MISSHA @ MISA Geum Sul Vitalizing BB Cake SPF40/PA++ & MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream SPF30/PA++

MISSHA introduces MISA Geum sul Vitalizing BB Cake SPF40/PA++, an Oriental herbal BB cake to help make healthy sleek skin by a single step of use. It is perfect & light coverage while caring skin texture, the complex powder helps cover freckles and blemishes while caring skin texture to finish pure skin. Balancing skin condition without oiliness & dryness, the Baby Pixel powder helps control sebum and oil to make skin neatly without oiliness & dryness Well-adhering following skin texture containing high adhered lasting polymer and Silky-Lasting Coating powder, strongly protecting from sweat and sebum, helps last makeup for long time.

If the step of base make up gets more, the skin looks artificial comparing with multi-step base makeup, it helps express light, comfortable and natural makeup. In busy daily life, makeup time can be saved. Speedy and perfect base makeup can be made by only 1 item. If Aging starts, wrinkle repairing makeup should be applied, fermented red and wild ginseng extract, deer antlers and reishi mushroom allow light finish without stimulation while making sleek and healthy skin.

The MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream SPF30/PA++ (Renewal) make your skin radiant and bright with oriental herbal ingredients. The BB cream with chewy texture to make your skin sleek and radiant by supplying nutrition based on oriental medicine treatment. Wrinkle Care + Whitening + UV Blocking cosmetic completed clinical test of 12 hours' makeup lasting and skin safety tested. Containing Bound Gum ingredient (Hydroxy ethyl cellulose), it helps make firming facial contour derived from chewy texture to cover fine lines and give long lasting and wearing benefits.