Emporio Armani @ SS2014 DIGITAL Men’s Collection

Emporio Armani SS2014 DIGITAL Men’s Collection inspired from research into new materials and manufacturing techniques a new collection has been created, which suggests a different way of dressing – a look that is basic, pure, modern and visual.

Graphic effects obtained with a high-definition technique offer playful geometric shapes on clothes, bags and shoes; the hexagon, at times in relief, is a recurring theme. Material that is the result of the complex processing of wool, jersey and lined leather features small laser-cut holes lasered at a high frequency to create patterns reminiscent of digital codes.

 Shapes empty out and become lightweight. Linings and buttons disappear, the latter replaced by zippers and press-studs. Seams are minimized with heat welding and heat adhesion. This is seen on the jacket in light wool that is rough cut, appearing slim, dry and well defined.

Also, see the straight-legged trousers, their line blurred by two pleats at the waist for comfort. Shantung jacket-shirts, lined and laser-cut, and with no ethnic allusions, are constructed around a brand new collar with staggered lapels.

Infinite shades of white, putty and ice with touches of Armani blue and teal green. Contrasting geometric shapes find expression on jersey niki. A shimmering cotton and viscose yarn creates a luminous chill effect. Light tea and dove colours are used for blousons.

 Small punctures are laser-etched into nappa leather, and tiny granules are also pressed between soft nappa and a microfibre lining, with the resulting illusion that the garments are covered in tiny flakes.

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