ANTEPRIMA SS2020 Cuentos de Havana Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

ANTEPRIMA SS2020 Cuentos de Havana Collection

Sunshine beaming golden heat
Heart-quickening collision of rhythms and color
Havana, I stand on your soil
Floaty dresses dance to tune of passion

Box jacket with a beat of confidence
Beauty is where you find it

Remembrance of things past
Color pallet of vibrant facades from colonial

Days you have held, days you have lost
Havana, No one you love is ever truly lost

Playfully refined guayabera
Whimsical fringe and stripe

Beauty is vision of creation
A graceful ray of light in the ruins

Eyes seeing the freedom
Art evoke aspiration
Havana, Dare to dream. Live on purpose
Chic natural raffia, fresh linens

Mariposa planted on innocent summer skin
Beauty is elegance with strength within

Havana, Bright smile to wash away all the pains
Encounter culture, true happiness there is.

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