KENZO @ Flower In The Air

KENZO Eau de Toilette Flower In The Air  is the new olfactory sensation of this airborne poppy: a radiant floral. The poppy rises ever higher in the sky and takes on a new lightness with fresh, zesty notes of pink grapefruit, mandarin and juicy pear. A delicate bouquet dazzling rose, freesia and jasmine petals like a burst of radiance and femininity, enveloped in a tender musky base. "It’s a woman flying in the air, it’s a dream, a dream with eyes wide open. Between the EAU DE PARFUM and the EAU DE TOILETTE, there is a real work of composition, of starting all over againWe wanted to craft the rose in a different way, we wanted to keep the strength of a more sensual rose with a rose infusion and the very simple rosebud, a touch wild rose, a touch morning dew. The rose is surprising, it is always different. And the notorious jasmine which smells very, very good, and we took a fraction of this jasmine, removed the somewhat heady animal edge and just kept the very fresh and natural aspectThe freesia is very delicate, it’s a soft, chocolate-like note. We used a pear for its juicy side associated with mandarin. The combination of the zest. We’ve smelt it a thousand times, or ten of thousands of times, and however many times, you still get that sensation of joy. When you’re a child, you like to see that magical essence because you don’t know that it comes from the pulp." Said  Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer.

Top notes: 
Pink Grapefruit 

Heart notes: 
Dazzling rose 
Jasmine petals 

Base notes: 

"It was done with a lot of commitment, love, soulfulness… and sensitivity too, I think…
In the story of FLOWER BY KENZO, there is always this idea of a poppy that is reinterpreted, poeticized, reintroduced in a magical world, but in the case of FLOWER IN THE AIR, we go a whole lot further, and rise up in the sky." Said Patrick Guedj, Artistic Director of KENZO Parfums.

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