Emporio Armani @ SS2014 NINFEE Women’s Collection

Emporio Armani SS2014 NINFEE (Water Lilies) Women’s Collection is enchanted, suspended visions of gardens at the beginning of time, where stretches of calm or rippling water reflect shadows of plants, flowers and clouds.

This is the legendary natural scene that inspires the new Emporio Armani collection, which through the use of colours and elementary shapes conjures up a symbolic modernity. Poised between realism and abstraction, Emporio Armani suggests an evocative future in which nature is reflected in the rigors of high technology.

A horizon of bright blue, blue-grey, and dawn pink. Floral designs in leaf green and the intense shades of tropical blooms. Different floral patterns juxtaposed with minimal black micro motifs, such as geometric shapes reduced to their pure essence.

The lightness of the fabrics and materials creates subtle shapes for women of apparent fragility. Soft, flowing jackets, sometimes made of technical fabric, flaunt a flawlessly clean line achieved by means of heat-sealing in the place of seams.

 In the Guru version, they are matched with slim-hip trousers with double pleats and flared legs stretching as far as the ankles. Look out for the sandals with floral motifs and the lightweight leggings that cover the skin like a tattoo and complete the look of dresses and skirts, conveying the effect of an uninterrupted brushstroke that heightens the sense of the entire figure.

The flower effect is recreated with pleats, biases, fabric movements, iridescent ribs, and inlays on openwork leather jackets, or at times even just with a pocket square, shaped like a small water lily, peeping out of the Guru jacket pocket. A dusting of crystals, heat sealed on tulle, brightens up the garden by night on dresses flowing off the body, accentuating a joyfully happy nature.

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