《All's Well, Ends Well 2011 最強囍事》

The strongest casts perhaps but with the most disappointment among the Chinese New Year's box office of 2011. With Cecelia Cheung's coming back to the big screen doesn't really helps. The screen play sucks and it really jeopardized most of the actor's talents, ever. Carina Lau's appearance leave at least some value for the movie worth watching . Honestly, you have missed nothing. 

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Another side of Damon's acting in compliment of Eastwood's endless trial of movies making without any dull moment. Pretty good music direction by Eastwood himself. George & Frankie McLaren who played the twin brothers Marcus & Jason are brilliant.  

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《Let The Bullets Fly 讓子彈飛 》

The epic movie was simply stunning, with the finest casts like Jiang Wen, Ge You and Chow Yun Fat being put together without stealing each other's limelight and it was impeccable. Carina Lau's appearance was rather playful and fun and add a little femininity to the movie. One of the best movies of the year...at least to start with in the beginning of 2011.

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