ARTĒ x Dorian Ho 2014 Summer Limited Edition Madame Butterflies Collection

ARTĒ Madrid X Fashion Designer Dorian Ho create a colourful spectacle of collections which represent the perfect marriage between jewellery and fashion. This summer, the two brands work back-to-back to create the Madame Butterflies limited edition using fashion design concepts and ARTĒ’s exceptional craftsmanship to create elegant masterpieces for this summer. The Madame Butterflies necklace is ornamented with tiny brilliant cut stones on each butterfly. It composes of 7 different colour combinations, which evokes a gleaming spectacle of flamboyance and is a result of time-consuming work and devotion from the artisans of ARTĒ. The delicate craftsmanship in this collection fully exuberate the exceptional skills of ARTĒ’s jewellery makers.

A butterfly depicts spirited beauty and fantasy. This is why fashion designers have always had the hots for this charming little creature and is also their source of inspiration. Ho is extremely adept in using the butterfly to create his designs many of which are manifested on his night gown collection. This time, he innately leverages the grace of a butterfly in flight to create the Madame Butterflies collection in a kaleidoscope of colours, hence, resulting in a design that evokes the natural and vibrant beauty of summer.

The elaborate and charismatic Madame Butterflies will be taking advantage of this summer to show-off their opulence and beauty under the glistening sun. The Madame Butterflies necklace is embellished with 62 butterflies in assorted forms and overlaps each other in interlocking composition. It also features an abundance of colours from the rose gold base married with other matching colours of deep pink, pink and kunzite. The colour fest then gradually ascends to the upper apex of this jewel with sea green, olive and champagne coloured butterflies. The gradual change in colours adds layer to the necklace and reminisce a multi-coloured summer carnival. This jewel is further sprinkled with 1,978 brilliant cut stones at 57.16 carats onto the refined and poised butterflies. The result is an intricate necklace, which is perfect for an elaborate night gown or even casual attire. This necklace is designed to capture a woman’s glamour and individuality, allowing you to explore the natural beauties of summer. This collection is completed with a ring, bangle and brooch. This collection is currently only available for made-to-order.

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