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Located slap bang in the middle of one of the busiest business districts in the eastern part of Hong Kong Island and far from being hidden amongst the hedgerows, MR & MRS FOX brought the life of the party to Quarry Bay. Welcome to their home, mylifestylenews discovers……

MR & MRS FOX – the latest dining concept from Swire restaurants, encompassing some innovative, if not cunning, design elements over three floors comprising 12,000sqf. The design of this new ‘hipster’ dining establishment has created three floors that serve unique functions, presenting a few surprises along the journey from street level bar right on up to the private den on the second floor. The brief was to create a unique dining experience in a newly constructed contemporary building and they came up with a children’s storybook cue about the fox who has some sense of mischief, plus being suave, confident and stylish – the very same qualities that represent MR & MRS FOX.

This soaring space has a mature, if somewhat eclectic aesthetic that is highly detailed in every bespoke chair, table, hinge and hook – you will constantly be looking at the details that also incorporates a definite masculine edge blended with some creature comforts such as leather banquettes. The windows are floor to ceiling glass, so it is a good place for watching the world go by and being able to see what is going on inside, if you happen to be in that area and are curious to see what the Fox is like. There are some outdoor tables for good weather, but we opted for an upstairs banquette seating arrangement, as we know the area well.

Legend has it the two Foxes met under a full moon in the liberal fields of the farmer’s annual music festival (they love the parties for sure) then hopelessly in love and drawn to adventure, the life-loving pair lusted after fine food and high times. Designed to be the go-to venue for group lunches, post-work drinks or late night gatherings, MR & MRS FOX’s menu includes artisanal cocktails, seafood and charcuterie platters as well as small plates ideal for sharing.

A few signature dishes from the menu that looked enticing, we started with the <Hokkaido Scallop – Oyster Ceviche>, with pomelo, coriander and calamansi. The scallop was absolutely delicious, with a nice juicy texture and cooked just right. The oyster ceviche was a delightful surprise, with minutely thin slices of the meat topped with delicate morsels that provided a crunchy contrast and piquancy, creating a delicious mélange of flavours.

To give a point of comparison, the other starter was a <Normandy Oyster> from France with watermelon-lime granite, so citrus fruit is their signature way of offsetting the briny flavor from such a windswept location and it works so well.

Another dish from the sea to catch our attention was the <Icelandic Cod Brandade – Green Olive Tapenade> that followed, with a chorizo and bell pepper stew and Bouchot mussels on the side.

This was a beautiful presentation, with the cod deep-fried in breadcrumbs to perfection and the delicate meat inside light and still tender and juicy. The mussels provided a bit more richness to the dish and the tapenade tempered all the flavours of the sea to cleanse the palate somewhat.

The highlight of the evening is the <30 Days Dry Aged Ribeye>. This was a big piece of meat for two people to share and it did not disappoint. The meat is 100% pure Black Angus beef from Rangers Valley in Australia and this meat has a fibrous structure that is packed with flavor and the charcoal grill cooking brings out all that is good about this meat. There is a certain amount of fat that they leave on, as this adds to the overall flavor when cooking and a little bit does not do any harm. The meat was easy to cut, with some pretty serious looking steak knives provided. With the meat being aged in house, we slowly chewed to linger over this quality meat and enjoyed the whole roasted garlic as well.

As you can get the picture, there are some substantial courses to be had, but the menu is well balanced with lots of classics, including a not to be missed <Banana Baked Alaska> with salted caramel, peanuts and chocolate. This is devilishly decadent comes with a bit of fire use to light up the dish when it arrives at your table and we struggled to finish it, even the portion is huge and it was too good to leave any morsel on the plate. Each component was perfection in the making, with a perfectly ripe banana offset with burnt ice-cream and that mix of caramel and chocolate topping finishes off a great dish that you would be hard pressed not to order. It is a delight to see this dessert on the menu as this is a dish that have done themselves proud’ with such creation. Thanks to the cheeky Foxes who sought a new journey to fill their bellies and feed their imaginations, touched by all they have seen and those they have met and now being introduced to all foodies around them.

The Foxes’ hospitality was delivered and the service was very attentive and the place was pumping later in the evening. So you have a quirky and irreverent environment through a series of spaces that creates so much enjoyment with the food on offer. No matter which area you choose to experience, each has its own character and function, from a craft beer house to The Den. In short, great food without pretension to suit all tastes and demanding palates with a panache befitting any ‘foxy’ diner!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

In House Dry Age Meat
Banana Baked Alaska

23 Tong Chong Street
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2697 8500

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