Roger Vivier AW2019 Utility Boots

Gherardo Felloni gives the Utility Boot the Star treatment this season. The utility boot is the next biggest shoe trend that has taken over fashion runways, from Paris to Milan. A workwear staple for hiking up mountains and combatting harsh elements, these boots have gone beyond mere functionality and have crossed over as the new statement shoe. For his latest collection, Felloni presents a diverse assortment of footwear that are made to fit the different personalities of the global Vivier woman. With the need for casual shoes becoming more and more a priority for today’s modern and extremely active women, Felloni is challenged to create something that will blend substance with the inimitable Roger Vivier style. Presenting the Viv’ Utility boots, inspired by hiking boots and the trendy platform sneakers popularized by the girl power bands of the 1990s. The Viv’ Utility boots come with the same utilitarian style but elevated using the Maison’s signatures: the quality leather, handcrafted by skilled artisans; the lambskin fur collar on the white colorway with gold hardware; and the iconic buckle, in either polished metal or adorned in precious crystals. With the rise of functional fashion, the boots trend has nowhere to go but up, making the Viv’ Utility boots a wardrobe essential that will go beyond seasons.


Hermès Presents Heure H

 strong and steadfast signature, Heure H was created in 1996 under the impetus of the designer Philippe Mouquet is more than a watch. It is indeed a symbol, which has maintained its edginess, its dynamism and its freshness over the years, thanks largely to the singular idea of capturing time inside a letter. An amusing way to frame the passing of time. An object of Hermès’ leather goods expertise, the double tour strap – designed by Martin Margiela for his first fashion show for Hermès in 1998 – fits seamlessly into the case and accentuates its graphic shape. This watch band features a dual nature, with a classic finish between the case lugs and a geometric micro-perforated H pattern on the second loop around the wrist. To achieve a transparent effect, a wafer-thin sliver of Beton leather is inserted between the two strap sections.

Crafted by Hermès Horloger artisans, the Heure H watch case is available in two versions. The first, made of steel, is adorned with an apricot or vermillion strap, while the second rose gold-plated variation comes with a black or etoupe strap. The white lacquered dial, punctuated by four Arabic numerals and metallic hands, strikes a pleasing contrast with the strap colours. The overall result is a perfect match between rigorous stylistic and technical disciplines, highlighted by the precision of a deft and expert touch.

Objects shaped by the hands of artisans to make them true companions for those who wear them. Practical, functional and stemming from uncompromising expertise, they radiate the lightness of the unexpected. They make everyday life their playground, and each instant a uniquely special moment. For Hermès, time is also an object. Its inherent tension is translated by the house into a singular characteristic. Rather than measuring, ordering, and seeking to control it, Hermès dares to explore another time, designed to arouse emotions, open up interludes and create spaces for spontaneity and recreation.


MB&F Presents Horological Machine N°9

 In the post-war years of the late 1940s and 1950s, aerodynamic principles were just beginning to take root in the field of automotive design. The boxy, carriage-like shapes of previous decades were melting into something more streamlined. At the same time, curvilinear forms became more prominent, carrying the immediate promise of power and speed. The sophisticated computer modelling and wind-tunnel technology we have today were far-off dreams at that time – designers were guided more by their aesthetic sense than by any scientific precepts.

The result was some of the most beautiful man-made objects ever created, epitomised by automobiles like the Mercedes - Benz W196 and 1948 Buick Streamliner. Other industries followed, notably that of aviation, producing aircraft such as the sleek-bodied, snub-nosed De Havilland Venom that patrolled Swiss airspace for 30 years.
Presenting Horological Machine N°9 ‘Flow’, inspired by the dynamic profiles of automotive and aviation mid-century design. Reminiscent of a jet engine, a highly complex case in alternating polished and satin finishes encloses an equally complex manual winding movement, developed fully in house. Independent twin balance wheels beat at a leisurely 2.5Hz (18,000bph) on each flank of Horological Machine N°9, visible under elongated domes of sapphire crystal. A third pane of sapphire crystal on the central body reveals the gearbox of the HM9 engine: a planetary differential that averages the output of both balance wheels to provide one stable reading of the time.

Sitting perpendicular to the rest of the HM9 engine is the dial indicating hours and minutes, driven by conical gears that ensure precise engagement even when motion is put through a 90° planar translation. The winding and setting crown is located on the rear of the central body, its deep fluting providing ergonomic grip as well as aesthetic coherence with the overall design. Two satin-finished air scoops are mounted alongside the pods containing the oscillating balance wheels, evoking the raised vents that allow continuous airflow to high-performance motor engines. HM9 Flow treads the path first opened by the HM4 Thunderbolt and subsequently by the HM6 Space Pirate, utilising a geometrically complex combination of milled case elements in both sapphire crystal and metal (grade 5 titanium and 18k red gold). However, HM9 goes beyond its predecessors, redefining what was thought to be possible in case design – illustrated for example by a patented three-dimensional gasket ensuring water resistance.

Quite naturally, HM9 Flow was therefore declined in two versions, drawing their inspiration from the two main sources: A “Road” version with a speedometer-style dial; an “Air” version with an aviator-style dial. The Horological Machine N°9’Flow’ was launched in 2018 in two limited titanium editions of 33 pieces each: the “Air” version with darkened movement; the “Road” version with pink gold treated movement. In 2019, MB&F presents two new limited editions in 5N+ red gold with 18 pieces each: the “Air” version with blackened movement and rhodium-plated balance wheels; the “Road” version with rhodium-plated movement and red gold balance wheels. For further information, please refer to


Mulberry Introduces The Iris Family - Bags For The Modern British Wardrobe

Mulberry introduces the Iris family - a take on the ideal bag: versatile, customisable, and tailored for the lives of modern women. Designed to shine as an everyday favourite, the Iris also transitions with ease into evening. A combination of soft and structured, the Iris has an adaptable silhouette with adjustable pull cords on either side that subtly change its shape and volume. You are invited to select a colourway of the bag’s braided leather top handle to reflect their individual style. With a range of options in seasonal and classic hues, it’s a subtle addition that makes the Iris feel truly personal. The customised top handle and a long shoulder strap can also be complemented with our new Straps Collection. Choose from contemporary chunky acetate or punkish metal chains and personalise it further with hanging letter charms.

Each Iris features a minimalist progression of the magnetic Keystone Lock. Inspired by punk hardware, British architecture and masonry, it debuted earlier this season on the Keeley family and gives the Iris its touch of heritage detailing. Available in two sizes - the Iris and the Small Iris – a selection of colours will be released throughout the season: AW19’s shades of Deep Amber, Lipstick Red and Rust join classics Black and Solid Grey. Inspired by the women of Mulberry, the Iris reflects the wearer’s approach to style: elegant, effortless and personal.


Chaumet Celebrates The Art of The Twist

Maison Chaumet unveils a fresh facet of its jewellery culture with a new exhibition at 165 Boulevard Saint-Germain, from 1 October to 2 November 2019. Through a series of photographs by Julia Hetta, Autrement explores the art of appropriating jewels by wearing them according to the whims of fashions and fantasy, with daring and creativity. Whether forehead jewel or ferronnière, a necklace woven through the hair, or bracelets worn at the shoulder or ankle, from the Italian Renaissance to the fashion statements of today, jewellery lends itself to inventive adaptability.

Freed from its primary function, it graces the body, clothes or hair, becoming a precious accessory of a new kind. Cultivating its Parisian spirit since 1780, constantly reinventing itself through fashion and the arts, over the course of its history Maison Chaumet has created jewels intended to be worn differently. Witness the Maison’s archival drawings and photographs in which the jewels astonish and perplex. Necklace or tiara? Bracelet or bodice ornament? Brooch or pendant?

Revisiting this age-old practice with modernity, the exhibition Autrement showcases an unprecedented dialogue between art and fashion, history and trends, the Maison’s heritage and its contemporary creations. Among the Chaumet archival elements and jewels of yesterday and today, the works of the great masters are digitalised, while photographs by Julia Hetta are presented inside 25 historical frames dating from the 15th to 19th century and loaned by Maison Lebrun.

The Swedish photographer produced a series of images inspired by the Dutch masters and Renaissance art. High Jewellery necklaces become headbands, Jeux de Liens and Liens Séduction sautoirs are worn as shoulder strap or anklets, Espiègleries brooches appear as precious hair pins, a Liens Évidence wedding band hugs a lock of hair, Joséphine Aigrette bracelets are worn like palm jewels, a Bee My Love cocktail ring transforms into a scarf ring... The result offers an abundance of suggestions to appropriate, a wealth of invitations to reinvent jewellery through how one wears it.


Dior AW2019/20 CatStyleDior Sunglasses

 Dior AW2019/20 CatStyleDior sunglasses ooze modernity, combining boldness and elegance, certain models sport daring rectangular or butterfly shapes, while a resolutely couture version is embellished, by hand, with more than a thousand Swarovski crystals. The latter is also available in hematite and Aurore Boréale – a unique crystal developed in collaboration with Christian Dior in 1956 – versions. Super-light designs that complete the silhouette.


Giorgio Armani AW2019/20 Adverting Campaign

Giorgio Armani AW2019 Adverting Campaign taps Kate Moss to be the face for the season. Light and personality. The new advertising campaign, shot by photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, who have already collaborated with Giorgio Armani in the past, encapsulates the vibrant, incandescent, iridescent minimalism that is the essential Armani style - a language in which the outfit becomes one with the person in pure and concentrated frames, where even black and white impart a sense of colour.

Bold lights cut through the surrounding backdrop reducing it to an essential and luxurious space, accentuating the emerging figure of Kate Moss. A first-time interpreter of the Armani style to which her feisty, free-spirited sensual presence is brought to bear, Kate Moss stands out as a woman of singular beauty, whose personality and energy decisively set her apart from the fleeting fads of the moment.

Alongside her a supporting male cast with Daisuke Ueda and Thijs Stenneberg, model the menswear selection of the Giorgio Armani AW2019/20 Collection, presented for the first time together with the womenswear collection, last February at Armani/Silos. 

Each picture is a unique portrait where the outfits in infinite hues of blue, with accompanying gestures and movements, trace a stark outline of essential and polished elegance over figures bursting with character.


Roger Vivier AW2019 Introduces The Beau Vivier

Bags are a big deal for AW2019 and Maison Roger Vivier elevates the accessories landscape for the season with the new Beau Vivier. As Gherardo Felloni continues the evolution of the Maison with new styles, still inspired by the archives, but reinterpreted in his own design aesthetic, he created the Beau Vivier with a special Vivier woman in mind. “For this collection, I was inspired by what women dream and their fantasies,” Felloni shares. “Seven women provided different inspirations for the collection. Among them is a woman who dreams of becoming a movie star - like Catherine Deneuve - who inspired the new bag of the season, the Beau Vivier.”

Finely crafted in leather, the Beau Vivier bag comes with a top handle and a removable shoulder strap, and in both rich colors, such as magenta, cognac and navy blue, and of course, black. A completely new creation, the Beau Vivier embodies the Maison’s values that have been closely guarded throughout the years. Exclusivity, through the luxurious leather that goes through multiple steps of inspection and quality control at the hands of a master craftsman who has honed his skills for more than 30 years.  Excellence, through the craftsmanship techniques used by, not only the Italian artisans, but also the different creative minds that bring the bag to life – from sketch to prototype to perfect detailing. And finally, refinement, through its sleek, structured shape and elegant details, such as the iconic Roger Vivier buckle. Inspired by the archives, the Beau Vivier buckle pays homage to Monsieur Vivier’s inventive interpretation during the 1960s, when the buckle was placed on the inverse direction, creating a distinctly different silhouette. Designed for the Vivier woman with a bourgeoisie spirit and a contemporary attitude, the Beau Vivier is a new icon for Roger Vivier.



Saint Laurent reveals the condom campaign photographed by Juergen Teller, featuring David Alexander Flinn and Anja Rubik. Products exclusively available at Saint Laurent Rive Droite store through a dedicated dispenser.

Art Direction: 
Anthony Vaccarello

Juergen Teller

David Alexander Flinn
Anja Rubik 


Emporio Armani AW2019/20 Advertising Campaign

Emporio Armani AW2019/20 Advertising Campaign
The light of Milan is unmistakable: northern yet Italian, it forms part of the city’s very own identity.

Milan, an industrious hub open to the world, is a vital component of the Armani DNA, particularly for Emporio: free from forced conventions and standards, the line transforms the pace of urban life into style.

The new advertising campaign, that also includes accessories - watches, jewelry and eyewear - shot in the streets by Lachlan Bailey, is a tribute to the city, to the brand's Milanese roots, and to the brilliance of Milan.

Glimpses of the majestic architecture, of the cobbled and asphalt streets, of the dazzling light that illuminates them, all paint a clear picture of the setting. Flitting across the corners of the city is a cosmopolitan group of individuals from all over the world.

Models Romy Schonberger, Taja Feistner, Vika Evseeva, Ivan Kozak, Andre' Bona, Daniel Morel. They are energetic, exuberant, and caught in the action, as both Milan and Emporio always are.


KENZO AW2019 Advertising Campaign

KENZO AW2019 Advertising Campaign embarks on a journey on the road less travelled. The artistic collaboration between the French fashion house and the storied pop photographer David LaChapelle shifts into a dramatic new focus.

The results of this second creative partnership (KENZO and LaChapelle first collaborated for the house’s SS2019 campaign) are less like a traditional campaign and more like what might best be described as a series of postcards sent from the edge of imagination. Blurring the lines between high art, luxury advertising and the unavoidable wanderlust incited by modern social-media photography, KENZO’s AW2019 campaign asks its audience to take a double or even triple look before drawing conclusions.

At first glance, the unorthodox, densely layered images (and accompanying videos) echo the important cross-cultural conversations that are imprinted into KENZO’s roots since its foundation. In classic LaChapelle form, there is more to these photos than what meets the eye. One-of-a-kind works of “collage art”, the dichotomous images feature original fashion photography by LaChapelle superimposed over his rarely seen personal archive of vintage travel slides he has sourced for decades from his globetrotting adventures all over the world.

It’s a provocative and intergenerational approach to image making that speaks to KENZO’s global sensibilities and conveys a new modern community of people traveling all over the world. Highlights include the actress Logan Browning clad in AW2019’s statement bright-pink tactical pieces happily showing off the resin bijoux “eye” clasp from the season’s Tali double flap bag. The figure of Browning is overlaid on top of a vintage image from the 1960s depicting an elderly woman sunbathing on retro outdoor lounge furniture. The striking image feels unplaceable, surreal, and new in startlingly camp ways. Another composite postcard-esque image depicts the young musician and model Selah Marley in a loosely constructed oxidized-green jumpsuit with a camera around her neck and one hand clutching the exaggerated bright orange shoulder straps of this season’s Tali bag.

Placed seamlessly into a vignette composed from one of LaChapelle’s found archived photos depicting breathtaking natural splendour, Marley flashes a knowing grin that appears to celebrate the juxtaposition between artifice and luxury, and the real and the staged. This postmodern sense of ambiguity is something LaChapelle has helped define since the salad days of his legendary career. Here, this method is employed to break from convention and disrupt the status quo. “I think that crossing cultures is a sensitive conversation because it’s often led by the one in power” Marley says. “Although I am one that finds traveling to be a spiritual experience, I also find it necessary to be sensitive to the culture that I choose to include myself in and be mindful that I am not invading spaces.

The AW2019 campaign’s open dialogue between LaChapelle’s photography in 2019 and the treasure trove of his found images from bygone eras speaks to today’s era where nothing is quite what it seems, and the need for new spaces for shared communality. “We don’t exist in a vacuum; therefore, we must welcome in and seek out the beauty and strife of all people. Celebrating the intersections of cultures progresses us into a truly global community which we need in order to leave the world better than we found it” says Browning.


ETRO AW2019 Advertising Campaign

ETRO casted 9 talents for its latest AW2019 advertising campaign for the season. When was the last time a white horse made a surprising appearance right in the middle of Manhattan? It must have been when Bianca Jagger entered Studio 54 atop one.

Fast forward to 2019, and a white horse is again in the city, together with a family of beautifully strong characters of every age, shape, race.

A family, united like a dynasty under the sign of the Paisley. This is the ETRO wandering clan, taking over one of New York’s busiest corners, their own way.

The ETROs have arrived in Manhattan traversing the world, carrying possessions in Paisley trunks which they show off with pride as a family lineage.

They stop for a moment, to have their portrait taken: en plein air, against a white wall or with NY itself as a backdrop. A gallery ensues: depictions of bold personalities captured on camera as they are.

This mosaic of individualities – Marisa Berenson, Andreea Diaconu, Grace Elizabeth, Taylor Hill, Hiandra Martinez, Amber Valletta, David Alexander Flinn, John Pearson, Kohei Takabatake describes the character of ETRO, steeped in heritage and rooted in the NOW, mixing a classic soul with a sense of presence. The journey continues.

Cass Bird

George Cortina

Marisa Berenson
Andreea Diaconu
Grace Elizabeth
Taylor Hill
Hiandra Martinez
Amber Valletta
David Alexander Flinn
John Pearson
Kohei Takabatake

Casting Director: 
Piergiorgio Del Moro

Make Up Artist:
Romy Soleimani

Hair Stylist:
Esther Langham

Manhattan, New York


Roger Vivier Presents Presents Mini Bucket Bags

Mini bags are all the rage for AW2019 and this runway-approved accessory has made its way on the stylish shoulders of every It girl and fashion influencer from New York to Paris. Gherardo Felloni, Creative Director for French luxury accessories Maison Roger Vivier, elevates this trend with the RV Mini Bucket. Small in size but big in style, the RV Mini Bucket features R and V metallic handles, together with a chain strap, making it a versatile accessory that can be worn in many different ways. Either carried by hand, over the shoulder or across the body, this mini bag fits all your daily essentials in an interior satin pouch closed by a leather ribbon, keeping everything safe and secure inside your bag. Finely crafted in leather and suede, the RV Mini Bucket comes in vibrant yellow, pink and blue, as well as classic black and with the R and V handles completely covered in precious crystals. The RV Mini Bucket is the ultimate arm candy for casual days and dressed up nights.


Park Hyatt Bangkok - The Hallmark of Luxury

A hidden gem of a hotel with discreet luxury and chic habitués, gorgeous room, an emerging art installation in and around the hotel, the Park Hyatt Bangkok is sitting atop a relatively new shopping mall inside a building that bounds together by a continual form merging plinth and tower that is quite striking in its architectural qualities, though the outer exterior may not appeal to everyone. mylifestylenews writes.

The twisted coil forms a three-dimensional figure of eight, a lucky number in Chinese culture. Drawing on motifs and patterns found in traditional Thai architecture, the eye-catching façade is clad in extruded aluminium tiles, creating a shimmering moiré-like pattern.

The design comes together with spectacular views of the bustling, energetic city from numerous outdoor terraces. What is important is what is on the inside and since the opening in 2017, this Park Hyatt in Bangkok is brimming with style that is understated and noteworthy in so many ways and there is always something stunning to admire especially in a luxury state of mind.

The main entrance of the hotel is located at the side of the building and from the ground floor you take an elevator to the 9th floor where the Park Hyatt experience unfolds, starting small and then getting bigger. You pass the lobby bar on the way to reception without knowing what lies within and on arrival at the check-in, you have views of a Bangkok skyline that juxtaposes lots of greenery along the leafy boulevard of Wireless Road and long known for being Bangkok’s most desirable neighborhood.

With a multitude of skyscrapers, embassies, and residences connecting the luxury shopping district and Bangkok financial centre in Ploen Chit area and for those of us that are used to the Bangkok skyline, this is another vantage point that may have not be seen before and it is charming in its own way.

The check in was done with great efficiency and discreetly and gave us some time to admire the internal architecture as it begins to show itself. With art installations, soaring ceilings, grand staircases leading to the Living Room and the Embassy Room with views of the infinity swimming pool and more. You really do have a relatively high expectation when your eyes alight such features that we feel instantly references everything that is a Park Hyatt.

Our Park King Room was another revelation in minimalist sleek design, but offering every creature comfort you could possibly need, with the bedroom and bathroom offering the same park and skyline views. There was a walk in wardrobe on the left next to the entrance hallway, a separate toilet to the right as you walk into the bedroom; with a chaise lounge situated at the window to pass the time reading or admiring the views and a large ensuite bathroom around the corner that features a striking lotus bloom hand-carved into the creamy stone wall. A spacious walk-in rain shower is inviting as well as the free standing bathtub positioned at the window to also admire the views while having a hot bath with its bespoke bathroom amenities by Le Labo of New York that deliver a sensual touch.

The room interior design is all about neutral colours, chic, modern and contemporary urban living, as the real draw card is what lies outside your window, both day and night, as Bangkok never sleeps and even for those of us that have visited many times, the traffic, the views and the greenery never cease to amaze you, whether it is raining or basked in sunshine, such is the attraction of this “City of Angels". The lighting, materials, space and texture work as a whole and you get this sense of calmness of sensuality.

There are those little touches that you only begin to notice when you begin to enjoy the amenities of the room: sensible pen lights for bedside reading so you don’t disturb your other half, plenty of hanging space in the wardrobe, gorgeous bathroom toiletries that are heaven sent, thoughtful books and magazines that immerse you further into the touches of the Park Hyatt brand and more, with a strong sense of locale articulated in calming natural materials punctuated with subtle Thai accents.

Of course, one needs to explore the hotel environs and what is outside of the guest room is just as important as what lies within. Wherever you walk internally, there is something that catches your eye, such as designer chair, a stunning staircase descending to renown food & beverage experiences, soaring spaces to accommodate local art that is not shy in grabbing your attention.

Similar to other Park Hyatt hotels, art is intrinsic to the experience. Do schedule yourself with a comprehensive one hour art tour to learn more about the inspiring art installation and the artists behind it with John Sandhu from the service team. His enthusiasm and knowledge in art will take you on an artistic journey and walking through the hotel less known “secret passages” to discover the understated luxury.

The “Naga” installation by Japanese artist Hirotoshi Sawada on level nine located at the Living Room is the elephant in the room. Entitled “Naga”, after the mythical water dragon, this installation is composed of batons suspended from the ceiling, traveling between The Embassy Room, the pool and an interior waterfall. Its twisting, dance-like flow begins erratically in bronze acrylic; then sweeps into dark-brown timber swirls through the main Living Room; before settling into an undulating vertical pattern of clear and frosted acrylic along the Veranda next to the Living Room.

Another favorite artwork by the late Thai artist Nonthivathn Chandhanaphalin is the Attainment Concentration at the lobby level. Nonthivathn was one of the country's best known modern sculptors and created artworks reflecting Buddhist philosophy and nature for almost 50 years. Nonthivathn’s Buddha statue combines both traditional and modern aesthetics. Using one of the most recognized forms of classical Asian symbolism – the seated Buddha – but rendered in a unique and modern way, this combines both a commitment to refined and contemporary sensibilities, while being rooted in Thailand’s rich culture.

Ensure you make your way down to the ballroom foyer (a staircase off the side of the ground floor entrance foyer), as another art installation awaits your attention and then there is the lobby bar tucked away off the main lift lobby that has some more stunning art and gives you a view of the other side looking out over one of the busiest main thoroughfares in Bangkok, but high enough not to get too involved in the congestion that unfolds.

The upside down Pagoda Mirage also designed by Japanese artist Hirotoshi Sawada at Level G Ballroom evokes a Thai temple pagoda. This abstract art installation is composed of hundreds of small, conical, copper swirls suspended en masse. Poised in the well of the sweeping, minimalist staircase leading to the ballroom, it rains blessings on the guests as they encounter its aura.

There are a few more interesting paintings and installations to explore within the informative tour. We segued to an signature afternoon tea at the Living Room to savour some of the handcrafted delicacies from salmon gravlax, foie gras & quince paste, burrata cheese, crab meat savoury to some enticing Opéra, Mont blanc & blackcurrant, Matcha croquet en bouche, strawberry & vanilla and ice bonbons served with a premium  selection of tea and coffee.

For further indulgence, Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé champagne to add on for the afternoon tea is an absolute delight.

The gorgeous interior at the Living Room

You have to reach the top of the hotel for some in-house dining delights, the Penthouse Grill + Bar is truly to dine for if you love your steak as well as to explore the “hidden” masculine whisky bar that seems to be for only those in the know, plus a private dining space “Chef Table” that can only be accessed through its own private kitchen.

The infinity swimming pool on level nine is the green oasis above the urban jungle that is capacious compared to some, subtle music to set a mood, flower arrangements that give a stunning pop of colour, inlaid motifs in marble walls that reference the beautiful free-standing lotus leaf floor lamps (architectural in themselves) and the 40-m saltwater pool surrounded by sun loungers, cabanas, elevated landscape terrace gardens and of course the dramatic views to relax and indulge under the sunlight. It is all designed to achieve “liveable luxury” in ways that relax and revitalize.

The Park Hyatt Bangkok’s team really have outdone themselves and are consistent in every touch point. We could not fault any moment we had throughout the entire stay and were constantly marveling at product knowledge, service standards and warmth of hospitality.

Sometimes, a destination is a place that inspires the journey.

Hearty breakfast is served daily at the Embassy Room and the Living Room.

The Park Hyatt brand has evolved over the years into creating sumptuously minimalist spaces that can reference its locality. Being the first Park Hyatt in Bangkok, the hotel doesn’t seem to fail to deliver all the aspects that the brand has to offer especially in a luxurious and sophisticated environment. From contemporary architecture matched by luxurious residential interiors, expertly curated art, world-class food and wine, and refined service, all coupled with a promise to offer refined and uniquely Thai experiences that reflect the country’s rich culture, gracious hospitality, and colorful lifestyles. As they say, “all good things come to an end”, but only until we book to stay again, as this has to be your preferred accommodation choice for a visit to Bangkok.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Room Amenities: 5/5
Housekeeping: 5/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

Central Embassy
88 Wireless Road 
Pathumwan Bangkok
Tel: +66 2 012 1234

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