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Salivating Thai food can be easily found on any street corner in Bangkok for its irresistible flavours and authenticity and some are well nestled in major shopping malls not only delivering the traditional bites but also offer a handsome twist of your all time and all THAI favorites. Nara Thai Cuisine is to no stranger. mylifestylenews writes.

Shopping malls loom large in Bangkok and there seems to be one at every turn and 
it has expanded significantly when it comes to mall architecture design, facilities as well as its glorious and almost endless variety of Thai and international gastronomy to delight your taste bud. One good aspect is that you can get some excellent quality food all under one roof. Ask any Bangkokian which Thai restaurant franchise sticks firmly in their mind and they will probably say Nara Thai Cuisine for being “Thailand’s No.1 Authentic Thai Cuisine” that is evoking a sense of culture and combines the highest quality ingredients and age old recipes of a truly Thai spirit.

Founded in 2003 by Narawadee Srikarnchana and Sirisopa Chulasewok out of their 
passion for food, the word “Nara” comes from the Sanskrit language meaning ‘Thai woman’ and the logo depicts a traditional accessory worn by Thai women, and has a firm goal to deliver the most exotic, humble yet genuine Thai food to tantalize your fussy palate. Hence, it makes perfect sense for the restaurant name passing down the most desirable Thai taste over decades. Nara Thai Cuisine has spread their wings in the city’s prime and prestige locations, endlessly striving to deliver the true flavour of Thai being passed on from their humble heritage through skilful cooking techniques to your table with pride. It had earned the recognition from many words of mouth of a restaurant where anybody, whether locals, expatriates or tourists alike, with a passion for Thai food can now experience and savour authentic Thai cuisine with assuring quality in a modern and relaxed ambience followed by warm and attentive service.

Nara Thai Cuisine is a stand-alone restaurant offering table service and strategically 
chosen to be in a high traffic area. One of the many Nara Thai Cuisine most frequented restaurants is located on the ground floor food court zone Gourmet Garden in one of the city's most prestigious malls - Siam Paragon Bangkok, which is back to its full-on bustling self with huge amounts of foot traffic. It has a bright, modern and cozy interior with a touch of gold which is the brands signature colour and touch, with a soaring high ceiling that creates a class of sophistication especially with the eye catching paved golden tile and Sino-Portugese corretta motifs blue and white tiles adorned with draping purple orchids which is a perfect yin and yang complement. The fit-out is clever with the use of mosaic tile panels interspersed with perforated panels that have decorative metal bells contrasting the tailor-made industrial four-golden-leaves electric fans referencing the ancient Thai design motif where giant fans were manually controlled by servants for the royals or masters of the mansion.

An attractive pergola seating at the very front is one of the most frequented hot-seats 
and is always booked out and to pique your interest when passing by. There is a large digital menu inserted on the front entrance wall highlighting most of the best-seller dishes as well as a few seasonal creations. For the uninitiated, you will not know where to start on the menu, but when you do you will not want it to stop when the food is such a high calibre as here. We recommend you ask your server for advice so they can guide you to your preferred culinary spectrum, but do get outside your comfort zone, otherwise you will never get to know the length and breadth of classic Thai cuisine. Get ready to be amazed by its incredible range of menu selection that delivers the blissful aroi mak mak Thai flavours derived from authentic recipes which have been adapted into a modern context that is really on point to satisfy your craving desire.

<Yum Som O>
The quintessential refreshing and juicy tangy pomelo salad came in rich secret home-made palm sugar sauce with a hint of spice to excite your palate. Tossed well with the accompanying condiments such as grounded cashew nuts, deep fried crispy shallots, dried chilli and dried shrimps together with the soul ingredient - hand pulled chunky pomelo as well as two giant cooked prawns was an instant hit for our first course of the evening.

<Tom Yum Goong>
Just while you think your appetite has just been opened from the salad, this beautiful medium spicy lemongrass and lime Tom Yum Goong that was so delightful in how it piques the palate with the giant halved river prawns that are firm, juicy, sizeable served in a very generous portion. Everything expected for such a famous Thai national dish is encapsulated in the bowl. This is sour and spicy all in one go with all the key ingredients having a voice to create one of the most likeable Thai dishes that you have to order. Simply divine!

<Nara’s Mix Appetizer>
This Nara’s signature platter of mix appetizer hors d’oeuvre consists of plum and juicy Fish Cake, tender and tasty Chicken Satay Skewer, crispy and memorable bites of Chicken Wanton, thin and moist Chicken Spring rolls and salivating mini Pomelo Salad of all your favourites rolled into one and let you savour the journey of Thai taste.

<Deep-Fried Whole Seabass with Garlic Peppercorns & Herbs>
What a perfectly cooked fish that is generously covered with deep-fried garlic, herbs (basil leaf, ginger, onion and more) and spring onion. The “dancing” fish is well presented and has been filleted into big chunky and meaty pieces, so you are free to enjoy without the worry of bones with a smoky and aromatic flavour that is deceptively complex yet very enjoyable with each bite.

<Pad Krapao Moo>
This is delicious comfort food when cooked to perfection as this dish was on this occasion. Smoky wok-fired minced pork with holy Thai basil leaf and chilli create a great combination of flavours that makes it such a joy to enjoy every morsel over jasmine steamed rice.

<Phad Thai>
A perfect rendition of a much-loved dish and tastes what one comes to expect from this dish. A lovely melange of sliced pork, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts accompanied with chive, a wedge of lime and banana palm that gives a harmony palate that we all love made it such a simple pleasure to enjoy.

<Khao Soi>
We love rich and thick curry dishes and this northern Thai classic chicken curry noodle is so condensed in coconut milk flavour served with yellow noodles and topped with crispy noodles, a giant chicken drumstick and the side accompaniment of pickles, chopped red onion, a wedge of fresh lime and chili oil that made this dish a triumph of flavours. So unctuous and thick and so moreish! The memories of enjoying this northern Thai dish came flooding back.

<Mango Sticky Rice>
An all-time favourite that is simplicity in itself and it did not disappoint – beautifully prepared and the moist sticky rice covered in a mini bamboo cage with a generous amount of sweet and ripe sliced mango artfully presented on a round stoneware and garnished with mini Look Choup - a Thai mini fruit sculptures sweet treats as well as a small jug of coconut milk to round up the entire Thai journey of taste.

We were suitably looked after by the outlet Manager Khun Tiaw for the evening of 
her generous hospitality and engaging to make our evening a memorable one. You can see the joy and passion in her character for this eponymous cuisine brand with consistency in delivering the service and of course the delicious food front regardless which branch you are dining in. Nara Thai Cuisine wide opens its doors wide to welcome you to experience a unforgettable journey of Thai taste to have your taste buds dancing with delight!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverages: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

NARA Siam Paragon
G23B, 991, Rama I Road,
Pathum Wan,
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 129 4863

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