Kicks Off The Celebratory Festival For Nike Football

8 of the footballers depicted in <The Last Game> are displayed at Ocean Terminal Forecourt, Harbour City till 13th of July. Measuring from 3m to 4m tall, the sculptures were made in reference to the footballer’s different gestures in the animated short film. Building on the energy of global football this summer Nike gives local teams a chance to battle it out to be named their respective city’s finest. The knock-out tournament inspired by the “Risk everything” campaign is held in 29 cities around the world including Hong Kong.

Nike customized the rules of the classic winner stays pick-up game format to encourage the teams to play with flair and take risks. The team that concedes a goal loses a player.  Teams are encouraged to play open-minded, less-structured football and the next team to score is the winner who remains on the pitch for the next battle.

The massive outdoor screen at CITIC Pacific in Central will be transformed into a Nike Football Risk Everything screen from the 12th of June to the 13th of July. During this period, not only will <The Last Game> be looped on the display, but other Nike Football related promotional videos as well as Winner Stay’s footage will also be shown on screen. Players who have displayed quality performance during the games will immediately have the chance of being a “model” on the building’s outdoor screen.

Nike has created a new consumer destination called NikeLab that will transform the retail landscape in both physical spaces and through e-commerce. NikeLab opens on the 12th of June in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

For Nike, innovation goes beyond product. Nike will bring to life its design principles at its retails. Taking inspiration from product design, each NikeLab will achieve maximum performance and aesthetics with low environmental impact. Core Nike design principles such as less is more, lightweight, functionality, and modularity inform the fixtures and materials used in the construction, and the functionality of the spaces. As NIKELABPS7 opens, the attention grasping figures of Mercurial HTM, FCRB Collection and White Label Collection will also be launched.

As the true meaning of football is revealed from the release of <The Last Game>, a series of Nike Football events will spread throughout the city providing a platform for all its fans to experience the fiery football season.

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