dunhill Presents 2024 Chinese New Year Collection

dunhill presents 2024 Chinese New Year Collection  embracing the incoming year of the dragon, a heritage motif taken from dunhill’s past features across elevated ready to wear and signature hard luxury items, including the House’s iconic Rollagas lighter. The dragon is the most powerful symbol in Chinese culture, representing strength, courage, creativity, and innovation.

A showcase of ingenuity and craft, two interpretations of the illustration have been applied 
to the precision-engineered Rollagas. Realised in lustrous gold plating, one style features an elaborately engraved dragon pattern, accented by red crystal eyes and a vibrant lacquered top.

Inspired by an archive Shanghai Rollalite silver dragon lighter, a second iteration has been 
engraved to the finest of tolerances. The delicate dragon design coils around the body of the lighter, featuring diamond cut ruby eyes – a highly collectible, limited-edition piece.

Paying tribute to the hedonistic heritage of the House, a handcrafted flask adopts the same 
dragon motif. The epitome of personal elegance and luxury, this unique object is created from exceptional materials and honed to exacting standards, reinforcing dunhill’s uncompromising approach to fine artisanal craft. Captured in a series of festive still life images, this elevated offering is offset by a bold red hue, signifying good fortune and joy. Bringing the imagery to life, a spirited animation of the archive dragon celebrates the heritage of the House, fostering good luck, strength, and health for the new year.

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