PRADA SS2019 Menswear Advertising Campaign Films

Inspired by the motion picture universe, for SS2019 Prada unveils its Men’s and Women’s campaigns in synchronicity. Like movie posters, the print campaigns offer windows onto scenes taken from the action. The premiere instalments are a duo of films showcasing the streamlined modernism of the SS2019 Prada menswear collection, recontextualised by the cinematographic lexicon. Directed by Willy Vanderperre and with Benoît Debie as Director of Photography, the film shorts are enigmatic, a source of fascination, like a tantalizing fragment of a larger whole. A soundscape for each has been scored by Frédéric Sanchez, offering a knowing nod to their Hollywood antecedents.

The films take their stylistic cues from memories of historic moments of the silver screen - rather than indulging cineaphilia, this diptych of shorts are not reiterations of movies past, but reinterpretations arresting in their brevity, offering intriguing glimpses of character. Each is an examination of the duality central to Prada - two films, offering a second aesthetic interpretation of the SS2019 men’s collection, each showcasing multi-faceted protagonists exploring different sides of themselves.

Featuring the models Daan Duez, Jonas Glöer and Tae Min Park dressed in the fashions of today, in these films both fact and fiction can co-exist. They are at once documentary and narrative combined, inexorably drawing the viewer in yet showcasing a heightened version of our own reality, rather than pure alternative.

Berluti x Thélios First Collaborates Eyewear Collections

Introducing the very first Berluti and Thélios collaboration, an eyewear collection prominently featured in Kris Van Assche’s inaugural fashion show for the Parisian Maison. Six different sunglass models are inspired by Berluti’s signature patina, the traditional process for colouring leather. Which this season is reinterpreted by Kris Van Assche, taking on a new light and a wealth of red, yellow, blue and green hues which saturate garments and accessories as well as eyewear. The collection is also a tribute to the old marble tables at which craftsmen hand-dye the patina of shoes in Berluti’s manifattura in Ferrara. The dye-splattered marble is replicated with striated acetate on the eyewear frames. Timeless shapes and classic materials including light metal and deep-coloured, ultra resistant acetate meet understated luxury finishings, such as the iconic B logo discreetly placed over the hinges or the nose pads and a 1895 signature on the lenses. A mirror treatment with a patina-inspired ombré effect applied to the
lenses in two distinctive shades, Blue Flash and Read Flash - puts an audaciously modern spin on the design.

Acetate round shape featuring dedicated hinges and a branded metal plate, available in rainbow-effect lens colour combinations.

Metal pilot featuring an acetate temple and Berluti’s logo printed on the lenses.

Metal round shape featuring an acetate temple, available in rainbow-effect lens colour combinations. 1895 logo engraved on the left lense.

Acetate rectangular shape featuring a metal nose pad, dedicated hinges and a branded metal plate, available in rainbow-effect lens colour combinations

Acetate modern aviator shape featuring dedicated hinges and a branded metal plate, available in rainbow-effect lens colour combinations. The most featured style in the FW19 Show.

Square aviator shape, featuring an acetate temple, available in rainbow-effect lens colour combinations. 1895 engraved logo on the left lense.


JW Anderson SS2019 Advertising Campaign

JW Anderson SS2019 campaign was shot by Julie Greve, a UK based photographer and one of the three winners of the JW Anderson YOUR PICTURE/OUR FUTURE competition. The competition, launched at the beginning of 2018, was an international search for new talent and an occasion for the brand to further develop the youthful energy, enthusiasm and surprise that are core to JW Anderson. Greve was one of three winners selected from a group of over one-thousand-eight hundred 18-30 year old image-makers. Their initial project was a collaboration between the winners on the JW Anderson Autumn Winter 2018 campaign. The current campaign is the first shot exclusively by Greve.

The campaign goes beyond just images with a short film entitled jagged whispers ASHORE. The film is referenced in certain images from the campaign and live on the JW Anderson website and the entire project was supported by industry leaders including Jonathan Anderson, Benjamin Bruno and M/M Paris who provided their expertise and guidance. Given the success of the first YOUR PICTURE/OUR PROFILE campaign the brand plans to launch a second search at the end of 2019. The competition will remain international but will receive the support of The Princes Trust, a UK charity founded by Prince Charles and dedicated to helping underprivileged young people thrive by providing opportunities for them to build their skills and confidence.

BOND 45 - Italian Trattoria Full of Flavours

Just when you think dining around Times Square in Manhattan would possibly have you ended up in a typical tourist trap restaurant, it is not until you step into Bond 45 for its sprawling cultural period restaurante décor that excites you with its rustic Italian trattoria cooking from its busy kitchen. mylifestylenews writes.

Quite often when you come to Times Square in New York City and ask for recommendations where to dine and most of the time people will tell you avoid eating in Times Square, especially in those franchised restaurants. The theatre district in midtown of New York City has its very own character and it is such a lively precinct to be in. With hundreds of restaurants to choose from and most of them catering to the theatre crowd that offer prix fixe menus or standard tourist’s food just to satisfy your temporary hunger. One of our recent finds was Bond 45 that delivers not only tasty and truthful Italian flavours but also to enjoy its vibrant ambience and vibe the moment you were being seated as well as its fast-paced service.

Situated right in the heart of the theatre district on west 46 street between 7th and 8th avenue and across from the New York Marquis hotel, from the exterior you are given a sense of something out of the ordinary, a sense that you will be taken back in time. The surprise is that you are about to step into a space that is akin to a art nouveau Milano café/bistro with each interior design element perfectly chosen and perfectly in place.

Once you are inside the restaurant, you are immediately carried away by its bustling ambience. The main bar slash antipasto salad bar is the elephant in the room, a gigantic overhead signature light fixture decorated with art deco glassed lamp shades and also an eye-catching nostalgic signboard with big “American Breakfast Buffet Italian Style” wordings that indicating what’s on the table.

Almost like dining in a marketplace from its busy chattering ambience and happening crowded during lunch hours frequented not only by the walk-ins who stay in lines for their table to be ushered as well as the tourists and locals alike who had their reservation secured ahead. A naked female bronze statue also takes centre place holding an a bunch of golden wine globets in the bar area while looking back at the rear dining area. There is some seating at the window front looking out on west 46 street, but the main dining room lies at the rear, with two rows of saloon banquette seatings down the centre and banquette stalls on each side – the central section delineated by classic old style lamps and the outer sections by old brass wall-mounted lamps and aged patina mirrors lining the walls.

The catch is, this restaurant chain has only been in existence since 2016 and this location was only opened some 18 months ago after moving most of the original fixtures and fittings early last year from its previous location, which was an old theatre. That explained why the design and deco was done intentionally and built to look old and the entire design and décor will have your hat off for the effort that they have put in to have you momentary travel back in time or seemingly dining in a movie set.

It is very easy to get into the swanky mood in an ambience like this. The first thing you’ll notice on being seated at a wall booth are all the name plates above each booth representing luminaries of theatre, from actors to directors and designers, such as Irene Gandy, Many Patinkin, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Angelica Houston to name but a few.

The stairway at the entrance also extended the dining and an additional bar downstairs with elevated dining sections surrounding the cozy indoor “courtyard”. It is a completely different ambience and mood comparing to upstairs’ art deco design and was also packed with diners over lunch.

The menu follows a classic structure with a wide range of selection including steak, seafood and an antipasti bar which is a must order with freshly made market vegetables daily and out from the kitchen from time to time while it lasts. We wanted to have a reasonable sampling of a number of courses (especially from the antipasto bar), but keeping in mind portion sizes can be bigger than you think. We both started with Antipasto  - having a choice of three vegetable plate each, you can also have five at a different cost.

Delicious selection of starters from the Antipasto bar.

We sampled the grilled-asparagus, peas and prosciutto, Bond bacon potatoes x 2, roasted seasonal vegetables, charred broccolini. The selection was superbly presented, abundant in flavor and a great start that whetted our appetite.

<Prosciutti di Parma Pizza>
This was followed by a Prosciutti di Parma pizza with arugula salad, parmigiano reggiano, fennel, burrata mozzarella. The pizza was baked with a thin crispy crust (which we loved) and rich and the toppings were piquant, it was difficult to resist.

<Chicken Pepperoni Parmigiana>
The chicken was sinfully topped with a seabed of thinly sliced pepperoni and melted with parmigiana cheese. The thick cut of meaty chicken was fried to its tenderness and very juicy flesh that can be gently sliced. Each bite was so moreish and this dish was such a hit. Warning! An extremely rich dish served in more than a generous portion for the price of US$29, a totally to go for entrée if you prepare for a big meal.

<Our Famous Chocolate Mousse”>
While our stomach was saying no to dessert, our sweet tooth was saying don’t miss out  on the  “Our Famous Chocolate Mousse” – 100% shaved cocoa on a huge dollop of chocolate ganache. To our surprise, it was not overtly sweet, with just the right balance and the shaved cocoa added a nice texture and crunchiness contrast to the super smooth ganache. This stunningly decadent dessert is a total evil on calories gain but to die for, simply must try!

Front of house service was fabulous from the moment we arrived, right up to our departure with the precise speedy service and delivery, not only to our table but also others. There is certainly a passion in the culinary team and it was delightful to see that the management smoothens the operation and line staff taking turns to complete tasks in an incredibly busy lunch time. They all exuded a passion for what they do, which totally complemented the high quality of food. When you are in Times Square next, whether you are going to see a show or want a dining experience that transports you way above the ordinary, Bond 45 is an utter delight and shall appear on your radar, it simply reminds you how wonderful dining experiences should be.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

Interior & Ambience
Antipasto Bar
"Our Famous Chocolate Mousse”

221 W 46th St, New York
Tel:+1 212 869 4545

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BALLY Presents A New Kind of Champion

 Originally launched in the 90s, Bally’s Champion quickly became a grand slam favourite among Swiss tennis stars Jakob Hlasek and Marc Rosset who wore the court shoes on their way to winning the Grand Slam at the French Open in 1992. This summer Bally re-launches the iconic sneaker alongside its ‘Champions are Made’ campaign celebrating the challenging yet empowering experiences that develop and define us.

Leading the campaign with their own unique stories actor Ncuti Gatwa, model Maeva Giani Marshall and dancer Matthew Ball join Bally to share the character traits that have defined their young but extraordinary careers and compelled them to succeed on their own terms. Together the dynamic trilogy showcases Bally’s spirit of determination. Ncuti’s appreciation for craftsmanship walks the line between considered and effortless.  His strength in character and courage to carve a path for himself is reflected in his brave and critically acclaimed performance as Eric Effiong in Netflix’s Sex Education. ‘Defining your own destiny despite the box that the world wants to put you in, that’s what I’ve always been about,’ he says of his success.

Channeling her unique style she proves resilience pays off. ‘I was never gifted anything, I had to earn it’, says Maeva Giani Marshall the enigmatic and charming model turned an historic trauma into her trademark after she had an allergic reaction to sunlight as a teenager leaving her with flash burns which remain as freckles across her angelic face. Made by movement the Royal Ballet School’s principal dancer Matthew Ball explains his accomplishments have come from taking risks and diligently pushing his limits. ‘To get something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.’ His attention to detail echoes a quiet confidence and elegance with a sporty edge.

Recreated like-for-like in their original form with additional derivations in ‘90s pop-colour combinations, Bally’s Champion features new EVA technology and breathable mesh lining for cushioning and comfort. The tongue is embossed with Bally’s archive Tennis logo giving instant vintage appeal. Whatever the experience that has or will define you, join Bally’s ‘Champions are Made’ campaign with these iconic sneakers that have already proven themselves on the world’s sporting stage.


FURLA Unveils New Store In Times Square Hong Kong

Furla unveiled a new boutique design after its re-location in Times Square recently. Spanning over 581 square feet, the boutique features a backlit façade with Furla pattern, sporting an updated look with Italian marble flooring, timber veneer wall finishes, and furniture in champagne gold-metal and matte finishes. The boutique will carry an extensive range of handbags, small leather goods and other accessories from the women’s collection to satisfy the modern lifestyle of Furla lovers. “Hong Kong is one of Furla’s major markets and we are pleased to relocate the store to a more prominent position in Times Square, one of the city’s prime shopping destinations. Furla continues to meet its customers’ desire to be immersed in an essentially Italian shopping experience, offering a modern and sophisticated store concept and displaying a wide range of our newest women’s collection.” Said Alberto Camerlengo, CEO of the Furla Group.

Mulberry SS2019 Collection - mylifestylenews Top 10's Pick

  Mulberry SS2019 collection takes inspiration from not only the aesthetic of the era, but the mood. The sixties beat - of optimism, positivity and energetic spirit - animates the collection. It is classic, with a twist. Mulberry is a brand that is galvanised by British heritage and culture - taking from its traditions to write new pages of our history. The sixties were a time when British influence inspired the world and defined the shift of popular culture. But they also represented a period of freedom, emancipation and revolution - the birth of modernity and modern fashion.

“The idea of Britishness is composed of so many different elements” says Creative Director Johnny Coca. “Over the past seasons we’ve been exploring the rebellious, the posh and the aristocratic alongside glamourous and romantic feminine figures. For this new season I was looking at a defining moment in British culture - the Swinging Sixties and its hedonistic and iconic imagery. I wanted something fun, dynamic, light-hearted, candid, graphic and pop. It’s a collection that revisits the spirit of the sixties with the attitude of today.”

The striking silhouette of the decade is the blank canvas for the SS2019 collection – an invitation to explore textures, textiles and prints, with a new pop energy. Today’s Mulberry muse is youthful and dynamic in brief miniskirts and swinging coats, pea-jackets and trenches cut with precise lines - straight and narrow, or rounded into sweet, girlish scallops.

British sixties couture, the style of Carnaby Street and the King’s Road, the models Lesley ‘Twiggy’ Horby and Jean ‘The Shrimp’ Shrimpton - all inspire. The feel is more urban and urbane, although there is also a touch of craft, with crochet dresses in delicately-coloured metallic lurex, alongside matching wide-brimmed hats.

Colours are joyous, combining vibrant shades of pillar-box red, teal and royal blue with classic navies, camels and greys. There are also sugared-almond pastels – mint julep, lemon and soft pinks, mixed with fresh white. Prints alternate between the geometric – Op-Art nail head polka-dots combined with graphic quatrefoil daisies; an array of checks from windowpane through to gingham - and psychedelia blurs of manipulated florals, as if captured underwater, printed on crisp gazar.

The Brockwell is a new crescent-shaped Mulberry archetype that also makes use of a variant on the Rider’s Lock. Geometric shapes inspire new clutches aptly titled the Roundabout and the Square – named after British street suffixes.

Inset with plates of polished metal and patchworks of leather, their shapes also inspired the Vale, a flat and clean-cut leather tote.  The accessories also share their palette of primaries and fondant shades with the collection’s clothing.

The accessories borrow elements from the fashion: the polka-dot and daisy graphic becomes three-dimensional bead embroidery patterns on the Mini and Micro Seatons, and the Small Amberley Satchels, while checkered patterns appear in woven leather on the Leighton and on a new key silhouette named the Hampstead. A bucket style with both a top handle and cross-body strap, the Hampstead features leather drawstrings that cinch the bag closed by passing through a new take on the Rider’s Lock, a Mulberry hardware signature.

Shoes come both high and flat, square-toed and feature smoked plexiglass heels in the collection’s key shades. Inspired by the ‘metal couture’ of the sixties, jewellery elements embellished with stones and mirrors snake up the ankle of sandals; others feature burnished gold buckles, or three-dimensional cube and spheres as abstract decoration on the vamp. Below-the-knee stretch boots, perfectly coordinated in block colours, streamline and exaggerate the legginess of the silhouette. This season, the Mulberry jewellery is striking - oversized, playful, wilfully clashing shapes and textures. Mirrors and transparencies are key, combined with the same stark geometric shapes that appear on the shoes - in polished metals, or set with a pavé of pastel-coloured crystal.


DIOR SS2019 Advertising Campaign

DIOR SS2019 ready-to-wear advertising campaign is a celebration of the body in motion. Shot by British photographer Harley Weir, portrays the dance-inspired designs of Maria Grazia Chiuri.  “My work is related to the celebration of the body through clothing and the opportunity it offers us in how we represent ourselves in the eyes of others, as well as in our own eyes,” The creative director explains.

In endless shades of nude, these images reflect the lightness and modernity of the collection. The models’ supple and delicate allure is captured through an interplay of shadows that is the work of Sharon Eyal, who developed a unique dance performance for the Dior SS2019 show.

Long pleated dresses and mesh pieces enhance natural femininity, while bodysuits and unitards, in a palette of neutral colors and as worn by the choreographer’s troupe of dancers, compose a silhouette formed of transparency and layering. The kaleidoscopic motif, in turn, echoes the experimentation of the contemporary dance pioneer, Loie Fuller. The visuals are punctuated by house icons such as the saddle bag, with its emblematic curves, and the bar jacket, reinterpreted by Maria Grazia Chiuri and paired with a floral-print fluid skirt or jeans.

Emporio Armani Remix SS2019 Collection

Making its return for the SS2019 season is Emporio Armani Remix, the collection designed for a young cosmopolitan tribe that shares a modern street style and a passion for music, as suggested by the name of the collection itself.

The essential and functional design features a contemporary fit. The graphically reinterpreted logo becomes a decorative mark and a symbol of belonging to this new urban generation.

The collection, designed for young men and women, includes T-shirts, neoprene-effect sweatshirts, technical joggers and shorts in parachute nylon, and padded jackets. The pieces feature jersey drawstrings and are embellished with the recurring maxi logo, whether printed, rubberised or laser-etched. Completing the range are activewear-inspired sneakers and a modern-style backpack.

The basic colour palette is composed of crisp hues such as white, black, bright red and blue, which sit alongside classic grey melange.