GIORGIO ARMANI Presents First High Jewellery Collection

 Giorgio Armani launches its first Giorgio Armani High Jewellery Collection, which complements the prêt-à-porter collection and adds a new element to his portfolio of designs for a total lifestyle, all of which are characterised by luxury craftsmanship, as well as a consistent aesthetic based on elegance and the highest-quality materials.

The taste for decorative jewellery has been evident in Armani’s work from the very beginning, in the mid-Seventies, when he began to create sophisticated, sometimes eccentric, objets with hard stones and glass paste, often set in frames of silk trim or ultra-light metals.

The new jewellery, like Giorgio Armani’s clothes, combines simple modernity with a soft character, and quietly references exotic themes. An expression of an unmistakable style, in which purity of design accentuates sensuality, Giorgio Armani jewellery explores some of the Maison’s distinctive symbols, offering an authentic and personal interpretation of luxury. Conceived around three main themes, the collection beautifully explores characteristic elements of the Giorgio Armani world.

Borgonuovo features refined and alluring variations on the theme of the logo, keeping its authentic and linear identity intact. Sometimes lit up by pavé diamonds or semi-precious stones in delicate pastel shades, the famous, distinctive logo is softened by delicate fringes in white gold. Here, design becomes pure decoration.

The Sì series, inspired by the brand's female olfactory symbol, has a clear and decisive character that is expressed through a play on chromatic juxtapositions. Architecturally simple earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces reimagine the shape of a petal, which is multiplied to create elegant black onyx flowers. These are embellished with sparkling clear and black diamonds that reflect beams of light with every movement.

Finally, Firmamento, through the enchanting gleam of pavé and brilliant-cut diamonds, evokes the glow of the stars in the night sky – a recurring theme in Giorgio Armani's imagination that is often referenced in his fashion collections. Stylised stars and crescent moons are transformed into rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in white gold, sometimes enriched with inserts and fringes.

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