Fashion Guerilla next station Rocks 2014 Singapore Fashion Week

The rise of Hong Kong fashion design becomes a significant scene in some fashion cities. Fashion Gueriller ,a project funded by Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF) plays a major role of supporting HK creative designers to show their talent in Fashion Week, places like Paris,Tokyo,Beijing and headed to Singapore recently. After the huge success at the Paris Fashion Week and Tokyo Fashion Week , this year FFF joined the partnership with Blueprint, to support the selected 8 HK fashion labels in spreading their creative stories by unveiling their latest collection at the event. The party held up to over 10,000 fashionistas came from all around the world, including most influential persons and global media. Fashion Guerilla has been engaged in promoting Hong Kong based fashion labels to worldwide since 2012 . It contributes a remarkable showcase platform to those outstanding HK fashion designers every year. The organizting also provides a unique opportunity for the selected designers to build bridges between buyers, distributors and the core sector in the industry, Fashion Guerilla will also help the designers to arrange a direct contact with clients after the show in order to make an indepth understand of the global market. Edith Law, Chairlady of FFF applauds : “Many HK designers have significantly contributed in the design and creative industry with their own international altitude. Fashion Guerilla is committed to reinforce all valuable inputs and ensure their extensive exposures for better international development of the Hong Kong design gurus.” FFF seriously appointed the judging panel from different aspects of the society , they selected 8 HK fashion designers to join "Fashion Guerilla- Singapore", based on their creativity, originality, marketability and production sustainability. 

The 8 finalists out of 50 entries are : 

112 mountainyam (women) @ Mountain Yam (above image)              

POMCH (accessories) @ Jeffrey Leung & Felix Dai

HOUSE OF V (women) @ Thomas Kung
FAVE (women) Kenny Li

            HARRISON WONG (men) @ Harrison Wong
MODEMENT (men) @ Aries Sin

Hong Kong Oapes (accessories) @ Ronno Ip

kenaxleung (men) @ Kenax Leung

Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF) is a non profit organization which has been establised since 2012. If is founded by a group of enthusiastic fashion entrepreneurs and creative industry insiders in Hong Kong. It is aiming to team up a group of Hong Kong based fashion designers, cultural practitioners, industry experts and retailers to promote Hong Kong's fashion design by encouraging and fostering collaborations between business, lifestyle, education and cultural sectors. FFF also provides communication gateway between young designers and fashion expertise for sharing experience and idea through different interactive events such as catwalk shows, professional seminars, individual interviews, forum and group discussions.FFF always receives critical acclaim from media, buyers and participating designers in all its previous events.  FFF made their successful debut at Fashion Forward Festival (December 2014) including runaway shows, live performance, installation and exhibitions. It was a month long event which cultivated cutting edge and contemporary expressions in the fashion world. Fort details, visit : www.fashionfarmfoundation.org

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