Qee Lin Put A Smile On Your Face This Christmas

The holiday season is the time for giving. Share with loved ones messages of joy and blessings, shower them with meaningful gifts.

Perfect for this holiday season, fine jeweller Qeelin has famed collections rich in craft and meaning designed to bring joy and good fortune to wearer too!

Founder and Creative Director of Qeelin Dennis Chan shares, “Bo Bo is a symbol of peace and harmony. And the upcoming holidays are all about love, joy and peace.” The playful, precious, peace loving panda has taken on many new looks since its inception, including Superman Bo Bo, Mermaid Bo Bo and more.

Hip Bo Bo is the latest Bo Bo to wow fans of this adorable panda jewellery series, as each Hip Bo Bo is a fully articulated pendant, integrated with a switch mechanism that allows the wearer to change Hip Bo Bo’s hand gesture. Just pull and twist the headpiece to switch the hand gesture. Make it a ‘thumbs up’, a ‘heart’ or a ‘V’ to suit your mood and express your personal style.

 The singular Wulu earring with an intricate lace filigree design decked out in pavé diamonds is a joy to behold. It also makes for a spectacularly stylish gift.

Wear it alone for an asymmetrical style statement. Another great choice for the bold and beautiful will be the Wulu Interchangeable family.

Featuring the symbolic Wulu as a buckle to be worn with interchangeable bangles like the 18K rose gold full pavé diamond bangle or the 18K rose gold bangle with a classic weave pattern, this gift will please demanding fashionistas.


Tiffany & Co. Presents A "Very, Very Tiffany" Holiday

Celebrating the festive holiday season, the one-of-a-kind Tiffany Ultimate Advent Calendar will also be displayed at selected stores in Hong Kong for you to take a closer look.

Tiffany & Co. gives new meaning to “the more, the merrier” with the ultimate holiday catalogue featuring 12 one-of-a-kind gifts and experiences - a first in the company’s 182-year history.

These luxurious presents showcase Tiffany’s ingenuity and legacy of unparalleled craftsmanship, with unique experiences and opportunities that are truly magical. The catalogue features a curated selection of the best of the best, with everything from the one-and-only custom high jewelry design to an unforgettable adventure in Kenya and new jewelries, collections and gift ideas to make it a happy holiday for everyone.

“This holiday we wanted to really surprise our customers in a whole new way by showcasing the most awe-inspiring objects and experiences that you can only find at Tiffany,” said Reed Krakoff, Chief Artistic Officer of Tiffany & Co. Despite some of these being exclusive offers for lucky individuals, the catalog is meant to inspire gifting ideas, and are meant to be owned and enjoyed.

Tiffany, as the ultimate holiday destination for extraordinary gifts, there is an array of complementary and desirable objects to celebrate the season with anyone on your list who has been “very, very nice.” Elegant, creative, and all bearing the seal of quality and artistry of Tiffany & Co., the extraordinary gifts ensure that the holidays are merry and bright.


KIEHL'S x Janine Rewell For 2019 Annual Holiday Celebration

 This year, Kiehl’s annual holiday celebration showcases a new collaboration with world-renowned graphic artist, Janine Rewell. Every year, Kiehl’s invites customers around the world to give joy to their loved ones during the holidays to spread joy with a selection of Kiehl’s most beloved formulas encased in whimsical, limited edition designs by the Helsinki-based illustrator.

The collection showcases six limited edition products as well as a selection of gift boxes, each one a result of Janine Rewell’s and Kiehl’s love of art, color, and beauty. The product offerings include classics like Kiehl’s Crème de Corps, Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Butterstick Lip Treatment, Ultra Facial Cream, and Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner.

For something even more special, there is a one-of-a-kind advent calendar, providing customers with a daily dose of Kiehl’s joy, plus gift boxes featuring skincare stars and indulgent beauty treats.

Kiehl’s takes pride in partnering with some of the world’s most innovative and exciting artistic talents every holiday season. Previous years have seen the works of Jeff Koons, Mickey, KAWS, Kenny Scharf, Peter Max, Jeremyville, Kate Moross and now, the tradition continues with Janine Rewell’s magical world of limitless imagination to make it merrier every holiday season.


Tiffany & Co. 2019 Holiday tradition Window Display

The holiday season generates boundless joy, mixed with memories and highlighted by the cherished traditions that have evolved over the 178-year history of Tiffany & Co. In New York City, at Fifth Avenue and Fifty-seventh Street, the corner made famous by Tiffany’s flagship store, designers prepare for the annual unveiling of windows that marks the start of the gift-giving season. As the ultimate showcase for Tiffany’s brilliant creations, these storied windows are an open invitation to enter a magical world that may depict fables, fantasies, a holiday in New York or families gathered around the tree.

Charles Tiffany, who founded the company in 1837, set this legacy of wonder in motion. As New York’s first jeweler, he is forever linked to the city’s rise as an international capital of glamour and sophistication and to America’s first wealthy class. The founding families of American industry, including Astor, Morgan and Vanderbilt, purchased not only Mr. Tiffany’s exquisite diamonds, but also the solid gold and silver flatware, elaborate tea and coffee services, candelabra, crystal and china for their holiday dinners and balls.

Tiffany has captured this period known as the Gilded Age in holiday windows that recreated a streetscape of 19th-century New York City town houses beneath a star-filled sky. Silhouettes in the houses’ windows depicted an elegant dinner, couples dancing and exchanging gifts wrapped in Tiffany Blue, and children playing with their new toys. These enchanting scenarios met the standard of creativity that was set by Gene Moore (1910–1998), Tiffany’s legendary window designer. Tiffany’s windows were tailor-made for his artistry, as the world saw when the curtain went up on his brilliant 40-year run, beginning in 1955. Moore’s experience designing sets and costumes for ballets and the theatre, along with a talent to amuse and wryly comment on art and culture, culminated in a visual feast of wit and fascination. He partnered with the finest craftsmen and renowned artists of the 1950s.

This Christmas season in Tiffany & Co.'s holiday windows, porcelain mice package blue boxes with all sorts of luxury objects including crystal glassware and pearl necklaces. The jewelry retailer is also ringing in the holidays with a men's pop-up shop, which will be open from Dec. 5 through Jan. 6. The dedicated men's shop features six of the world's most recognized sports trophies, as well as barware, home objects and games. Custom Tiffany® x Spalding® basketballs will be available in limited quantities.


GIORGIO ARMANI Presents First High Jewellery Collection

 Giorgio Armani launches its first Giorgio Armani High Jewellery Collection, which complements the prêt-à-porter collection and adds a new element to his portfolio of designs for a total lifestyle, all of which are characterised by luxury craftsmanship, as well as a consistent aesthetic based on elegance and the highest-quality materials.

The taste for decorative jewellery has been evident in Armani’s work from the very beginning, in the mid-Seventies, when he began to create sophisticated, sometimes eccentric, objets with hard stones and glass paste, often set in frames of silk trim or ultra-light metals.

The new jewellery, like Giorgio Armani’s clothes, combines simple modernity with a soft character, and quietly references exotic themes. An expression of an unmistakable style, in which purity of design accentuates sensuality, Giorgio Armani jewellery explores some of the Maison’s distinctive symbols, offering an authentic and personal interpretation of luxury. Conceived around three main themes, the collection beautifully explores characteristic elements of the Giorgio Armani world.

Borgonuovo features refined and alluring variations on the theme of the logo, keeping its authentic and linear identity intact. Sometimes lit up by pavé diamonds or semi-precious stones in delicate pastel shades, the famous, distinctive logo is softened by delicate fringes in white gold. Here, design becomes pure decoration.

The Sì series, inspired by the brand's female olfactory symbol, has a clear and decisive character that is expressed through a play on chromatic juxtapositions. Architecturally simple earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces reimagine the shape of a petal, which is multiplied to create elegant black onyx flowers. These are embellished with sparkling clear and black diamonds that reflect beams of light with every movement.

Finally, Firmamento, through the enchanting gleam of pavé and brilliant-cut diamonds, evokes the glow of the stars in the night sky – a recurring theme in Giorgio Armani's imagination that is often referenced in his fashion collections. Stylised stars and crescent moons are transformed into rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in white gold, sometimes enriched with inserts and fringes.


Aqua Spirit Introduces New ‘Homegrown’ Tanqueray Cocktails

 aqua spirit introduces four new cocktails made with fresh, hand-picked ‘Homegrown’ herbs by celebrating the launch of two new flavours; Rangpur and Malacca, many of which have never been tasted before in Hong Kong. Since 1830, Tanqueray has been defining gin with distinct flavours crafted with perfectly balanced botanicals. Rare and unusual herbs from Italy and Japan are carefully nurtured in aqua’s very own high-tech, miniature grow boxes found inside the restaurant. When the herbs are at their peak of freshness, aqua’s chefs and mixologists immediately harvest them to bring out the finest botanical flavours in six ‘Homegrown’ dishes and now four new Tanqueray cocktails.

Tanqueray Rangpur 
It has a prolific aroma of zesty limes and mandarins which is heightened by fresh yuzu, lime juice and melon liqueur in the Evening Orchard. Handfuls of fresh, peppery pakuchi is blended with these ingredients to balance out the sweetness. Creamy fresh pineapple and crystalised sugar further adds a fruity layer to this sumptuous cocktail which is served in a coupette glass accompanied with a leafy exterior. This sweet and smooth cocktail was designed with the Grilled wagyu sirloin & sea urchin hoba misoyaki with homegrown pakuchi in mind to balance rich, uni flavours and textures.

These four new cocktails were inspired by aqua spirit’s Pakuchi Collins. Presented in a dim sum basket, it is made with the iconic Tanqueray No. 10 gin, honey, lemonade, lemon juice, fresh lime and handfuls of fresh peppery pakuchi. As part of aqua’s Because Brunch; served every Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday, this is also the welcome cocktail, served in a charming miniature plant pot topped with a dried lime slice and eco-friendly potato straws to sip through. 

Rosebud Dusk
 A beautiful blend of botanicals featuring Tanqueray Malacca. Strong floral notes of rose, lavender and jasmine along with fruity juniper berries perfectly entwine with the bittersweet tang of homegrown oxalis. Handfuls of the freshly picked European herb is infused for twenty-four hours with Royal Botanical tonic water. This process produces subtle aromas of elderflower and grapefruit which complements the core summery taste of fresh rosebuds. Served tall with ice, this clear and light cocktail is decorated with a trail of crushed rose petals.

Sherbet Sundown
Sensationally sweet, moreish and true to its name. Tanqueray Rangpur introduces hints of mandarin, ginger and lime whilst chestnut liqueur adds a smooth finish to every sip. Aqua’s master mixologists use a unique blend of agave syrup, lime juice and burnt sugar which is boiled together and then blended with fresh mitsuba leaves to create a yellow hued, zesty and candy-inspired pisco. Fresh pineapple juice and egg white is then shaken to create a layer of cream which is topped with a smoked miniature meringue and peppery mitsuba leaf, served in a coupette. The strong citrus elements of this cocktail pair extremely well with aqua’s Red kakiage & vegetable tempura with homegrown mitsuba which made with red ginger, edamame, corn, dried seaweed, yuzu skin and matcha salt, mixed together and deep-fried, topped with homegrown Japanese mitsuba and glistening gold leaf.

Moonlight Jasmine
This is a playful gin twist on a white negroni inspired by Japan. Seedlip Garden provides an earthy spice which compliments the peppercorn and cloves found in Tanqueray Rangpur. Sweet Japanese umeshu plum sake is then added to create a fresh and floral concoction highlighting aromas of jasmine blossoms, lavender and rose. To finish, a freshly picked homegrown lemon balm leaf is added to slowly infuse citrus with these botanical flavours. The perfect pairing with this refreshing cocktail is the colourful vegetarian Lotus wood, avocado & fig sushi with homegrown mitsuba.

Promotion ends 31st January 2020.


CUMULUS INC. - Casual Dining With A Buzzing Vibe

A bustling, buzzing restaurant that seems to be in the forefront of many Melbournians, as there seemed to be a non-stop line of diners coming and going throughout a Monday evening, and so it was that we found ourselves at Cumulus Inc. mylifestylenews writes.

Image courtesy of Cumulus Inc.

Melbourne is a foodie’s heaven without a doubt and unless you live there, you have to make some difficult decisions when it comes to choosing which restaurant you wish to patronize, based on special occasions, current obsessions or any other such whim or fancy. Situated in Melbourne's famous art and fashion precinct in Flinders Lane, Cumulus Inc. is set in the location that is an historic turn of the century rag trade building, so it is blessed with high ceilings, large windows all along the street level façade and some simple design elements that show a quirkiness but allow you to focus on the acclaimed food of Andrew McConnell more than anything else.

The ambience is with a touch of warehouse/industrial looks with bistro tables and chairs packing the central floor space, and a quirky light fitting in one corner. With the chattering background noises filling the air, it only adds more exciting vibes to the already dimmed lighting mood in the entire restaurant, borrowing some strong street lights through the giant lass windows, with the evening seemingly still as bright as dawn and the lights never going down.

Image courtesy of Cumulus Inc.

As the name suggests, Cumulus gathers the buzzing dining vibe for urban diners. If you are looking for a quiet evening, this is not the place, as the dining space is quite reverberant and tables are close to each other, so you will hear some other conversations, but the vibe is great and you can immerse yourselves into an ambience that is warm and welcoming. We were lucky to secure the best seat in the house, the corner banquette overlooking the whole dining room and bar, with a close up connection to all the activity in the kitchen. We were dining on a Monday night and it was packed.

The kitchen is small, but on perusing the small menu you realize that they have judged everything perfectly by not creating an enormous list of dishes and doing what they do best, with a friendly menu, plus you can order the kitchen selection dishes and let the kitchen surprise you with 4 courses – the omakaze way.

We chose the a la carte menu to tailor the evening to our mood with a couple of tapas starters as sharing plates as well as main course and we found more than enough menu items to interest our palates while sipping our fruity and aromatic 2017 petit Chablis.

We started proceedings with a daily special of Port Phillip scallops that were pan seared with a touch of nori seaweed. The taste was very fresh and beautifully dressed, but very small.

Marinated razor back prawns and mussels sounded like a great combination with shallots. This was in a Mediterranean style with middle eastern spices and was very tasty.

Heading in the opposite direction we followed up with zucchini flower dolmas – 2 pieces – that were stuffed with rice and pickled lemons. Incredibly delicious with a zestiness that complimented the overall richness.

Spanish ham can be divine and the 30g of Jamon Iberico Joselito did not disappoint, with a rich and deep colour and an intense flavor to match. Ole! The light bodied but full flavour of Brouilly G. Descombes is worth having. Fresh, almost effervescent on the note and well paired with both foie gras and the Iberico ham.

Foie gras parfait is a classic and what’s not to like about this dish. It had a gorgeous lightness to the parfait and a lovely sweetness in the brioche, so the perfect combination to enjoy to the full.

We could not pass up the opportunity to try the Wagyu Bresaola. This was very creamy and had a great depth of flavor and really hit the spot, plus a rather generous portion we thought.

Given all the rich dishes tasted so far, a salad was required to cleanse our palates and we opted for the zucchini salad, marinated in cabernet sauvignon vinaigrette with sumac, saltbush leaf and pinenuts. This is a beautifully balanced and complex salad that packed a punch in flavor and served to reorient the palate and is a must order.

Mains were not difficult to decide and first up was the Eugowra Chicken with sweetcorn and verbena. This was a standout due to the provenance of the chicken meat that was so tender and flavoursome. In short, fantastic!

As a contrast, we had to try the Slow Roast Lamb Shoulder on a bed of almond cream and red peppers. This was a very generous portion and simply superb in all respects. The meat was so tender and piquant in flavor and the almond cream and peppers were the perfect foil for the rich meat, along with a side dish of kipfler potatoes with horseradish, which we loved. It was also a very generous portion of lamb, so great value. Both the chicken and lamb dishes were complimented by the garnet red with ruby hue Barolo d.o.c.g. with the elegant, intense and clean scents of roses, vanilla, roasted hazelnuts, licorice, tobacco and cinnamon as well as a fruity scent of strawberries and mulberries.

kipfler potatoes with horseradish

As always, we had to try at least one dessert and settled on the Baked Meringue with mango and coconut sorbet with white chocolate and yoghurt ganache. This is a stunning dessert with a deftness to its execution and so light in the mouth and yet a delicate intensity from the coconut flavor in the sorbet. We thought we were done and then we were presented with two warm madeleines filled with lemon curd to try, which were equally delicious.

To be honest, before arriving we were not expecting greatness, but the evening was a huge hit on all fronts. The front of house team were so switched on throughout the whole dining floor especially our server Emma – juggling a few tables with efficiency in no time - as well as the restaurant manager Eric who manages to sit everyone down flawlessly. The food could not be faulted, the wine pairing was spot on and enabled to try some wines we were not familiar with and the flow of food was well judged and gave us time to rest in between. Once again, Melbourne dining delighted us unexpectedly and gave us so many reasons to explore even more next time.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4/5

45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia
Tel+61 3 9650 1445

Image Credit: Copyright of mylifestylenews & Cumulus Inc.

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