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The glamourous sophistication interior of The Silk Road in the Athenee Hotel Bangkok has taken the Chinese restaurant dining experience to the next level but most importantly, lets the classic memorable Cantonese food speak by itself.
mylifestylenews writes.

Centrally nestled on Bangkok's sublime location along the leafy boulevard of Wirelesss road, this dining destination easily connects to premium shopping malls and flanked by major banks, top corporate offices, as well as Embassies and consulates. The classy Athenee Hotel Bangkok was built on the grounds of Kandhavas, the Palace that was once the home of Princess Valaya Alongkom, daughter of King Rama V. While the Athenee Hotel Bangkok is part of the Luxury Collection and carries a rich history and has a royal connection, a certain level of elegance and luxury is expected to celebrate its royal heritage and no less.

Walking through the main lobby which is rather regal, modern yet inspired by Thai culture with thoughtful touches in its grand design encapsulates the Thai-Colonial style of elegance and luxury. When you arrive at the entrance to The Silk Road, the splendour continues. You feel a lightness when you walk in, with light carpet colours, vibrant screens allowing light and a colour scheme of dark woods against light furnishings – think golds and blacks. To be precise, the design evokes an earlier era, drawing upon Art Deco style that was popular in Shanghai during the 1920's but brought up to date with modern artworks and comfort.

Plum-coloured wooden doors and cabinets, partition panel walls in Oriental Chinese motifs decorated with plentiful paint brushes to create a more dramatic ambience to admire no matter which corner your seat is facing in the main dining room, you simply won't miss it. Glass screens inlaid with gold tracery, a marble mosaic floors and stylish retro lighting combine to bring an air or elegance and intimacy to the restaurant. so in one sense there is nothing traditional about the fit out, but more a sense of residential with an eye to creating a modern lighter colour palette that you don’t normally expect in a typical Chinese restaurant and we were instantly won over!

The food, helmed by Chef Kam, a Cantonese native himself from Guangdong, is everlastingly striving to find the best and freshest produce and he cooks it with a Cantonese slant by staying truthful to the traditional cooking technique and insisting on providing the most authentic provincial flavours. He never forgets to pay homage to the most classic and nostalgic Cantonese taste on the palate that brings back almost everyone’s childhood memory from his wining gastronomy. Quintessential Cantonese cuisine is served here, almost a fining dining yet casual with a 21st century edge modern flair and this became evident throughout the course of the evening. There is a lot to mull over and you will be spoilt for choice. As we were a party of three, this gave us a bit more breadth to sample, so we decided that some classics were in order and little did we know what lay ahead of our culinary journey in this eponymous restaurant.

<Baked goose Puff in Swan Shape>
“Welcome to Silk Road” was clearly written on the rim of the plate and let the swan float in the misty lake as it was presented and kicking of as the first amicable and adorable dish for the evening dining sojourn. This signature dish was deliberately crafted to impress all diners of its moulded swan shape baked puff pastry gracefully sitting on a stain-less steel rack with dry ice beneath to create the smoky and misty floating effect garnished with petit stock of flowers. Delicate yet surreal to admire especially of the swan’s flaky puff feathers that has been baked to light golden brown perfection and it tastes like hundreds of delicate fluffy layers on the first bite, stuffed with flavoursome goose filling. The execution and flavour were second to none and it really elevated expectations that is to take your breath away and you are instantly craving for more. An absolute “WOW” factor injected!

<The Silk Road Signature Dim Sum Trio>
This is a trio of the three most classic Dim Sum on anyone’s wish list and once again a complete surprise due to the choice, thanks to Chef Kam’s “Super-Size Me” extra large version of each delicate piece that was worth more than just one mouth-full and every morsel is so satisfactory. A definite order for Dim Sum craver. Giant Sui Mai – Steamed dumpling with pork and prawn, topped with a whole piece of supreme mini abalone and it was superb and on point!  It could not be faulted with juicy large prawn, abalone and meaty pork sturdily wrapped on a thin wanton paste. It is deliciously yours! Har Gow was served with caviar on top, this most likable classic steamed prawn dumpling is another great example of The Silk Road star quality Dim Sum with the delicately see through paste rolled thinly and wrapped with juicy and tender large prawns filling.  The Steamed Crab Leg stuffed with minced prawn and pork in a Chinese yellow curry is another triumph of quality meat, artisanal creation and wondrous flavour.

<Deep-fried Shrimps with Mandarin Sauce served with White Chocolate Dome>
Now you may wonder why was this sweet white chocolate dome paired with such a strong savory shrimp dish. Who would have thought that white chocolate could possibly be a (almost a main) component in such a classic Chinese dish? But this was a complete surprise and it works! When the hot mandarin sauce was poured to melt the white chocolate dome and to reveal the crispy deep-fried shrimps beneath. The sweet and citrusy well complemented the savory of shrimps which was a triumph in presentation and simply divine to enjoy!

<Barbecued Pork with Honey>
A well temperature controlled barbecued pork! This classic Char Sui was chosen for the balanced layer amount of fat and meat to create an incredibly tender, juicy and tasty palate that is so memorable with each contented bite presented on an unusual but attractive white ceramic ‘iceberg’, garnished with spears of asparagus and chili no less!

<Peking Duck>
You can’t not order Silk Road’s signature Peking Duck. The flaming Peking Duck is probably the least expected when it comes to its unique and one-of-a-kind presentation that is most certainly wants you to have your camera ready to capture the special moment. The already crispy skin roasted duck has had a short ride from the kitchen on a trolley before being served the table, but at this point the whole duck needs to take a quick “bath" and is “basted” in Cointreau and then set alight to be flamed in the orange flavoured brandy liqueur. The server is actually turning the duck as it is aflame to ensure it is evenly “toasted”. The artistic presentation not only adds a further sensory experience but also to let the duck absorb the orange liqueur flavour that gives a hint of citrus on the palate.

Silk Road’s Peking Duck a la Canard Orange was inevitably fat, so an abundance of meat as they use only the finest ducks, marinated with Chinese wine, herbs, ginger, sugar and natural red-bean coloring before roasting to produce skin that is exceptionally crispy and succulent. The first serving of the breast meat on skin was simply divine and there was a subtle taste of orange that was to be much enjoyed – we were absolutely thrilled with this approach and who knew that it could elevate such a classic dish. A clever and innovative presentation.

We like it that way that the duck was thinly sliced together with a generous mouth full of meat remained instead of just the crispy skin itself being served with julienned spring onion, cucumber, secret home-made sweet bean sauce and waffle thin steaming hot pancakes. A more preferred nostalgic way to enjoy a well roasted Peking Duck. The balance of the meat was offered with a various choice of stir-fried or turn it into a clear broth to your liking. We were suggested a refined twist of its Thai Basil with Hot Chili stir-fried in high heat to generate the smoky flavour which was rich, utterly aroi mak mak and sinfully delicious, not a morsel left evidently.

<Fried Flat Rice Noodles with Abalone, Crab, Shrimp and Crispy Fish in Brown Gravy>
The menu description sounds like a mouthful but this is a classic combination that is such a standout and yet quite generous in portion. The noodle texture is starchily divine and so smoky as a result of the wok-fried technique. The combination of all the ingredients were superbly cooked and harmonious to create such a quintessentially Cantonese style fried noodle dish!

<Peony Custard>
There is always room for dessert and what a gorgeous presentation! Once again, the flaky and airy layered puff pastry was deep-fried in a fully blossomed peony and filled with the right amount of custard, not overly sweet but just right to give you that perfect round up for the entire wholesome meal. As the presentation was artisanally crafted and this food art you don’t want to touch but you must eat it in one mouthful to envelope all the flavour at once, it is delicate and delicious at the same time.

If you were to have experienced the best of Cantonese food in Hong Kong over the years, we now tend to think that Bangkok has taken over this mantle, as the evening was resplendent of the finest food and classic Cantonese flavours, as authenticity is the key. The ingenuity of the Silk Road culinary team and the impeccable cooking technique ensure you have a pleasurable dining experience. 
What is a standout is that the kitchen has thought long and hard about not plating food in the traditional way, without sacrificing the essence of taste and we were enthralled with every menu item as it was served and as it was savoured. What was even more surprising was the menu pricing, as you are dining like royalty without paying the fancy prices and they have not missed a beat from beginning to end as the a la carte menu contains a listing of approximately 40 dishes designed for sharing.

The service was spot on and not over-intrusive and you felt that they knowingly and instinctively knew when to offer assistance or clear the plates or top up your glass. Such excellence is to be commended, as very few restaurants can meet this mark in our estimation. Khun Mam looked after us and we were eternally grateful for her fine service. The kitchen brigade will forever be in our memory for the surprises and authentic flavours and not one dish missed the mark. The classic Silk Road restaurant has hosted the sophisticated diners for years especially for those in the know of finding refined Cantonese cuisine that offer genuine flavour to please your palate to no end as well as the taste to remember for such an unsurpassed dining experience.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

61 Wireless Road,
Lumphini, Phatum Wan, 
Bangkok Thailand
Tel: +66 2 650 8800

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