FENDI Presents First Home Décor & Lifestyle Accessories Collection

FENDI presents its first Home Décor & Lifestyle Accessories Collection that joins the FENDI Casa world, under the creative direction of Silvia Venturini Fendi and with a strong contamination from the FENDI codes and logos as the O’Lock, FENDI Roma and Pequin, in line with the Maison’s identity and highest craftsmanship. Materials are carefully selected to match the attitude of the collection, from the softest nappa leather to Limoges porcelain.

Workmanships are similarly precious, including natural wood inlayed to resemble the striped Pequin effect so dear to FENDI. Neutral colours are often combined with brighter tones – FENDI iconic yellow, penicillin green, powder pink – in a perfectly balanced palette, while touches of golden details enliven the textures. The O’Lock and FENDI Roma logo, two iconic symbols of FENDI, are reshaped into decorative patterns that adorn porcelain sets, boxes, trays, candle holders in a graphic reinterpretation of the Maison’s DNA. 

The Art de la Table tableware line is crafted from the finest French Limoges porcelain and follows some of the key visuals of the Ready to Wear and Accessories collections. The plates all feature an exclusively designed motif of interlacing FENDI O’Lock logo in black and white, creating a chain in micro and maxi versions highlighted by elegant touches of gold. The FENDI Art de la Table set transforms every tea or coffee cup into a ritual of elegance; mugs, tea pots and coffee cups are all designed with an elegant lid embellished with a gold O’Lock logo.

To design the glasses, Silvia Venturini Fendi has collaborated with her mother Anna Fendi, the visionary creator of the FENDI Casa line in 1987, making FENDI the first fashion brand to launch a Home line. The peculiar shape is formed by two matching conical shapes, transparent and black, both crafted from crystal.

The glasses line takes inspiration from the private collection of Anna Fendi, while the subtle logo enhances the elegant silhouette. The O’Lock logo, fil rouge of the collection, dresses the table décor proposals as well. Its oval shape becomes the perfect elegant placeholder in galvanic gold, as well as decorating the matching candle holders and the long and slim Murano glass vases, elegantly finished with galvanic gold edges.

Scented candles are within a porcelain shell in bright shades and a golden lid. Unique and sophisticated, table accessories create a special set up for any occasion. Home complements include oval bicolour boxes in leather, featuring transparent lids with golden O’Lock shape as finishing.

The design shape and logo define videpoche and trays, also declined in Pequin stripes. Squared shapes are instead identified by the FENDI Roma logo on embossed leather in classic cream and camel colour, as well as baby pink and penicillin green.

Home textiles in FF logo cashmere come in neutral colours and dress various sizes of pillows and soft plaids, perfect to give that FENDI cosy touch to any room. To complete the lifestyle offer, table games such as backgammon, tic-tac-toe and domino are redesigned according to FENDI colours and codes, expression of FENDI’s irony and craftsmanship.


ANG MORR To Crave All Things Chinois

There is a real endorphin rush when a new and talk-of-the-town restaurant opens and with the level of anticipation that makes it even more exciting, Ang Morr made a stylish entrance to Sukhumvit precinct with a touch of Chinoiserie culinary and a further enhancement of a delightful presentation that will have you wandering for the lust of desire for an alternative nouvelle dining experience for a craving of all things Chinois with fondest nostalgic memories in Bangkok. mylifestylenews writes.

Ang Morr literary translates as “Red Hair” referencing those farangs - foreigners mainly referred to Westerners living or visiting in Thailand and most often being described of their natural red hair kind and breed from the west. This astonishing concept of wine and dine establishment retraces the long and diverse history of foreign food culture in Thailand, paying esteem homage to the time honoured “Cook Shop” recipes and culinary culture where dishes looked Western but had distinctly Chinese flavour that redefines this unique mixture of Western, Chinese and Thai tastes enhanced by a sensible and elegant arty “Chinois Chic” interpretation to its carefully and playfully crafted menu that re-opens your eyes with envious curiosity to savour the gastronomy that you may think you knew to a familiar welcome.

Such “Cook Shop” culinary culture can be traced back to the King Rama IV era at a time when Western expats settled in the Thai Kingdom and recruited Chinese chefs to cook for them and the whole concept for this newly created brand is based on the delicious memory of Thailand’s first generation farang food by a Chinese Chef - “The Cook Shop” – in a modern bistro setting. The reason for opening Ang Morr was due to a family decision and the chef’s ability to cook Thai Chinese food and we are all the better for it, because they have so much to offer discerning palates. Having become well acquainted with both Thai and Chinese cuisines.

We were excited to see what the chef had created and chose a good cross section of menu items to delight in the “Cook Shop” dishes, definitely not old school but on the contrary reflecting the palates of today while offering a glimpse into the past. Yuki Srikanchana of The creative Nara Thai Cuisine group has done it again alongside with creative director Bhanu Inkawat setting the stage for a new dining adventure.

The bustling and chic Sukhumvit neighbourhood is always well loved by the tourists and sophisticated locals alike for its range of amenities and easy connections to Siam precinct and the rest of Bangkok’s hangouts. Beacon of light - in a tranquil residential rural setting in soi Sukhumvit 38 is this ingenious conversation that ignores the obvious in favour of design that elevates functionality as well as beauty. The charm begins from the outside of an almost hidden stunning piece of architecture with the external construct that seems to have been influenced by the 1960’s Palm Springs in California, with a space age type driveway entrance and round windows cut out of the concrete shell. 

It is so arresting from the street frontage which creates intrigue for what will be found inside and the interiors are just as fascinating. With this eponymous restaurant chain in Bangkok just as much interest continues within, the luminous Ang Morr’s interiors pounds your heart with its beautifully decorated zones for every age of customer to enjoy any time of day. They have an open bakery kitchen on the left inside the entrance, so a feature that contributes throughout the day and plays an integral part in some of the dishes.

On entering the restaurant you have a fabulous view of the iconic and illuminated retro bar set up straight ahead that instantly attracts you to want a cocktail or many other choices of beverage, plus an amazing wine list at very affordable prices, including French Champagne of all things!

Ang Morr’s slick and stylish interior caters for a more casual and unpretentious dining. The atrium has a mid-century European cafe ambience with a duplex high ceiling, designer light fixture that resembles a starfish satellite that is quite luminous and inspiring to look at as well as patterned marble and mosaic flooring that wants you to recall the decadence of the Roaring Sixties that offers a sophisticated mod dining experience, elegantly upgraded.

Further in, another zone off to the right has fabulously vibrant botanical wall paper set in the 1960’s vivid Shanghai retro ambience corner to get you to travel back “In The Mood For Love”. Such an interior production set is well fitted to Ang Morr’s contemporary Chinoserie style and at the same time also works as “private” dining area for a more intimate group dining experience.

The sweeping staircase next to the stylish neon illuminated bar will to take you up to the mezzanine floor and access to the balcony to marvel the garden landscaping from atop which is another spot you have to chill and unwind. It is so much to soak in on first visit and to admire from this gorgeous conversion of an old mansion that was once an Italian restaurant as told. While new concept restaurants are multiplying in Bangkok, there’s a bold focus on mastering one thing, so the quality of food has to go hand-in-hand and while not being deceived by its attractive interior, Ang Morr’s menu focus is reintroduced to please the Bangkok gourmands by delivering original “Cook Shop” fare, familiar and nostalgia yet expressive Chinese dishes with a playful contemporary twist.

<Har Gau with Truffles>
This first dish arrived to our table and immediately caught everyone’s attention! Three reasonably sized “gold fishes” were moulded from the classic steamed prawn dumpling lively “swimming in the water” and presented on another elegant turquoise Chinaware sat on the bamboo basket. This most stunning presentation signature dish is often seen and popularized by many Instagrammers for this picture perfect opportunity. In addition, these essentially fancy prawn dumplings with truffle paste had such a playful and creative presentation with meaty prawn filling that oozed freshness. Just almost too delicate to eat but must enjoy it while it is still steamy!

<Chilled & Spicy Tofu Salad>
Comfort Chinese savory food with elevated presentation drenched with home-made Nam Jim dressing - a combination of birds eye chilies, garlic, fresh lime juice and fish sauce, topped with sprouts and crispy mushroom over the chilled and silky tofu to create yin and yang palate. This really piques the appetite to enjoy in every mouthful.

<Oolong Smoked Chicken Drumsticks with Himalayan Pink Salt>
What a triumph of flavour and quality meat this was! The ink-black Oolong tea leaves smoked chicken legs that creates the golden brown color and aroma, were adequately seasoned with the Himalayan pink slat, all of which is served with pickles and Sichuan pepper sauce presented on a vibrant rouge plate over a stoneware that creates the double effect of elevated vision which made this already delicious dish even more inviting. This is a stunning dish with incredibly tender chicken meat and perfectly smoked crispy skin with the smoky tea flavour. Encore!

<BBQ Pork Bun>
A rendition of the new style with a semi-crispy texture outside, a complex pork and sauce filling inside which is simply delicious. This nouvelle style of Char Siu Bao is always our favourite and Ang Morr’s version did not disappoint especially with its  moulded plum mandarin like presentation.

<Cook-Shop Steak Salad>
Never judge the book by its cover! The presentation of the meat may make you think that this is one of those tourist trap foods yet being laid on a classic Ang Morr’s tailor-made painted red peony oval plate. This is a dish of two different cultures married to each other. The menu states this is the first generation steak salad in Siam country, with the beef tenderloin steak fried until crispy outside and tender inside and served on a crispy iceberg lettuce bed with sliced tomato, onion rings and clear vinaigrette dressing. The beef is more traditional Chinese style in cooking with a wonderful crispy outside and still juicy inside that offers a complexity in taste.

<Oxtail Consommé>
Another classic “Cook Shop” recipe that is cooked in the Chinese way but tastes very western and is utterly delicious. This deliciousness comes with a lot of preparation, so this chunky oxtail is braised for six hours to bring you this clear broth of beef consommé with tomato and onion and with the addition of pasta (to satisfy your hungry stomach in the past) that adds another dimension. The stock base is packed with flavour thanks to the long cooking hours that is very much enjoyable and delightful. A truly savory palate cleanser!

<Chinese Chicken Curry served with Acar Pickles>
Rich and creamy yellow curried chicken drumsticks are served with Acar - Thai cucumber relish. The aroma of the curry smell is so good even before tasting it and is akin to the northern Thai Khao Soi, so unctuous in taste and flavour. Traditionally it would be eaten with rice, but Ang Morr’s way wants you to enjoy with fresh and sinful signature Ang Morr homemade bread with butter which is freshly made on the premises highlighting the quality and it is predictably delicious!

<Lotus Roots with Crispy Shrimp & Chillies>
Thin sliced lotus roots are half stir-fried and half deep-fried with shrimps, ginko nuts and crispy chillies to give you a combination of different crunchiness and crispiness on the palate served on a skillet pan. This is the all time comfort food that is delicious and is another simple pleasure that delights the dining experience. A must order!

<Fried Pork Chop & Green Peas>
A truly classic “Cook Shop” dish of a yesteryear fried pork chop redefined. Great old-fashioned light bread-crumbed pork chops with green peas in a classic home-made gravy and it ticked all the boxes. Do not miss out!

<Fried Rice Noodles with Hong Kong Kailan & Sirloin Steak>
This was our last dish from the main menu and it only works if they get the noodles right. These pan-fried flat rice noodles were a triumph! Even after tossing everything together and ensuring that every ingredient was covered in the gravy (as one must do before eating), the noodles were still so crispy, the kale cooked al dente and the medium rare steak was of the highest quality. Nothing could be faulted and a fitting end to our mains.

<Chinese Toffee Banana>
Dessert is somewhat crazy - these Chinese toffee banana fritters were freeze-dried with crystalised crunchy caramel in a soft, buttery heart, served with giant ice-cream balls, sprinkled with roasted sesame seed and presented in gueridon service a la minute next to your table after the order is placed.

With smoky dry ice to create the dramatic effect over the presentation demonstrates the science and the purity and nuance, it certainly circles off and on the menu, so if you get it, just shut up and eat as much of it as you can before anyone else wises up to how good it is.

When eating out becomes a luxury item in your weekly budget, attention to detail and service can be the biggest lures when choosing which restaurant receives your repeat business. We want warmth, not pomp. We want a fun-time. Ang Morr is weaving contemporary sensibilities with flavours of their heritage while a handful of restaurants are spearheading a movement that redefines what we might have once called fusion food yet doesn’t deliver. 
Hospitality is a hard business right now, but in a tough economy, coddling is cooler than ever. In this dazzling comer of Sukhumvit, Ang Morr still aced it, it is the menu that delivers expectations at every turn, creating a dining destination that hums with an almost visible creative force old yet new. Savor the Ang Morr “Cook Shop” flavour while they have just set new Chinese dining experiences on fire. BRAVO!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverages: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

6, Soi Sangchai,
Khet Khlong Toei,
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 118 3641

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.


Tiffany Blue Box Cafe Presents A Limited-Time Festive Menu

Tiffany Blue Box Cafe presents a limited-time dining experiences invites discerning diners to revel in the festivities with luxurious festive menu. From a lavish lunch, an extravagant afternoon tea, to a sumptuous dinner for you to savor the spirit of celebration with festive sets while indulging in the signature Tiffany Blue experience.

Festive Afternoon Tea
Pamper your palate with the Festive Afternoon Tea featuring a delectable array of sweets and savories, in the classic 3-layer presentation. Start the incredibly rich Mini Blue Box and New York Cheesecake, follow with the refreshing Mandarin & Hazelnut Tart and Strawberry & Pistachio Dacquoise, then end on a creamy-sweet high note with the Tiffany Bird’s NestFor savories, treasures of the sea are on full display with the Caviar Lobster Tart, the Snow Crab Box and Sakura Shrimp Royale. Follow by Foie Gras Mousse Puff to take the meal to a satisfying height. Moving to the last layer, Garlic & Fleur De Sel Scone and French Financier gives two different takes on the classic pastries, served with clotted cream, tomato sauce and honey pearls. A seasonal drink of Joh. Jos. Prum Graacher Himmelreich Reisling Spatlese 2015 from Germany and “Limited-Edition” Winter Chocolate Wishes brings your dining experience to perfection.

Festive Menus to Celebrate a Sparkling Holiday
Treat yourself and loved ones to the sumptuous 3-course Festive Lunch (featuring starter, soup and main) or 5-course Festive Dinner (featuring all of the dishes with two mains and dessert). Starts with the Foie Gras Mousse, exceptionally balanced with refreshing raspberry jelly and torched pear. The delicate White Asparagus Soup, topped with a festive touch of Iberico ham, paints an idyllic picture of the snowy north. Pick between the Spanish Red prawn risotto or the Australian M5 Wagyu Striploin for a choice of lobster-infused umami or precisely-grilled marble wagyu. For an optional dessert, the Strawberry Cheesecake, garnished with Japanese strawberries and house-made strawberry sorbet, promises a sweet and satisfying finish.


HERMÈS AW2022 Women’s And Men’s Shoe Collections — mylifestylenews Top 10's Pick

Boots in quilted suede goatskin, crepe-effect sole

Ankle boots in Epsom calfskin

Boots in embroidered suede calfskin

Boots in Heritage calfskin, crepe-effect sole and Kelly buckle

Boots in quilted nappa

Heeled mules in suede goatskin and shearling

Heeled pump in calfskin

Lace-up ankle boots in parachute canvas and calfskin

Sandals in suede goatskin

Thigh boots in suede goatskin, crepe-effect sole


ANANTARA RIVERSIDE BANGKOK RESORT - A Heritage Refreshed Riverside Staycation

After decades of offering luxury Thai accommodation and endless memories to its prestige guests, Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort has been there longer than most hotels and have created a resort unlike no other at the time of its inception. mylifestylenews writes.

Nestled on the appealing location by the foreshore of the River of The Kings, the grand dame went through stages of refurbishment and rooms upgraded trumping the past by bringing a new look for a river side staycation retreat yet still retaining a certain charm by delivering a refreshed heritage and hospitality that inspires.

Being one of Anantara signature properties in Thailand, the Minor Group has created a plethora of luxury hotels throughout Thailand and beyond, but the Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort set the scene for resort luxury many years ago and while the property has not completely kept up with the times, some updates have taken place.

Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort is one of the pioneers who set foot along the Chao Phraya River that has a unique location away from the more congested area around the Sathorn pier as well as complimentary scheduled shuttle boat service to the Icon Siam prestige shopping mall just a few minutes away. Across the river also sees the iconic Asiatique The Riverfront open-air market that offers large scale of shopping, dining and entertainment that had been transformed from a former docks of the East Asiatic Company.

The urban resort is set amidst 11 acres of lush green space and is a true metropolitan oasis that invites authentic experiences with an intriguing mix of history and modernity can still surprise you with its old Thai culture defined by heritage architectural motifs, artworks and fabrics, but rooted in a modern city that seems to be bursting at the seams to admire, with an ever evolving hotel landscape.

The intricate workmanship of the architecture design is inspired by the ancient Thai motifs that can be seen in the curvy high traditional and sophisticated multi-layered roof framing system with the sharp top and sloped eaves that helps to keep the indoor air cooler in this tropical climate as well as easily drifting to the water during the rainy season.

Multiples of traditional Thai artworks, decorative ornaments and local artefacts are strategically spaced throughout the entire complex for guests to marvel at the past and present of the royal Thai heritage and culture.

Our arrival was a little confusing and completely lacking in that warm welcome gesture we would have expected. Despite showing our confirmed reservation which didn’t seem to interest them but merely asked us for our passports and told us to wait across the lobby on a sofa without any explanation as to what was going to happen, without much smile nor eye contact and no welcome drink offered. 

A 15-miute good wait being suspect strangers sitting at the corner of the lobby and eventually we ventured back over to the front desk to find out what was the wait and to which was given a rather blunt and aggressive reply: “you are in a queue”, not only that they did not identify our booking and at which point we prompted them to understand our booking and minutes later we were then escorted over to the Kasara Private Lounge for further check-in process. At this point there was a momentary problem of not locating our booking, but then seconds later they could and the gracious Thai hospitality kicked in and resolved the simple yet complicated check-in process, we were duly escorted to our room.

Spread across three low-rise buildings, the guest rooms and suites reflect simple yet elegant contemporary Thai style. Our recently refurbished 38sqm Junior River View Suite which exceeded our expectations has been re-designed to a fresh new look with a nod to its heritage together with a few newly added chic and modern touches.

The large king bed takes centre place from which you can look out the window to the river view through the balcony with an extended Jim Thompson Thai silk headboard illustrated in vibrant yellow and pastel colours designed in traditional Thai bungalow motifs that illuminated the entire room, complemented with the sensible bedside lamps hanging and anchored from behind the bedhead, creating a feeling of more space and decluttering the bedside tables enhanced by a small vase of tasteful flower arrangement.

All vividly contrasted with the bluish-green wood panelling, coffered ceiling with ceiling fan, a writing desk, dark wood flooring enlightened with a beige cushioned wooden sofa placed at the foot of the large king size bed, decorated with more Jim Thompson animal prints cushions creating a modern colonial feel to admire, well laid on top of a large greyish floral print carpet.

When there is a hit, there is a miss. The television reception has very poor quality resolution and mainly with disturbing distortion, the Housekeeping turn down service also was quite basic and seemed to lack that attention to detail for any Anantara brand we had previously experienced. The design of the socket for the kettle meant that it could only be boiled inside the cabinet seemed rather strange by having the steam being trapped within. There was a power tripped in one of the nights during our stay resulting in everything having to be rebooted and the safe malfunctioned and it took a very long time for someone to come and assist. However, the spacious bathroom has a large walk-in shower as well as a bathtub and double vanity in neutral colour tiling that comes along with delightful in house signature bathroom amenities, particularly the various selection of the sensual and aromatic soaps. To our dismay, the bathrobe seemed to be suffering from a serious case of ‘ageing’ and not offering that perceived Anantara level of luxury.

The resort grounds are extensive, so take a stroll around the ‘block” garden by the river/pool area with the lush green foliage everywhere and you’ll encounter peace, birds chirping and occasionally the motorboat radar sound honking from the bustling Chao Phraya River, creating a unique experience with the entire surroundings and a cornucopia of delights at every turn.

Additionally, you really need to explore every public lobby area, as they abound with wondrous works of art, full size sculptures, delightful architectural details and some historic references to the city of old. This is truly part of the charm of this resort.

Think chandeliers hanging from many floors above cascading down the large interior courtyard space, colonial wooden shutters, water features with elephant sculptures and lily pads blooming, wall murals reflecting a traditional way of life from yesteryear from Thai Kings to rural idylls, traditional Thai ceramic urns and tropical flower displays that remind you of your Asian location that sets things apart from your home.

Barefoot and spending the entire day or a break after shopping by the resort pool side is rather a breath of fresh air away from the bustling Bangkok metropolis. Take a dip at the secluded large and deep recreation swimming pool and surround yourself by the lush green and the beautifully full bloomed frangipani tree with a light scent of its aromatic white (some red) flowers that delights your pool relaxation. Sip signature cocktails over the never ending sun lounges and for a more peace of mind relaxation.

With plentiful sun lounges available scattered around the pool deck for soaking up the tropical sun, be there early to secure your favorite spot as they will be occupied in a flash of your eyes particularly with families.

Kasara Private Lounge would possibly be an extension for your room amenities with some upgraded food and beverage options to enjoy as part of your stay if you have booked the club room with access. The residential feel lounge is partially screened off from the lobby that offers a haven of discreet luxury.

Premium selections of coffee and tea serves with light snacks throughout the operating hours together with an afternoon tea session and the evening becoming more popular to enjoy some of their signature cocktails, wines, spirits and beers while you can watch the world go by and take note of the sunset, as well as giving you a cool escape from the hot and humid weather on the elevated lobby level.

Despite the personalised butler service was offered for club floor guests, we found a lack of engagement on a number of occasions with staff not wanting to engage nor showing interest to know how our stay was going nor enquiring if we had any needs or wants to enhance our stay.

Breakfast at The Market is a very extensive buffet affair that impressed us in terms of the selection on offer. It provides a good spread of dishes, especially the Asian and Thai section which are pretty full on. The pastry standard is rather industrial and lacking of authentic flavour.

Service can be a bit haphazard in terms of small additional requests such as fruits selection, we are not asking for Durian that we can assure you that, but just passion fruits which wasn’t replenished when it was popularly consumed from the buffet counter. They were quite reluctant to offer by just telling you “No More” or counter offer you something else instead. But when we asked again a few minutes later with another server, the fruit magically turned up to our table as requested.

While many guests may have dining experiences to seek in and around Bangkok, the resort also offers a number of dining options and a lazy, jazzy Bubbles Weekend Brunch at Trader Vic’s is quite enjoyable. There is a huge spread of international selection of mostly cooked a-la-minute in various active live cooking stations cooked to your preferred choice ranging from barbeque of premium cut steaks, Chinese section serving Peking Duck and Dim Sum, Indian curries and tandoori, Mexican Tacos and wraps, cold cuts and a wide selection of cheeses and freshly baked breads and salad bar….just to name a few.

The seafood section was a highlight and seemed to be a hit offering lots of fresh catches of the day, don’t miss out the lobsters and wild river prawns served with various salivating dipping sauces. Not forgetting some sumptuous traditional Thai stations that serve up a storm of many local Thai flavours with speedy service as well as an option of a free-flow drinks package that is certainly value for money especially when you are prepared to fill up the room of your stomach with delight.

Despite entertainment being provided, the singer seemed not to be very tuneful with every single track she sang in her rather revealing dress code, but the weekend brunch is quite popular by the locals and some in house guests with quality food galore to tempt you and delight your palate. We fully immersed ourselves and were completely sated after indulging in a large array of dishes from the surf & turf together with tasty bites in between and well complemented by bubbly champagne.

While multiple food & beverage dining options are on offer in this resort, the Manohra River Dinner Cruise may sound touristy to some but in fact it is another must-experience highlight while staying in Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.

Even if you have visited Bangkok before, your stay would not be replete without a river cruise and what better way to enjoy the sights of Bangkok than to be cosseted in a luxurious cruise boat with a well-crafted set menu and free flow of beverages for three hours, while you slowly float all the way to the historic palace district to the Rama IIX bridge and return and on the way marvel at standout architecture and brightly lit riverside residences and more.

There are a lot of river cruises that you may think are chintzy, but this one sets itself apart on a smaller scale and you are enjoying the evening air with all the luxuries you would expect from Anantara, from elegant table settings to personalised service, plus we were lucky being allocated the prime position of first table behind the boat captain, so an uninterrupted view of everything.

The boat architecture is also captivating in a colonial way, with a vaulted roof that creates a lofty space, so you do not feel claustrophobic, proper dining tables and cane armchairs to afford you a sense of luxury that many other cruises cannot offer.

The seven course set menu completely surprised us with superb food and service and some great flavours, which we didn’t think would reach such a heightened level of enjoyment, so a superb evening on the River of the Kings that is simply a must do!

No stay at an Anantara resort is complete without a trip to their signature spa and this resort has a dedicated spa centre in a separate building adjacent to the main lobby building with a meandering pebble path that leads to the spa reception.

Along the riverside is a thriving neighbourhood where daily markets add life and shopping for the locals and tourists alike. Bounded by historic structures and the city’s new riverside precinct structures, there are many places to eat and enjoy shopping along the riverfront foreshore and the strip is always buzzing with activity that makes the perfect base for a riverfront walk, or leisurely evening spent.

Stepping back in awe, Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort is truly a captivating resort with extensive grounds that allow you to find a space that suits your mood and cravings, whether it be poolside or a quiet courtyard inside or outside.

Creature comforts are everywhere and age is but a number, which in this case means that while some areas could do with an update, the amenities beat many newer hotels and resorts and being built on a grand scale years ago quite literally means that you have the luxury of space! Our checkout also was not as smooth as we had hoped, but we managed to make a beeline for the airport without much ado and bid the “grand dame” of Anantara and the River of Kings goodbye.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Room Amenities: 4/5
Housekeeping: 3.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 3/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

257, 1-3 Charoen Nakhon Road,
Khwaeng Samre, Khet Thon Buri,
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 476 0022

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.