VALENTINO SS2016 Women Ad Campaign

VALENTINO SS2016 Women ad campaign is about fascination, mystery and narration, drift from the garments into their own image becoming a tale of true inspiration. Shot by award-winning photo reporter Steve McCurry brings to the African landscapes and cultures the power of imagination that lies within the Valentino SS2016 Collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli. Dedicated to Africa and to a reciprocal recognition of different cultures, the new campaign has the aim of describing through fashion the necessity and creation of new aesthetic and ethical perceptions.

Through the images of Steve McCurry, renowned for his reportages published in National Geographic Magazine and author of the acclaimed portrait “Afghan Girl”, the Valentino SS2016 collection establishes a relationship with the locations, sceneries, cultures and populations from which inspiration has been drawn. It transforms into a feasible utopia made of sincere and natural images captured in the exact moment in which they occur. In the land inhabited by the Masai of the Amboseli Park in Kenya, where the sunlight unexpectedly changes creating a sudden striking transformation, McCurry’s lens captures the same power of the unexpected, which is portrayed through his reportages. Pursuing the light and nature’s surprising phenomena, the photographer awarded with the “Robert Capa Gold Medal for Best Photographic Reporting from Abroad “ assigns the garments the role of the narrator exposing emotions triggered by the accounts of an accepted diversity, of the wonder provoked by identifying oneself in the parity of the landfall at which different cultures and the joy of self-enrichment that absorbs the beauty of others.

“We strongly believe that garments have the ability to be a vehicle in affirming concepts and that fashion has the task of expressing new demands. That is why we wanted to carry the essence of this collection in the place where the idea was born. We chose to work with Steve McCurry because his photography is synonym of travel, life moments, places, people and circumstances with which he creates a story through expressions, gestures and details. The story told by McCurry through his photography makes one imagine what lies before and after the photographic shot, which reflects the meaning of a dream. This is the same concept that coincides with our sense of fashion.” Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli. Through these photos where the images are not artificially recreated on a photoset but are the result of an actual moment in time - the Valentino SS2016 collection finds the natural equivalent of its allure and expands the horizon of its vision in which beauty is the primary source that encourages a recognition of diversity.

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