Qeelin Presents 2021 Happy Niu Year's Collection

Qeelin shares the winds of positive energy to help turn our fortunes around in the Year of the Ox. The ox has long been held in high esteem for its hardworking and reliable nature in Chinese culture. 2021, according to the Chinese Calendar, is the year of the “Metal” Ox, a year when it is believed that success will reward those who persevere. Famed for its unique, modern collections inspired by Chinese mythology, Qeelin has introduced some special Lunar New Year editions just perfect for rewarding yourself and your loved ones. Qeelin’s iconic Wulu has been presented in a wide variety of styles, from minimal simplicity to those with intricate motifs, as well as a range of vibrant colours that offer versatility in styling. This year, we unveil the Wulu Lace Red Agate collection which interprets the traditional art of Chinese paper cutting with a modern sensibility. Within the sinuous shape of the 18K rose gold Wulu outlined with diamonds, the auspicious red agate material is carved with a rich ornate pattern inspired by the traditional lace pattern found in Chinese paper cutting. The result is a modern tribute to traditional art – authentic, beautiful, and full of bold red passion. The Wulu Lace Red Agate collection comes complete with a necklace, pendant and earrings, all in 18K rose gold, diamonds and red agate. Wear them together to welcome an extra lucky Year of the Ox. Or mix and match them with other jewellery to express your individual style.

Founder and Creative Director Dennis Chan shares, “Art cuts through barriers of class and circumstance. The art of Chinese paper cutting has humble beginnings, but its beauty and creativity elevate it. At Qeelin, we’re always searching for fresh perspectives and new ideas but we never forget the little things that we grew up with. It’s a nice sentiment to carry with us as we celebrate the new year.”

Qeelin’s playful and trendy Bo Bo collection always brings a smile. This year, to welcome the Year of the Ox, Qeelin has crafted Niu Bo Bo, a nod to the popular Chinese slang ‘Niu B’ which means awesome. Niu Bo Bo has a pierced ear and wears a big Chinese coin medallion necklace like a hip-hop star. It is a fully articulated piece of fine jewellery representing Qeelin’s unique micro-craftsmanship. You can play with your Niu Bo Bo by moving its earring tag, nose ring, Chinese coin medallion and even its cute pink-hearted tail. This witty fun piece of fine jewellery is crafted in 18K white gold, diamonds, black diamonds and pink sapphire.

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