BVLGARI Donates Over US$27 Million To Save The Children

On the occasion of its 130th anniversary and to boost its support for Save the Children, Bulgari announces the launch of a new silver and ceramic Save the Children pendant, with the ambitious goal to generate an additional €1 million to save children lives. To date, the enormously successful sales of its specially designed Save the Children ring have helped raise over €20 million (us$27 million) in donations for Save the Children. The sum exceeds, by far, the ambitious objective set in 2009 when the partnership began, and both Bulgari and Save the Children believe the new pendant will be an exceptional addition to the cause. Bulgari decided, in 2009, to take action on behalf of disadvantaged children around the world, as too many children are unable to attain their own aspirations because the lack of education perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Partnering with Save the Children, Bulgari launched a campaign of unprecedented ambition and scope in which part of the proceeds from the sale of Save the Children jewelry custom designed by Bulgari are donated to the charity.

Inspired by the iconic B.zero1 jewellery line, the special collection comprises a ring, launched in October 2010, and the new pendant, launched in April 2014. The collection is available in Bulgari stores worldwide, select department stores, and on Bulgari’s website (in the US and Japan) for €420 ($480) each for the ring and the pendant, of which €75 ($100) are donated to Save the Children. After almost five years, the partnership has developed into a strong and long-term relationship. 

In the projects financed by Bulgari, Save the Children provides quality education. It focuses on the children most difficult to reach, while tackling the growing problem of urban poverty. With the additional proceeds from the sale of the new pendent, Bulgari expands the scope of its activities and focus on health by supporting Save the Children’s life-saving interventions for the most vulnerable children, the newborns. Bulgari’s new focus was inspired by some shocking statistics. Every year, 2.9 million babies die within 28 days, while a million die on the first day of their life. An additional 1.2 million babies are stillborn each year, their heartbeats stopping during labour because of childbirth complications, maternal infections and hypertension. Over the past decade, the world has made amazing progress in reducing child mortality nearly halved from 12 million to 6.6 million – thanks to global political action on immunisation, treatment of pneumonia, diarrhoea, and malaria, family planning and nutrition. But this progress could stall without urgent action to tackle scandalously  high numbers of new-born deaths. Bvlgari has decided to take a stand in this global effort, saving the lives of 50,000 babies and their mothers, with a financial commitment of €1 million. With the addition of this new jewel to its collections, Bulgari aims to save 50,000 newborn children and their mothers through life-saving healthcare services in poor, conflict-affected countries and in emergency situations. Bulgari’s financial commitment significantly improves the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable and marginalised children in 23 countries on four continents.

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