ALBION @ From The White Cliffs of Dover Transparent & Supple Skin Arrives in Hong Kong

ALBION means ‘White Land’, is the old name for Great Britain. The name is derived from the breath-taking views of the While Cliffs of Dover when the founder was on his voyage. The impressive scenery became the inspiration of the founder, enlightening him on pursuing flawless white land-liked skin. ALBION was established in 1956. ALBION is also the symbol of dream. Not only does it represent women’s eternal dream of beauty, but it also signifies our founding dream of becoming the finest premium cosmetics manufacturer in Japan and even in the whole wide world and now arrives in Hong Kong.

With the philosophy as authenticity while inspiring beautiful passion and trust throughout the world, ALBION keeps on creating new ideas with the fusion of classic and modernity. Unlike typical skincare methods, ALBION has proposed the exclusive 4-step care to maximize the benefits brought by its products. While enhancing self-protection ability of skin, it gives your skin radiance, suppleness and resilience.

STEP 1: Cleansing 

To remove impurities on the skin surface, in pore as well as old dead skin cell to clear the skin.

STEP 2: Softening 
To create an optimal moisture balance in the stratum to keep the skin supple.

STEP 3: Refining 
To tighten the skin to make it fresh and fine-textured.

STEP 4: Activating
 To provide proactive treatment that helps the skin maintain a youthful and vibrant complexion.

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