ETRO 2021 Holiday Campaign

he magic of the festive season, the alluring seduction of the night, and the energy of togetherness inspire the ETRO 2021 Holiday Campaign "ZODIACS UNDER THE SIGN OF ETRO". 
A hymn to life, friendship and freedom presenting ETRO’s new generation to the notes of the famous song "Zodiacs” by Roberta Kelly, in a unique atmosphere fusing fun, fashion and music to reflect the spirit of ETRO.

Directed by Tommaso Ottomano, the video brings to the screen an evening of celebration in a nightclub where the singer, played by Tina Kunakey, performs an unprecedented version of "Zodiacs" before a dancing crowd.

After the party, the protagonists leave the club to venture outside for an impromptu picnic under the stars, around a black Cadillac, using porcelain plates from the new "Boho Butterfly" capsule collection created in collaboration with Ginori 1735: a selection of table creations and decorative objects inspired by ETRO’s iconography.

All characters wear outfits and accessories defined by a multicolored explosion of Paisley motifs, floral prints, metallic effects and bejeweled details such as the cabochon studs applied on the new Crown Me bag.

The campaign is a hymn to the joy of living, an evocative and engaging narrative reflecting the authentic ETRO essence, with the enveloping spirit of the Holiday Season.

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