The Night Market @ Brighten Up Spring With Afternoon Tea

The Night Market nestled at one of the corners in element mall with bright, align and orderly set up. This place is huge and the fit out looks more like a proper dining restaurant. The modern, marketplace-inspired design is nothing like the night market as the name spells out loud despite it is to conjure the buzz and vibrancy of a traditional market place while simultaneously imbuing the space with homely touches. It may perhaps hold your thoughts before you actually walk in to look further. We are confused. And with wines from around the world are served in the menu is not quite the expectation for finding the infamous Taiwanese street food. The Night Market began its life as a single restaurant in Central, Hong Kong in 2009 and served famous street foods, home-style dishes and renown drinks from Taiwan. The team recreate the most authentic flavors of Taiwan by using as much Taiwanese products as possible and just as most grandmothers did before us by providing tasty food that is made with care and love. The interior design and menu seek to combine two clear elements of Taiwanese food culture: the hustle and bustle of the outdoor marketplace, and the warm, homely feeling created in the quaint wooden shacks that line Taiwan’s traditional food markets.  Does the food fit into the bill and get brighten up in <The Night Market> ? mylifestylenews finds out when they introduces their Spring Afternoon Tea menu.

Over 3,500 square foot and an extensive menu with over 100 dishes (It was rather ambitious) ranging from the re-creation of the traditional street food. Some of these new delights creatively combine influences from across Asia with a modern hint to take on the Taiwanese classic.The Monday to Friday, 2:30pm-5:00pm afternoon menu consists of <Crispy Pineapple BBQ Buns>, <Oyster Pancake Rolls>, <Cherry Shrimp Turnip Cakes> and <Three Cup Chicken Mochi Balls>. The sweet treats offers are the <Purple Rice and Sweet Potato Cake> or <Taro Red Bean Balls>. The set includes a drink of a choice of <Traditional Taiwanese Bubble Tea>, <Guava and Pineapple Sparkling Juice> or <Winter Melon Tea with Taro & Sweet Potato Balls>. An alternative offers is their dim sum where one of the main course dishes can be chosen such as <Corn & Dried Scallop Chowder>, <Omelette Wrapped Fried Rice>, <Dry Noodles with Beef in BBQ Sauce>, <Cherry Shrimp Fried Rice> or <Traditional Taiwanese Noodle Soup>. If that isn’t enough to satisfy you, select two pieces of Dim Sum from a selection, which includes <Vegetable Dumplings>, <Wagyu Leek Spring Rolls>, or <Brown Sugar Steamed Buns>. It is simply just too many alternative options to offer for a small decision to make, after all, it is just an afternoon tea.

 <Vegetable Dumplings>
The <vegetable Dumpling> garnish is presentable but the taste is rather blend and dry when it brought to the table.

 <Taiwan Soup Dumplings> 
There is nothing to shout about for being one of the signature dumplings dim sum that made Taiwan popular in the culinary world. The paste is thick and with the insufficient juice inside is dull and tasteless.

<Three Cup Chicken Mochi Balls>
Thinking out of the box from its usual way to be served, the Three Cup Chicken is another signature and infamous Taiwanese dish known to the world. The presentation is enticing yet the taste of the Mochi is too ordinary and doesn't enhance the fillings inside.

<Pan Fried Pork Dumplings>
Once again, we admire the creative presentation and yet the dumpling is simply too dry and the filling is rather blend.

<Wagyu Leek Spring Rolls>
This is a good spring roll wrapped despite the sauce may just be a little too strong and outshine the texture and the taste of the prime Wagyu meat.

<Brown Sugar Steamed Buns>
Rough texture on buns and the aroma of the brown sugar not intensively outstanding.

<Deep Fried Spring Roll>
The roll is soggy and it doesn't give the crispy bite feeling with monotonous fillings.

<Omelette Wrapped Fried Rice>
Suppose this is one of the comfort home cook dishes from Taiwanese culinary, the dried egg wrap and the lukewarm fried rice inside isn't really that appetizing.

<Dry Noodles with Beef in BBQ Sauce>
The amount of sliced beef used is almost 50/50 to the noodle which is indeed value for money. It looks delectable yet still lacking in taste. 

<Traditional Taiwanese Noodle Soup>
The spicy pork gravy does not highlight this renown Taiwanese noodle dish. Besides, the soup also loses its own essence for being too flat.

<Coconut Taro Cake>
Coconut flakes sprinkle is always the best company to most sweet dessert, it is not only enhance the sweetness but also add good aroma to it. The Taro Cake's color is inviting yet the taste still quite flat.

Ambience : 3/5
Food : 2/5
Service : 2.5/5

The Night Market
Shop 1028A, 1/F Elements Mall, 
1 Austin Road West, 
Tsim Sha Tsui, HK.
Tel : +852 2807 2292

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