MCM SS2014 @ Flower Boys in Paradise Collection

 MCM SS2014 collection embarks on a voyage to the latest reverie-filled campaign, entitled “Flower Boys in Paradise”. Inspired by Arcadian Utopia dominated by the androgynous and techno-futuristic, the latest collections elucidate gender-normative tensions in design & traditional delineations of style, presenting a first-time 'epicene' collection. Embracing a stylised nature-couture lens, MCM becomes the complete embodiment of a utopian prose where reality and fantasy coexist.

Exploring the boundaries of 'paradise' in a symbiosis of the old and new, MCM’s SS2014 collection reveals a kaleidoscopic conceptualisation of the ‘ideal’, articulated through silhouettes obfuscating gender polarities within a genderless aesthetic.

 Surpassing customary frontiers of 'couture', the latest collection presents tendrils of intermingling florals and classic Visetos motifs rejuvenating the collection’s spirit in a new rite of Spring, creating a paradise-nouvelle of ethereal transcendence that reflects MCM's eternally individualistic pneuma. 

The exotic concords in genderless form & function articulate a novel collection that transcends dualities by fusing parallels in creating a never-before-seen gender-blind collection, presenting polarity-fusing silhouettes which embroider a novel paradise.

Unveiling rich new shapes, MCM's 'Flower Boys in Paradise' Collection introduces materials ranging from printed and embossed leathers, to classic Visetos, boasting carnival hues in paradise green, poppy red, empire yellow, daphne blue, dampened pastels and whimsical gold juxtaposed against wild and exotic prints such as python, crocodile, and fish scales nestled amongst pastel hues of dove, ash, chalk and sand. 

The latest collection presents a distinctive trilogy of paradisiacal debutants, conceived between the contradictions between serenity & discord. 

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