DOLCE&GABBANA @ 2014 Summer Women's Visions Amongst Temples in Ancient Sicily Collection

DOLCE&GABBANA 2014 Summer Women's Visions Amongst Temples in Ancient Sicily Collection is an imaginary journey to rediscover ancient Sicily, where history and myth come together.

The Greek temples and theatres, symbols of classic architectural perfection, are reinterpreted as if in a dream.

As if a traveler, having visited some of the marvelous landscapes of ancient Sicily, wanted to recreate those unique settings in his mind: that type of beauty, magic and enchantment can only be found in such a vision.

Only in an imaginary world can the unexpected and irrational intertwine with spontaneity and naturalness, while creativity, freed of any bonds with logic, becomes a synonym for folly.

Like in “Satyricon” by Fellini, the ancient temples and theatres are transposed into surreal visions that continue to nourish the eyes and soul of the traveler and provide images for dreams.

The unforeseen is interlaced with spontaneity, creativity with the absurd, and dreams with reality.

Black, red, cream, dark green and gold.

Macramé, organza lace, brocade and perforated brocade, lacquered silk, chiffon, organza and gold painted leather. Coloured alpaca.

Lithography of ancient Sicilian temples. Prints of ancient coins that were used in the various cities of the island. Traditional decorations of Sicilian ceramics and maioliche (Sicilian traditional glazed pottery). Almond tree flowers are printed, hand-painted or applied on the fabric to obtain a three dimensional effect and polka-dots.

The newest Eva and Sara bags are shown alongside the classic Dolce&Gabbana iconic Sicily and Dolce Bags, created in various materials and leathers.

Column-shaped high-heel shoes.
Inlaid wood wedges decorated with coins and stones.
Flat sandals with coins and stones.
Headbands and belts made of golden antique coins.

Gold lace dresses of different shapes.

Original music by Nino Rota taken from various movies of Federico Fellini.

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