KIEHL'S @ Harley Davidson Hog Charity Exhibition

KIEHL'S held a Harley Davidson Hog Charity Exhibition in ifc mall recently to raise HK$500,000 for children's Cancer Foundation Helps Build a Better Future for Children in need. Kiehl’s has actively given back to the community by supporting a myriad of charities. To serve the community is always the mission of Kiehl’s, in 2011, in celebration of the company’s 160th Anniversary, Kiehl’s established “Kiehl’s Gives” – an ongoing global initiative to promote philanthropy around the world. This year,  it celebrates not only Kiehl’s heritage, but also the classic and iconic Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Aaron Morse, one of the Kiehl’s family members, noticed that in the early years, when couples came into Kiehl’s store, the men did not seem particularly interested in cosmetic products. Mr. Morse therefore decided to bring his personal collection of cars, airplanes, and motorcycles to the store to keep the men busy while the women shopped. Every Kiehl’s store in Hong Kong now still maintain this tradition with a vintage Harley Davidson on display at each store.

The exhibition featured a retrospective section highlighting classic products from both Kiehl’s and Harley Davidson, including a number of limited edition vintage motorcycles on display. Participants can also see historic photos of Kiehl’s through the years, including classic product shots, to gain a better understanding of the brand’s history and mission, and Mr. Morse’s relationship with Harley Davidson. Kiehl’s also launched a Limited Edition Men’s Care Set during the exhibition period. 100% of all proceeds from sales will be donated to Children’s Cancer Foundation, which will use the funds to support children in need.

A DIY leather making workshop was held during the exhibition.

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