GREAT Food Hall Introduces New Zealand's Food & Wine Culture

GREAT Food Hall introduces a selection of premium New Zealand wines, with the support of Watson’s Wine till 26th June 2014.'Fresh Meats NZ' has a solid reputation for producing consistently high quality lamb from pasture to plate. The Gisborne-based company successfully achieves this by carrying out the full production process on its own expertly farmed land totalling 43,000 hectares, which serves as the grazing grounds for its 200,000-strong flock of sheep taken care of by skilled farmers who adhere to strong animal welfare regimes. A full range of cuts is available, with the leg of lamb a highly recommended choice for barbecuing, where it is easy to get it evenly browned and crusty on the outside, while pink and tender in the Middle.

Considered a delicacy of New Zealand, Westhaven’s Littleneck Clams are harvested from sustainable fisheries in Golden Bay and remote inlets of Otago in the South Island. These have a high meat-to-shell ratio and are sold live in the shell. The flavour is both sweet and briny and best enjoyed steamed, baked, or chopped in Chowder.

Renowned hot chilli sauce maker Kaitaia Fire is behind the creation of Waha Wera (the Maori term for ‘The Burning Mouth’), which is made from a combination of tangy kiwifruit, Manuka honey, spices and locally grown, certified organic habanero peppers that have been sun-ripened and aged in barrels for the ultimate piquant taste. It contains no colourings or preservatives.

New Zealand takes immense pride in its national dessert, the Pavlova named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. During her New Zealand tour in 1926, a Wellington-based hotel chef was inspired by the shape, colour and texture of the dancer’s tutu and created the now-famous, light and frothy meringue cake topped with whipped cream and fruit. 

Premium dairy brand Puhoi Valley, founded in 1983, is passionate about crafting specialty cheeses and yoghurts, as well as being innovative and continuously surprising consumers. By combining fresh New Zealand milk famous for its rich, creamy content with wholesome, succulent fruit, the result is seriously decadent yoghurt in a selection of flavours like Apricot & Honey, Divine Berries, Lemon Delicious, Luscious Nectarine, Heavenly Rhubarb and Greek style.