VICTORINOX Apparel SS2016 Urban To Outdoor

VICTORINOX Apparel SS2016 Urban To Outdoor collection is an absolute embodiment of adventure and adaptability. The design focus around the constant duality of navigating both the urban rush and the rural excursion to give a high level of versatility to the wearer. Trying back to the multifunctional brand identity, the design team drew inspiration from the classic Ranger Swiss Army knife, which features over 20 implements to prepare you for all your everyday day adventures. From the city to the mountain trails, the SS2016 collection is conceived to give you unsurpassable adaptability, no matter where their journey takes them.

As part of our continued emphasis on material innovation, the brand have partnered with 37.5™ fabrications. Known for their technological properties, 37.5™ fabrics work to maintain the relative humidity surrounding the body, ensuring the wearer maintains an ideal core temperature. This technology is used as the base for the SS2016 Limited Edition collection. 

Each piece was purposely crafted to give the wearer superior comfort and true functionality. Together, the components of this capsule create our Layering / Delayering System. The capsule features outerwear (Ranger Zip Blouson and Reversible Bomber) to underpinnings (the Recon Tee and the Vanguard Henley) and everything in between. The notion of Ranger is further implied through the use of a vintage Swisstopo© map print, which depicts the mountainous area of central Switzerland around Ibach, the home of Victorinox.

The mainline of the collection offers a wide variety of styles to fit with the urban to outdoor lifestyle. Continuing with the ingenious engineered snap-in layering ‘Modular Liner System’ offers the Matterhorn Vest in two new seasonal colors. The vest will snap into any modular ready garment from FW2015, and the updated Highlander VI Jacket and Lenzburg II Hooded Mackintosh from SS2016. Focusing on the strength of thier knit program and launch the new infantry vintage group including the Soldat Crewneck and Fourier Full Zip as well as the expansion of our ath-leisure collection with Urbanite Pullover and Minutoli Trousers.

Introducing additional materials into the collection, carbon cotton (Bergman Blouson and Unstructured Jacket) and resin coated cotton (VX Bomber and Highlander VI Jacket) play a role in our outerwear program. These materials offer a natural fabrication for breathability and hand feel while coatings offer water resistance. Rounding out the collection are strong statement polos and tees. 

Many of the new graphic tees feature hand drawn artwork inspired by the history of Victorinox and fashioned in super soft cotton. Continuing novelty prints into the mainline, we have created a custom dot matrix camouflage used primarily in the woven shirt and tee programs.

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