Regina Bag while she was out and about in New York City.

Van Cleef & Arpels Opens Its Sixth Boutique in Hong Kong

Van Cleef & Arpels opens its sixth boutique in Hong Kong at Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui, with a comprehensive variety of enchanting creations. This new boutique perpetuates an exquisite and romantic ambiance. Customers are greeted with its intricate beauty, and are invited to immerse in the Maison’s poetic and timeless universe. Alike any other Van Cleef & Arpels boutiques, this brand new location provides another experience of excellence and style. The use of hand painted gold leave wallpaper inside the boutique further highlights the elegance and sophistication of the Maison.

As the dearest inspiration of the Maison, nature has been incorporated in the boutique’s settings with the hand-painted wallpaper and floral decors, adding refined leathers and soft silks as the perfect touch to the boutique. The exceptional dome-shaped showcases also allow perfect reflection and transparency for the Maison’s masterpieces.Van Cleef & Arpels re-asserts its style by infusing creativity in its exquisite designs to bring romantic and poetic touch to the boutique.

Audemars Piguet @ New Maison des Fondateurs

Audemars Piguet has chosen the BIG architectural firm to extend its historic buildings and house its new museum, which will also be called the "Maison des Fondateurs". BIG has returned to the origins of Audemars Piguet as inspiration for the project, and the new 2,400sqm (25,800 sq ft) building will be naturally integrated into the magnificent Vallée de Joux landscape. Audemars Piguet, only fine watchmaking brand still in the hands of its founding families, inaugurated its first Museum in 1992 in the original Audemars family home, and later expanded it to the whole house in 2004. Its collection includes more than 1,300 timepieces that are part of the brand's heritage and span 250 years of history. In 2014, the museum enters a new, transformative phase to become the future Audemars Piguet Maison des Fondateurs. It will incorporate exhibition spaces (where nearly 400 watches will be on display) together with workshops, reception and meeting areas, and professionally conserved archives. The original building, dating from 1868, is to be juxtaposed with a radically contemporary structure designed to welcome customers as well as partners, craftsmen and all the brand's stakeholders. In order to achieve this, BIG has conceived a new building in the form of an overlapping spiral that will relate the story of Audemars Piguet to visitors through a dynamic interweaving of past and present. Jasmine Audemars, president of the Audemars Piguet Board of Directors, says: "We're thrilled to announce the start of our new project for the Maison des Fondateurs. As a place to share our passion for watchmaking and a new emblem for Audemars Piguet, the Maison des Fondateurs will symbolise not only the brand's profound attachment to its origins, but also its independent and avant-garde spirit." Bjarke Ingels, BIG founder, gives some insight into the ideas behind the design: “Watchmaking like architecture is the art and science of invigorating inanimate matter with intelligence and performance. It is the art of imbuing metals and minerals with energy, movement, intelligence and measure to bring it to life in the form of telling time. For the Maison des Fondateurs we have attempted to completely integrate the geometry and the performance, the form and the function, the space and the structure, the interior and the exterior in a symbiotic hole”. An architectural competition was held for this ambitious project in which five Swiss and international firms, selected for their creativity and sensitivity to the environment, were invited to participate. The firms include :

BIG CPH, Copenhagen and New York

Caruso Saint John, London and Zurich

Group8, Geneva

Richter Dahl Rocha, Lausanne

Snohetta, Oslo and New York


TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction

We disdain people who always try to pick the bone from an egg and it is with no exception when comes to movie review. And yes, we all knew that Director Michael Bad decided to have his final battleship finale scene set in Hong Kong which means quite a lot to us especially when the movie released and been watched by the entire globe. Hence, being an audience, there is no need to pick on those errors and dictate why are the scenes jumping from one location to another whereas it shall be remained at one location? A movie is a movie and movies make things happen larger than life with its editing. We don't deny that there are huge amount of merchandise and product placements in the movie and some are best suited for the far east and China market. But, to unravel this, which blockbuster action pack doesn't? <Transformers: Age of Extinction> is probably Bay's best and most anticipating sequel out of the four. Teaming with entire new casts by adding more sentiment in between a father and daughter as well as other non human relationship. With obvious reason, this time changing the flavours of eye candy when Nicola Peltz replaced Megan Fox and Rosie Hungtington-Whitely.

We love seeing Bay blow out the entire city, from Chicago to Hong Kong, he made a real mess and that would make the audiences paying even more attention in details especially the movie is shot at where they live in. It is fun to see how an epic battle left a great city torn in seconds, but with the world saved. Optimus Prime and the Autobots rise to meet their most fearsome challenge yet in an incredible adventure, they are swept up in a war of good and evil, ultimately leading to a climactic battle across the world.

The stunning visual effect is always big, loud and long, and that's is the main key for Transformers movies. Especially this time with the Megatron transformation process was rather eye-catching. Having the casts acting to themselves and taking to the air via blue screen with added post production visual effect was a challenge from their acting skill. There are a few gags that glittering the intense run and chase which gives some room to breath. The movie is rather entertaining and somehow we can't help but wonder will it ever end? At least after making his fourth's Transformers movies, we can still see Bay's passion wanting to go on.

Rating :4/5


Junghans Celebrates The Birth of New Hong Kong Fashion Stars at PolyU Fashion Show 2014

Junghans Celebrates The Birth of New Hong Kong Fashion Stars at PolyU Fashion Show 2014. The annual graduation fashion show organised by the Institute of Textiles & Clothing of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has always been the benchmark of the fashion industry of Hong Kong and Asia. At the PolyU Fashion Show 2014, not only did it showcase the creativity of the students, but also celebrated the graduation of the students and the hard work they have put over the years. 

The show was a battleground for all the new stars of fashion design competing for the top honour for the night. As a leader of innovative design, renowned German watch brand Junghans has never ceased its pursuit of innovation and precision as well and gave its full support for this year’s Fashion Show as its Diamond Sponsor, providing a platform for the design passionate to let their creativity blossom. At this glittering night, Junghans congratulate the recipient of the night’s top honour, the “Overall Grand Award, JUNGHANS – THE GERMAN WATCH”.

All designers had poured their heart out in the making of their graduation piece, and brought everyone at the Show an evening not to be forgotten. As the Diamond Sponsor of the Fashion Show, Junghans has invited actress Charmaine Sheh as the guest of honour to deliver the prize and to congratulate the winner of “Overall Grand Award, JUNGHANS – THE GERMAN WATCH”. 

Sheh, a trend-setter and a fashion icon; the wristwatch she was wearing, a Junghans Meister Agenda, is destined to become another pursuit for fashion lovers in Hong Kong.  A breath-taking show, in which all the amazing pieces were designed by the graduates, was staged.

Matthias Stotz, CEO of Junghans said, “It is an honour for Junghans to be the Diamond Sponsor of PolyU Fashion Show 2014. Rigorous and eminent design is one of the core values of Junghan’s brand philosophy, and we are very pleased to have the chance to help nurture young designers in Hong Kong. We sincerely hope that the winner will cherish the Junghans watch, as it marks the first success among all he would have in the future. We wish every participating student a prosperous career.”

The “Overall Grand Award, JUNGHANS – THE GERMAN WATCH” went to “Fallen” by Kurt Ho majoring in Fashion DesignMatthias Stotz, Kan Lam and Charmaine Sheh presented a Junghans max bill Automatic watch to the Kurt Ho for his work had captured everyone’s eyes by the emotion it emits as well as the creativity and skillful handicraft featured.

M MISSONI Opens A New Directly Managed Boutique in Hong Kong

M MISSONI opens a new directly managed boutique in Hong Kong. The over 100Sqm in Lee Garden One Causeway Bay is the second store in the city after the first directly managed boutique's opening at Harbour City.

Following the latest store design concept created by the Italian architect Correa Granados, the boutique is designed in a minimalistic and delightful atmosphere. The boutique concept involves soft, pastel shades of pink and smokey gray which envelope the smooth lines and oval shapes of furnishings, showcasing simplicity, a sense of calm and an innate elegance.

A large window display spans along the entire width of the boutique and has two rooms while the entrance is wide in the main room. The huge accessories display wall in white decorative panels showcasing the shoes & accessories. The panels are sporadically hinged forward, laterally or back indicative of the playful M MISSONI mood.

Ermenegildo Zegna @ SS2014 Collection

Ermenegildo Zegna SS2014 collection boasts an ample offering that is perfect for both formal and relaxed occasions, stretching from day into night, from the city bustle to holiday resorts. Impeccably tailored blazers and sports jackets, versatile outwear, lush knitwear and crisp cotton shirts dress a man of impeccable taste, who isn’t afraid to display his bolder side through exclusive color combinations and mismatches, both in terms of patterns, fabrics and textures. A range of accessories spanning hand-sponged brogues to luxurious brief cases to roomy travel bags, add the final touch.

In terms of fabrics, the collection reflects Zegna’s storied tradition and expertise with an array of exclusive fabrics that add value to each garment, further elevating its quality and uniqueness. In the tailoring area, for example, suits are cut from the New High Performance, an Ermenegildo Zegna patent that spotlights superfine Merino Wool fiber. Its premium quality stems from the fact that the yarn follows a high-twisting process that gives the fabric great resistance, natural elasticity and extraordinary resilience. Developed for exclusive wool suits and trousers, for the upcoming season, Zegna pushed High Performance a step forward, boosting its lightness, softness and sheen.

The versatile Crossover 600 jacket melds linen, silk and wool to obtain a final fabric characterized by three key features - lightness, resistance and a modern 3D effect. This season, Zegna introduced a new construction of the fabric using an extra fine yarn counterpointed by one with a different and thicker texture, creating a fabric with a 3D effect that intersects the light and shadows, perfect for herringbone suits and micro patterned jackets.

ZegnaSilk remains a tried-and-true cornerstone, an exclusive treatment that enhances the brightness, softness and resistance of this noble fiber. It adds a relaxed chicness to light casual looks such as colorful blousons while its sumptuous brilliance and ultra tactile effect make pure silk a perfect yarn for exclusive jacquard knitwear and the season’s new iconic printed foulards.  Cropped blousons in general steal the spotlight in the Sartoria SS14 arena, served up in many shapes and fabrications - reversible styles in micro-checked technical cottons with shirt collars; blousons in trademark Barracuda cotton with special frontal closures; bicolor silk versions; silk and cotton bombers with geometric prints. Sophisticated and casual wardrobe staples.

Also key in the Upper Casual range is the new upgrade of the Element treatment combined with the heritage quality of the Trofeo wool for innovative outerwear. The result is a sophisticated and innovative fabric, which maintains the same technical performance in terms of water resistance but with a feather light weight and a softer hand.

Prints also continue to be a spring favorite, especially for Upper Casual shirts. Micro effects, textured geometries, florals, plus motifs that wink at both the sports and vegetal world, are some of the highlights.  The ample color palette mixes neutrals, earth tones, chalky pastels and lush deep tones. On the traditional side are airy ivories, tan and sand opposite shades of grey, from pearl to smoke, and degrading nuances of sea blue. Infusions of color are represented by cherry red, terracotta, raspberry and baby pink.