Giorgio Armani @ SS2014 Lights & Shadows Women's Collection

Giorgio Armani SS2014 Lights & Shadows Women's Collection where fabrics transform and play with volume and form. Subtle equilibriums that reveal an unexpected solidity. Standards turned upside down. 

Extreme lightness can be expressed by placing one fabric over another, creating shadowy effects and appearing to split the garment. The absolute freedom of shape generates the sense of a fluidity that is removed from the body, sliding, fluttering, slipping away to reveal the silhouette of the figure in a natural, relaxed stance.

Surprising colours, with Majorelle Blue surfacing in transparent dresses, tunics and pea coats. There are shades of anemones and the red of the coral in Sciacca, just like a magical garden beneath the sea. Colours are lightened and changed by featherlike jacquard silk, by embroidered, elaborate fabric, by the near ephemeral tricot of silk and elasticized cotton.

For the evening, floral prints are embroidered to give a double effect, or detailed with the same embroidery on the front only. In the same spirit of metamorphosis, flat boots become new ankle boots with a plexiglass heel, leaving the foot bare.

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