JW Anderson AW2019 Women’s Collection - mylifestylenews Top 10's Pick

JW Anderson AW2019 Women’s Collection  was an exploration of volume and proportions.

Designed by Jonathan Anderson and styled by Benjamin Bruno with sensual draped jersey, embroidery and a matching of contradictory fabrics, the collection was an aristocratic continuation of the juxtapositions that imbue the JW Anderson collections for both women and men.

“JW Anderson is about going from one thing to the next, about polar opposites,” Jonathan said backstage after the show.

“No matter what I seem to do, I love things that are just ‘made’. The dresses with the thread going through, they just happened.

We were improvising colours, it’s kind of like we were taking a huge needle through the fabric. And it just stuck.”

Leather baseball caps sat high on the models’ heads and were also transposed into fun and quirky hand bags.

New shapes and colours of the brand’s signature Keyts bag also appeared on the runway with a mixture of leathers and studding on certain pieces.

The minimal set was inspired by a documentary on Japan that Jonathan had seen on the BBC and Samuel Beckett’s play Quad.

The square orientation allowed for guests to see the garments from every angle as the models criss-crossed among delicately placed rocks that invoked a Japanese Zen garden.


ISABEL MARANT AW2019 Runway Collection - mylifestylenews Top 10's Pick

ISABEL MARANT AW2019 Runway Collection

This woman knows exactly who she is.

She’s travelled all over the world, bring back images, colours and cultures that have permeated her personality.

She could be a reporter, like photographer Marie-Laure de Decker, the icon so dear to Isabel who has captured the reality and beauty of our world for 50 years.

Fed by military inspiration and codes adopted from a masculine wardrobe, celebrates, her adventurer style celebrates cultures, comfort and craft: printed and quilted cotton twills.

Indonesian ikats, earthy colours, all-terrain knits, sarong-style draped leather skirts, tie-dye camouflage prints.

The thigh-high boots toy with volumes, the Berber-inspired silver jewellery is worn en masses.

The Australian shearling and moleskin down jacket warm up the look, cinched with wide belts in leather and metal.

A collection that celebrates freedom, self-confidence and adventure.


Hermès Introduces CAPE COD Chaîne d’ancre

The Cape Cod is adorned with a double tour strap bearing the Anchor Chain motif, underlining the original inspiration for the watch. The designer Henri d’Origny was to make a square watch out of it. His untamed pencil decided otherwise: the Cape Cod, «a square in a rectangle», was born in 1991. At once original, graphic, impertinent and rigorously disciplined, it challenges existing aesthetic codes. The Cape Cod likes to play with the «Anchor Chain», of which the two half links form its case. This motif, created by Robert Dumas in 1938, is now highlighted by Hermès’ leather craftsmanship. The second loop of the strap is shaped to reveal the anchor chain link pattern in the leather.

Hermès creates objects. Objects shaped by the hands of artisans to make them true companions for those who wear them. Practical, functional and stemming from uncompromising expertise, they radiate the lightness of the unexpected. They make everyday life their playground, and each instant a uniquely special moment. For Hermès, time is also an object. Its inherent tension is translated by the house into a singular characteristic. Rather than measuring, ordering, and seeking to control it, Hermès dares to explore another time, designed to arouse emotions, open up interludes and create spaces for spontaneity and recreation.


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2019


27th DEC 


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays @ mylifestylenews 2019


LEONARD AW2019/20 Runway Collection - mylifestylenews Top 10's Pick

LEONARD AW2019/20 Runway Collection takes you on a flight AH19 Paris-Jaipur is now boarding.

Creative, elegant and worldly, the Leonard woman is heading to India this season, viewing air travel as a form of escapism. The destination is set, her journey begins.

On board, she will be wearing one of the outfits imagined by Christine Phung, something comfortable but still sophisticated and refined.

The colours of Jaipur are already vibrant in her mind and in her wardrobe, with its tones reminiscent of semi-precious gems like the one adorning her ring and hand carved into an orchid, the floral emblem of Leonard Paris, preciously revisited by Guérin Joaillerie.

Enveloping silhouettes recall the curves of aircraft fuselages and the construction of kimonos, while layering playfully balances the elegance of a handsome overcoat with the ultimate comfort of a sweatshirt.

In a nutshell, it’s about mixing and matching with a deft hand. Contrasts abound between styles and also materials printed metallic double weave neoprint and the perennial silk jersey, but also printed holographic sequins and a surprising chalk stripe formed by the house’s name.

For the Leonard woman, dressed in a silk flight suit or a faux fur flight jacket in a Calcutta wool jacquard motif, the sky’s the limit.

Even the life jacket gets a makeover in printed velvet, a witty reminder that she keeps her cool, and style, even in the event of an emergency.

The AW2019/20 collection of Leonard Paris is the hyphen between destinations, a moment captured in a world that moves at supersonic speed.


agnès b. AW2019 Runway Collection

agnès b. AW2019 Runway Collection is the first ever joint fashion show for men & women in Paris Fashion week with a perfection of modern silhouette & classic design.

Both menswear and womenswear share elements constructed with the same design concepts, and successfully conveys a complete picture of Agnès’ style.

 The stylist shared her thoughts in the show as follows: “I design novel characters for the show, these silhouettes will be in the shop during 6 months to come ….fictional or everyday life characters ….those you like to meet in Paris, Tokyo, New York or Hong Kong …”

The most striking feature of the show is extended from the daily life of the characters - City Chic series in leisure sport style.

Designed in the modern silhouette, it is always perfect to mix and match with the classic items – simply a Snap Cardigan or a Photo Print item, which injects the brand's French authentic style into the look.

In addition, more stylish items e.g. the hooded jacket with overall rainscape photo print, topical nylon bum bag, are presented to bring you the unlimited vitality.

2019 is the 40th anniversary of the brand classic item - Snap Cardigan. The classic cardigan was created by the stylist in 1979. It has been sold more than 2.2 million pieces worldwide, with devotion to the “made in France” production.

It is suitable for men, women, children and even babies. This season for Snap Cardigan, the brand introduces a variety of bright colors such as red, green and purple, as well as in various formats and tailoring designs, combined with different styling, bringing the timeless more possibilities.

Male and female models performed dancing in the show with the new outfits; this just conveys what Agnès said: “Keep dancing, Keep Singing, have a good drink and do not get too serious!" OK?”

The best way to live is to wear your favorite clothes and do what you like. The thrilling fashion show was over and Agnès took the curtain call.

The black curtain near the windows of Palais de Chaillot were slowly pulled up, the bright light reflected on the Eiffel Tower, creating the most beautiful image of Paris on the day.


ANDREW GN AW2019/20 Collection

 ANDREW GN 2019/20 collection's inspiration are drawn from the 1960s' film <The World of Suzy Wong>, which he watched that again recently after first watching it as a kid (film by Richard Quine, starring William Holden & Nancy Kwan, 1960).

Soon after, he came across a still of Grace Kelly wearing a traditional cheongsam.

"It’s very covered up, but for me the cheongsam is the sexiest dress the Chinese ever created" GN says.

Several groups of designs are dedicated to his familiar signatures, such as butterfly frogging on a flounce-sleeved top with a mandarin collar, a royal blue coat or a white crepe dress, guipure dresses with 3D appliqués.

GN transposed a chrysanthemum motif from a Japanese Meiji period vase onto a series of dresses, most strikingly on a chartreuse pencil dress including silky macramé-style fringes.

An exotic animal theme an dEighties vive also run through the collection : lingerie-inspired python lace inserts (designed exclusively by our studio) enhance the exotic beauty of animal patterns.

Midi dresses edged with swinging hand-made fringing at the cuffs and hem, cinched with a bejeweled belt with a curled-up snake in its midst.

Royal-blue zebra jacquard minidress with a leopard lace overlay.