It is not only just about sex, Steve McQueen's second film <Shame> after his successful debut <Hunger> sees Michael Fassbender portrayed a New York bachelor, Brandon who has a complicated relationship and having problem to commit with his high strive for sex or perhaps with sex addiction, he would do almost everything to fulfil his emptiness and libido. There is no issue for sex here ( if you don't agree, you may chose another genre) but what makes this film have numerous positive media's review is not from the unspoken sex but through the character of human behaviour and the unknown agonies. Fassbender's brave and with a little torturing performance are somewhat provocative despite the eroticism even when bums and breasts are bouncing furiously. Not forgetting Carey Mulligan as the younger sister who imposes a rare visit on his Manhattan life and made things turns sour and make known to the real life of a typical insecure family relationship. <Shame> had made McQueen's the next most talk about film directors, we awaits his next work.


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