REDValentino SS2016 Pre Collection

REDValentino SS2016 Pre Collection is a way of looking at things: freely, individually, inventively. It is a way of behaving, too: following one’s own whims. It all sums up in one adjective: unconventional. And the adjective applies to a character: a tough cookie with a dreamy attitude.

A romantic gal with a taste for poetic slash ‘n burn. The girl creates reality according to her own imagination. She writes the rules, oblivious of imposed schemes. She’s the only one to follow them, but that’s her strength. She’s energetic, spontaneous, spirited. She’s fiercely contemporary in her way of pillaging the past, no nostalgia needed. She makes everything new, building anew as she endlessly morphs her own individuality. She’s all about the mix and the clash, of languages and styles. She’s enthusiastic and positive. She dares to be herself, no matter what.

Romantic MODernism sprinkled with gender-bending insouciance is her current credo. Spring 2016, thereafter, is all about: graphic cuts and Swinging dynamism. Twiggy, the Beatles and the Beatniks. A mannish tie with a girly collar, short hems and precise A-lines.

Cherries and strawberries as pop-op textures, rainbows and lines as optical intarsia. The masculine and the feminine is a peaceful fight: tuxedos and blousons, bow ties and frills. Pentagram prints and cropped jeans, scalloped hems and ladylike coats, pencil lines and houndstooth.  An avalanche of frills, with Mod precision. Knitted gilets and short shorts. Black leather with Sangallo lace sweetness, delicacy for the masculine blouse. Black, white, dashes of red, light pastels here and there. Pointy lace-ups, kitten heel sling-backs, demure bags: contradictory touches to keep the balance off-kilter Though romanticism is key. Everything comes together. Jaggedly. Spontaneously. Precisely. With cool grace.

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