TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction

We disdain people who always try to pick the bone from an egg and it is with no exception when comes to movie review. And yes, we all knew that Director Michael Bad decided to have his final battleship finale scene set in Hong Kong which means quite a lot to us especially when the movie released and been watched by the entire globe. Hence, being an audience, there is no need to pick on those errors and dictate why are the scenes jumping from one location to another whereas it shall be remained at one location? A movie is a movie and movies make things happen larger than life with its editing. We don't deny that there are huge amount of merchandise and product placements in the movie and some are best suited for the far east and China market. But, to unravel this, which blockbuster action pack doesn't? <Transformers: Age of Extinction> is probably Bay's best and most anticipating sequel out of the four. Teaming with entire new casts by adding more sentiment in between a father and daughter as well as other non human relationship. With obvious reason, this time changing the flavours of eye candy when Nicola Peltz replaced Megan Fox and Rosie Hungtington-Whitely.

We love seeing Bay blow out the entire city, from Chicago to Hong Kong, he made a real mess and that would make the audiences paying even more attention in details especially the movie is shot at where they live in. It is fun to see how an epic battle left a great city torn in seconds, but with the world saved. Optimus Prime and the Autobots rise to meet their most fearsome challenge yet in an incredible adventure, they are swept up in a war of good and evil, ultimately leading to a climactic battle across the world.

The stunning visual effect is always big, loud and long, and that's is the main key for Transformers movies. Especially this time with the Megatron transformation process was rather eye-catching. Having the casts acting to themselves and taking to the air via blue screen with added post production visual effect was a challenge from their acting skill. There are a few gags that glittering the intense run and chase which gives some room to breath. The movie is rather entertaining and somehow we can't help but wonder will it ever end? At least after making his fourth's Transformers movies, we can still see Bay's passion wanting to go on.

Rating :4/5

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