TERRY de GUNZBURG @ Second Haute Perfumery Collection

TERRY de GUNZBURG second Haute Perfumery Collection creates a a new world of colours and scents surprises us, mischievous, floral, fruity, smoky and passionate! Both joyful and luxurious, where detail is everything, this new fragrance duo is captivating with shades of fresh green and sky blue.A new olfactory symphony composed by the master Perfumer Michel Almairac orchestrated by the famous queen of taste, Terry de Gunzburg, whose fi rst fragrances are still bewitching us. With their collective talent, they bring you a rose for all seasons… the fantasy of the creators. Fruity or musky, frivolous or silky, this queen of perfumery is at the heart of each composition. Elusive, enigmatic, she is restrained, never totally revealing her secret. Between Michel and Terry, there is absolute harmony, the talent of one brings out the audacity in the other.

The blue rose that stirs the emotion and settles like kiss on the neck for him, for her comes from the Far East… Stylish, captivating, fresh and light, reinventing itself with a touch of exotic litchi from Mauritius, both rosy and yet aquatic. An invitation to paradise, with a heart of transparent rose and smoky cedar which leaves traces of warm blend of amber and musk. A journey for two, with a promise of elegance. An irresistible blend of bergamot from Italy with sparkling exotic notes of pineapple and mango. Turkish rose, the key note, elegant, fresh, almost green, with pink peppercorns and accords of rosewood and white musk in the base. A gourmand, flamboyant, fragrance with a colourful, tempting scent.

"My passion for the rose is very simple. Everything extracted from a rose, be it the essence, the absolute or the water, is magnifi cent. It can be used in large quantities and it is always good. Personally, I prefer to create rosy fragrances than rose perfumes. To compose fragrances for such an exceptional creator as Terry de Gunzburg was an inspirational journey for me! Her intuition and style are remarkable." Says Michel Almairac.

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