BIOTHERM @ Life Plankton Essence

BIOTHERM introduces the Life Plankton Essence miracle skin renewer, a secret source gave new life to women’s skin throughout history. Today that source is infused at its highest concentration, in a powerful new essence, to deliver as new-born skin. For the first time Biotherm's laboratories have succeeded in creating an essence concentrating 5% of Life Plankton. In 8 days, see your skin change before your eyes, feel it transform beneath your fingers. Your skin is as renewed. 100% of women say that people around them noticed a change in their skin. The comprehensive studies show the exceptional transformative power of the highest concentration of Life Plankton, with outstanding results for Life Plankton Essence on key markers of skin’s healthy and youthful appearance. This exceptional formula was tested by 469 women. Experience a new generation of texture that applies like a cosmetic water and transforms into the lightest of serums. Droplets of exceptional water-serum consistency dance evenly across the skin, freshening and reviving in equal measure. Absorbing in seconds, the formulation leaves the face refreshed -neither sticky, nor oily or greasy.With its super-penetrative texture designed for the purpose, Life Plankton Essence achieves optimum results applied at the beginning of all skincare rituals. Delivering its powerful concentration of Life Plankton in the skin, the miracle essence creates a healthy canvas facilitating the application of the subsequent skincare routine be it focused on hydration, brightening, anti-aging or other concerns.

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