Salvatore Ferragamo Presents Refracted Shoes

Salvatore Ferragamo presents Refracted: a striking new suite of Pre-Fall 2019 shoes whose uniting feature reflects the rich diversity of the world we live in today. Newly designed by Creative Director Paul Andrew, the inaugural offer of five Refracted shoe styles are very different but have one thing in common - the Refracted heel.

This innovative heel shape comes in three heights (1cm, 5,5cm, 8cm) and is constructed from a highly durable yet ultralight plastic which is then coated with a high-tensile galvanized metallic shell. The heel’s shape is a laser-carved topography of irregular triangular facets: combined with that metallic finish these create an interaction with the shoe and the world around it through unpredictable refractions of light.

Paul Andrew explained: “The Refracted follows the Flower heel, which was itself based on the revolutionary 1939 Column heel designed by Salvatore Ferragamo. With this design I wanted to propose a reflection of the world around us in 2019. The heel is designed to showcase the beauty of irregularity and variousness - a core element of the Patchwork of Characters philosophy that has been guiding our design team for several seasons now - by allowing for the play of light and surface in apparently random manner. Every time you look at a Refracted heel it will appear different. This is not its flaw, but its power.”

The first drop of Refracted shoes features in a wide range of colorways and fabrications – nappa, suede, patent leather, silk satin with crystal embroideries. These will become foundation of an increasingly rich and various selection of footwear featuring this bold new signature heel.

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